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  1. Good point. There won't be much of a campaign in FC beyond missions strung together. Forget dynamic campaigns like EECH or F4 BMS where you actually need to think about mission assignments because your actions carry over to the next mission.
  2. It wasn't uncommon for two seaters to turn back and abandon their mission if they were unescorted and saw a patrol of fighters. Only bombing raids would mostly have escorts. All other mission types would get an escort either by chance encounter or few planned ones if available. Heck even fighters would turn back if they were outnumbered and outclassed and behind enemy lines. There were plenty of non combat engagements where a single shot wasn't fired more than combat ones. Unfortunately, only the combat ones are more prominent in books. Ultimately, it depended on the mission importance and offensive.
  3. yaan98


    Much rather have the detailed damage model in CLOD or DCS implemented in FC than visual effects.
  4. Try to think outside the box and expand your knowledge and check out how other sims handle such events before making assumptions. Thats what reserve planes were for. How would a cylinder blow out be fatal? Do you mean igniting fuel or how? and yes, engine failures did occur both on the ground and in the air. That's how it was. Or do you prefer a perfectly flying plane without engine failures, or dud bombs, or gun jams, or time to replace drums, or having to abandon the observer on some missions due to weight, or a bunch of other things? basically have no flaws and no problems like arcade games. To each his own.
  5. Also consider the time it takes to reload a drum fed gun. On some aircraft like the S.E. 5, the pilot would have to unmount the gun in order to remove the empty drum and fix a new one. I would imagine that If the pilot is performing hard maneuvers and being shot at, then reloading would be nearly impossible. The same can almost be the case for observers during intense combat maneuvers. Probably another thing to code would be random engine failures in aircraft which were prone to such occurrences.
  6. This was a true tactic which would also benefit if implemented in FC. Again, needs to be coded, but can be done like it is for WOFF.
  7. It's not arbitrary if the correct formula is used in the code. It's been done with another sim (WOFF) by mixing varying degrees of skill (Ace, Veteran, Rookie) with morale (scale of 1 to 9) to bring about unpredictable rookie reactions to damage vs an ace with high morale who will be more predictable. With a technologically advanced game like FC, I can't see why this may even be extended to the community to mod AI behavior of Aces, Veterans or Rookies like we can do in WOFF and FE. Modding has always been what brings life to any game.
  8. I agree. Setting artificial limitations might be needed to balance the game. Including ability of AI to identify aircraft at long ranges.
  9. Is there some kind of evidence based research to support your conclusion? It would probably take a WW1 historian to verify that claim. Think about your reaction when someone is shooting at your plane. It's definately not going to be I'm about to die. Psychology of someone getting shot at from the sky in a wooden crate can't be simulated in a PC game obviously and especially reactions of rookie pilots. So the next best thing would be to make AI opponents need to react realistically based on skill level and to a damaged aircraft would be my argument. More so than a realistic damage model. Not much technology in a WW1 aircraft to destroy. Hitting the engine is not always a guaranteed fire, oil leak or whatever. A non-essential component can be hit. Is that modeled? Pilot hits can be anywhere anatomically with a gazillion possible outcomes. This is a very broad topic if you think about it.
  10. A historical choice of planes would revolve around the British/German squads that were stationed in that area of the Arras map during 1917/1918. I can't see myself playing a single player mission having to do an air start and landing at a different airfield because my plane was from a squadron not in that area of the map.
  11. Available at Rakuten Kobo as a digital book for $3 after new sign up discount.
  12. my source: The World War I Aviator’s Pocket Manual by Chris McNab (pages 59 & 60)
  13. While reading one of my WW1 books, I found this to be interesting. Pilots must dive to attack with zest, and must hold their fire until they get within one hundred yards of their target. Achieve surprise by approaching from the East. (From the German side of the front.) Utilize the sun’s glare and clouds to achieve surprise. Pilots must keep physically fit by exercise and the moderate use of stimulants. Pilots must sight their guns and practice as much as possible as targets are normally fleeting. Pilots must practice spotting machines in the air and recognizing them at long range, and every aeroplane is to be treated as an enemy until it is certain it is not. Pilots must learn where the enemy’s blind spots are. Scouts must be attacked from above and two-seaters from beneath their tails. Pilots must practice quick turns, as this manoeuvre is more used than any other in a fight. Pilot must practice judging distances in the air as these are very deceptive. Decoys must be guarded against — a single enemy is often a decoy — therefore the air above should be searched before attacking. If the day is sunny, machines should be turned with as little bank as possible, otherwise the sun glistening on the wings will give away their presence at a long range. Pilots must keep turning in a dog fight and never fly straight except when firing. Pilots must never, under any circumstances, dive away from an enemy, as he gives his opponent a non-deflection shot — bullets are faster than aeroplanes. Pilots must keep their eye on their watches during patrols, and on the direction and strength of the wind.
  14. Would be cool if FC had a multi-part save feature. Flying the mission with a "save" feature so that you can literally save the game while in flight and resume at a later time. Can break up hours of mission time over several play sessions.
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