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  1. Thanks for the update and look forward to testing the A-6 tonight 🙂👍
  2. Great news, looking forward to the pre-order
  3. Shame your content is locked, I only purchased BOS on steam. Everything else I bought through the IL2 store
  4. Same here, on steam as well. Checked all the files using steam and even uninstalled the game and re-downloaded, still not working in both VR and pancake version. Will try il2.exe Update Got it working using the il2.exe, and it works fine using steam VR, just don't launch through steam.
  5. Thanks for this and looking into the problem with the 262 and grass airstrips.
  6. I'm sure in Achtung Spitfire, there is a recon mission. I enjoyed it and would enjoy more, also with the Mosquito coming, another great plane for recon.
  7. Vander, just to let you know your tip worked Picked period "Oct-Nov 44" and the airfield 'far behind the lines' and got concrete airstrips.
  8. Thanks for looking into it, I will try those settings you said. I think even a shorter concrete runway, would be better than a gress field. I wonder if it could be made an option to select a concrete or grass airstrip?
  9. Thanks for looking into this It's not so bad taking off with out bombs, it's when the plane is fully loaded when grass runways are a problem. I saw 2 concrete runways tonight near cologne, after I took off from a mission I generated.
  10. Yes I have tried that and still get a grass run way ☹️ It even looks like the same air field, every time I generate a mission. I guess it's only really a problem with the 262, though the Ar 234 may suffer from the same problem.
  11. I wonder if anyone can help, when I create a coop mission to fly a Me 262, it always puts me on a grass airfield. Yet I'm sure when I first created a coop 262 mission I was on a run way. Is their a way to always start on a runway and not a grass field? I've tried different time periods at the top of the generator and of course I'm setting the correct map for the 262.
  12. I know what you mean, with my very first pc I paid £135 for 4mb of ram! To upgrade it to 8mb so I could play doom better 😀
  13. jaydee is correct, you would not notice the difference, in game load times. Though having games stored on a seperate drive, saves hassle when you have to reinstall windows and it's the way I have my system setup. It's just more convenient and you don't have to worry about backing up Box files when you do a fresh windows install. If you was coming from a mechanical drive, it would be a different story.
  14. I know what you mean, I wanted to record a flight yesterday, so used a monitor instead of VR and it was horrible. And I was playing at 1440 on ultra settings, VR on high settings is so much better. OP I wouldn't try VR with a 980ti, I would suggest a better GPU first. Is your CPU overclocked? If not I recommend doing it.
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