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  1. Rise of flight is an amazing game and got me into Box, but like others have said it's starting to show it's age. I really hope they do some campaigns for it, as I only play single player. Also Flying circus has VR support which Rof does not have and I really wanted to fly WW1 aircraft in VR. Out of the two I would buy FC, but if you only play single player it will be very limited in what you can do, compared to Rof
  2. I would carry on looking for a 3600X, it's the best CPU in that range and it also has an up grade path. Just keep saving and also get 16GB of ram when you can, with speed between 3200mhz and 3600mhz and you will be all set 😊
  3. Afternoon here 😉 Well thats a great upgrading going from a 1060 3GB to a 2060S 8GB, the extra memory alone will help.
  4. Oboe I was also getting 45-50 fps on the ground and about 90 up high with my 1080. With my 2080S my new minimum is 60, not seen any fps lower than that with my new card. Up higher I can't remember, but it is defiantly smoother in VR now. I have not done a lot of testing with Box as I have been playing Ghost recon breaking point and just started The outer worlds both on max settings at 1440 now I have a 2080S. I'll have to have a better look next week at Box in VR and let you know. CanadaOne, nice card whats it replacing?
  5. I'm still happy with my Dell Visor and I picked it over the Rift when I was looking, after looking at reviews and I find it perfect for me and flightsims and it's 1440p. I also only really use my VR headset for BOX, though I have tried using it with other things. Well I looked at 1080ti and you can only really get them second hand here with no warranty for about £450, new they cost as much as a 2080. In the end I got a MSI 2080 Super for £590.
  6. Welcome to VR I recomend getting Havoc Over The Kuban, if you have BOK.
  7. I'm sure you will, I did 😉 Mitthrawnuruodo is right the IPC jump with Zen 2 is big this generation and has leapfrogged Intel IPC, nevermind old zen CPU's.
  8. It depends on which graphics card you was planing to getting in the first place and what you would get with the extra money you saved? So what was you planing to get?
  9. WOW.... thats a really good price, in the UK a 3600X is £211 on Amazon.
  10. A few months ago, I went from a 6700K overclocked to 4.7ghz and BOX does seem smoother to me now. Even if the extra cores and threads don't currently help much with the game, they will help windows. Especially if your running other apps in the back ground, like me when playing BOX in VR. I would also go for the 3600X.
  11. I currently have a 1080 and thinking of swapping it for a minimum of a 2080, though I would like a 2080 Super as I think that would be about 40% faster than my current 1080. I game at 1440 on a 144hz monitor, I also play games in VR. Also I have bought the latest Ghost recon and noticed my GPU was running at a constant 97% and my CPU was only at about 55%. Which lead me to think about swapping my graphics card. When I'm playing my flight sim in VR, I always feel it could be better. So do you think I will see much of a difference? I have about £650 to spend and not willing to spend 2080ti money.
  12. I have to agree, this campaign is one of the best VR experiences I have had in this game and in VR.
  13. I bought a 3800X a few weeks ago to replace a 6700K overclocked to 4.7GHz, also upgraded my 32GB of 2400MHz ram to 32GB of 3600MHz cl16 ram. In VR my frame rates are higher now.
  14. I will buy both as I have all the other collectors planes, but the Hurricane is an instant buy for me away. Also I hope you will bring out a campaign for the Hurricane in the future, I don't even care where it is 🙂 I wonder if these will be available to preorder after the sale 🤔
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