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  1. Hi, im Myton,34 years from Europe. Im kinda new to IL2, so i got alot to learn, im a dedicated pilot,if your my wingman, i die for you...... Looking for a squad that will take me under their wings and learn me this game. im an old aces high2 pilot (9years) got kinda tired, i wanted more realistic gameplay with teamwork and tactic and hopefully a squad with the same timezone as my self. Send me a PM.
  2. Seems like it's no teamwork at all at anny servers I have been on. Rearly someone on at all that acculy do the missions. Would be great to have an place for people to gather and do maps mission. If someone know a server that people acculy do teamwork. Please enlighten me. Thanks
  3. Would be great if we could have radio in our planes so we acculy could talk to eatchother during fights. Communication is a key to victory.
  4. Hi, I know of your squad in ah2.. I started ah2 in 2007. And I still miss the reality of ww2 planes, but I think I found that in il2 bos. I gladly join u guys in il2. I'm up for tactical fighting
  5. hi, im a YAK pilot, and im looking for a squad to wing up with. im a fighter and will not rest til the enemy is burning. <S>
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