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  1. Never knew that and Cosford is only an hour and a half away, for me ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I know what you mean, going on holiday for a week on Saturday. So it will be next week ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Didn't we have an update on a Monday not long ago ๐Ÿค”
  4. For VR you want a 1070 minimum and is your CPU overclocked? If not I would recommend that.
  5. I would also recommend voice attack for VR users, a great bit of software. I have also bought a throttle quadrant and rudder pedals since getting VR, which are really usefull and I also use voice attack.
  6. I have Stalingrad on steam and everything else bought from il2 store, the advantage steam has is auto updates and fast downloads. For me auto updates is a must. As I have limited playing time and don't want to be waiting around for game updates when I want to play. VR is very nice and the quite expensive monitor in bought, is now redundant for this game.
  7. Because I guess they don't want to split TC content and if you want the map, you buy TC.
  8. Why not just wait and till it is released and buy it when it's included in a sale? That's what I'll probably do.
  9. Well I'm enjoying this campaign so much and especially with the taxiing at the start of the missions, I have gone and ordered some rudder pedals. Before starting this campaign taxiing never interested me in this game, now I feel the need to do it, even after landing I feel the need to taxi and park the plane
  10. Well I tried Mission 5 again tonight after the update and it worked fine for me, so third time lucky for me I have to say Gambit, I think it's the best bomber mission I have ever played to date, I even taxied the plane after landing and parked it and I have never felt the need to do that before. So now I can move on to mission 6.
  11. Great news the Dolphin is out, look forward to flying it tonight Thanks
  12. Just had another crash, just like last time and in about the same place. The flight leader and the rest of the flight disapeared and about few minutes later the game CTD, seconds before it crashed I got the message, the convoy was at 12 O clock and to follow the flight leader. Also after last weeks crash, I verified the game files with steam and it found 1 file that needed replacing. Checked the files again after the crash tonight and they are all OK this time. Here's tonights dump file. Il-2_exe.13260.zip
  13. Just had a CTD on mission 5, flown through the mountains and through the clouds. Seemed like we was getting ready for the attack and all of a sudden the flight leader and the other planes in the flight all disapeared. So I turned the markers on to see where to fly and about a minute later got a CTD, never had a crash in BOX before. I was also playing in VR, crash report attached Il-2_exe.12316.zip DxDiag.txt
  14. WOW... this works well, I have tried it tonight while playing the last few misson of Fortress on the Volga and now I wish you had not shown it me I could feel the ground better on take off and when I fired the guns, the vibration from firing them.
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