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  1. w00dy

    WOW what a sim

    Wellcome to the sim CB77Don246 All this talk of VR and no one has mentioned WMR headset It's easier to setup then both the Rift and the Vive, uses less USB ports and has a better FOV and has 1440 resolution screens and is cheaper! I only paid £279 for my Dell headset and I find it perfect for BOX. Also works great with your choice of headphones, I use a Razer blackshark expert 2 headset and the VR headset fits over them fine.
  2. First the campaign and now this, thanks for the hard work your putting into Box dev's And I look forward to seeing the British pilot.
  3. w00dy

    DD today?

    I think you are right, as we know their is more content to come
  4. Thanks for the info Jason and makes sense to showcase one at a time.
  5. Not the only one, though according to BlackSix. It should be out by the end of the month.
  6. Thanks BlackSix I have been following Gambits campaign for a while, but your new one was a total surprise to me.
  7. What a nice suprise, Pre-ordered! So when is Havok over the Kuban coming out?
  8. w00dy

    The IL2 store

    Just ordered using Paypal and the transaction went through smoothly.
  9. w00dy

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    I'd already done it before seeing this thread, it was a no brainer for me 🙂
  10. This go's for me to, my VR experience is way smoother after this patch. I was really impressed with the new planes and the whole VR experience of the game has greatly improved for me. Well done dev's and it's much appreciated I forgot to say, also liked the blood on the goggles after getting shot, nice touch.
  11. Great update and 4 new planes!! My wife will be happy to, as I will stop going on about the P-47 😍
  12. Thank for the update Gambit Make sense to have the needed map in the title to save any confusion.
  13. I thinking it could come out with the next big patch
  14. w00dy

    DD today?

    1. I know this and have been a supporter of ROF and this sim for about 8 years, I own everything in ROF and gifted 15+ planes in ROF. As for BOX I own everything bar the collectors 109 and the La-5FN series 2. I have also purchased Flying Circus. 2 and 3. I know this and was just happy with what I have. I'm sure I will get them later, but for me it will be in the sale with 40% off before I get it. What I do want to buy is Gambits Havoc over the Caucasus and the U-2
  15. w00dy

    DD today?

    I feel exactly the same about the 109's and I like the plane, main reason I don't own the collector one.