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  1. It's time for the OP to up graded his SSD, I guess he's got a 128GB drive. A drive that size is only really good for OS and some other apps. Not really suitable for games, unless you're playing roblox and minecraft. I bet there are not many places selling 128GB drives now, time to get a 500GB SSD drive.
  2. Like Jaws said, multiple GPU support is dead and is generally left to the game developers to support in game. The advice now is, just get the most powerful single GPU you can afford.
  3. You need to have purchased BOS from steam first to have the steam copy of FC. You would be better, just buying from the IL2 store and it's on sale there to. Taken from the steam website on the iL2 store page: This content requires the base game IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad on Steam in order to play.
  4. Idon't think OpenComposite works with WMR headsets.
  5. Steam is better for auto update and I also find it great for playing the game in VR. What I did, was get BoS from steam and everything else from the developer’s online store. That way you still get all the benefits of steam and the developer only misses out on some of the money of BoS. But gets all the money for every purchase after, if you use the developer store.
  6. It's was only the last 5 minutes of the game, and after the game clock hit zero I just went straight to bed. Lucky for me I'm glad the BBC was showing it, as I stopped Sky sports due to getting gamepass. Other wise I would of missed the end of the game.
  7. I totally agree!! Great win for the Chiefs. A Shame NFL gamepass played up and had to switch to the BBC to watch the end of the game 😔
  8. I found this great story on youtube last night and thought some of you may find it interesting. I had never heard of this before. Germany's U-2 - WW2s Highest Air Combat
  9. Hurricane is looking great and can't wait to fly it 🙂
  10. You only need to purchase BoS on steam, but yes if you link your steam account to your Il-2 account. You can then purchase any BoX item from their store and it will work in your steam version. The only thing's I don't own are TC and the new Yak-9's, and everything else I own and was purchased through the il-2 website, apart from BoS. Some more information here
  11. I have to disagree with some of this. The impact on how to purchase new addons, this has had very little impact on the developer for me and how I purchase new addons. I have only purchased BoS from steam and everything else was purchcased from the developer online store. So the developer only missed out on money from my first purchase of BoS, after that they got all the money. The main advantage for steam for me, is auto updates. I hate starting a game only to find it needs an update before I can play it. As my gaming time is limited due to family and work, lucky for me, my PC is a family PC and so the updates tend to happen when I'm not using it 😁
  12. I have to agree, VR performance has improved since I first started playing in VR. The thing is multi-threading is going to be used a lot in the near future, even the new consoles will be using it. And I think this game will benefit from this a lot, it's just the cost and resources that is the problem.
  13. I've just found out about this after reading Jason's briefing. Glad your doing another campaign, it's an instant buy for me when it's available. I just hope you get to do a mosquito campaign, when BON comes out 😉
  14. I would try and get a more powerful GPU, 1080 minimum for VR That's what I started with for VR and it worked well, I know theirs not a massive difference between a 1070ti and a 1080 but you will need every little bit of that GPU power for VR.
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