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  1. Well done, would love to fly over Holland :-)
  2. Hi Voidhunger, it’s mainly very small stutter, I dont suffer really that much from slowdowns. It looks like a small problem in the game, that they will fix soon I hope.
  3. Hello there, just found out I also have some problems in carreer (the stutters and small pauses) So when I tryed this nice guide I found out that setting full screen off my fps where far worse and jumpy. system specs: i7-7700K at 5ghz (hyperthread disabled) 16gig of ram at 3200mhz gpu 2 gtx 1080ti msi gaming x in sli fps at 4k is high at 60fps vsync on and 80-120 with vsync off in Kuban map. I personally noticed a big improvment with hyper threading off, also with the stutters. (Not completly gone)
  4. Hello everybody, Just responding to this topic because I also encounter this small stutter and game slowdown in carreer mode. my system is as follows: i7-7700k at 5ghz 16 gigabythe of ram at 3200mhz and 2 gtx 1080TI msi gaming X in Sli running at 4k steady 60 fps (vsync off it is 80-120 fps on Kuban) i have build this rig only for Il2 one thing that helped me is disable Hyper threading, that also made overclocking to 5ghz easier. I only have a problem in carreer not in Quick missions or scenario’s. The only thing that doenst’t help is turning off full screen, then I get 30-200 fps jumping like crazy. Hopefully this is to some use for finding a sollution to the problem for the devs
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