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  1. Hi Tip! Spitfires for me and Beliymedved, please.
  2. Yes, we did that a while back. Think I tried to change it over at BF, but I couldn't figure out how to. Anyway, I don't know if any of the other SCG guys will show this time, but I hope they will. FNBF is the reason I got into IL-2 multiplayer a couple of years ago. I've had so much fun all the times I've been able to participate. There's really nothing else like FNBF. I really hope it'll be back some day, or something like it. Thank you so much for all your effort, Tip. See you friday!
  3. I got my Jetseat last week and I've tried it out a bit in DCS and IL2. Ordering was easy and delivery really fast. Didn't have to pay taxes either, which saved me about 60 euro. In DCS where usb mode is supported, it's just great. Helps with flying and improves on immersion. I would easily recommend the Jetseat to anyone for DCS. In IL2 where usb mode is not yet supported, it's really more of a constant rumble. It gives some feeling of sitting in a plane, but after a while my butt gets a little sore, which is not really what I'm looking for after a long night in an all-male enviroment... I hope the devs will take the time to give Andre the data he needs to make IL2 support the Jetseat. Edit: Seems like I had to pay taxes anyway, about 75 euro. Still, the seat is definetively worth it. At least if you're flying DCS.
  4. I got a reply from nvidia last week on my sli report. They told me that their engineers were working with the game developers to solve the issue.
  5. Thank you for your follow up on this, Jason. Really appreciate it. I love this sim so much, and it has made so many great improvements lately. I would like to get that second 980 humming along, but if it's not possible I'm still very pleased with the single 980 giving me 100+ fps with the last update on my 4 year old rig. I for one will never again waste money on SLI ever again, that's for sure.
  6. SLI doesn't seem to work for me with the new update either. The only thing being used on the 2nd card is memory. With GPU1 at 100% GPU2 is at 2-4%. Same as before the update. I've tried a clean drivers install and all other options I can think of, but still no joy. Anyone getting SLI to work?
  7. Thanks for the tip FuriuosMeow. I contacted Nvidia through the support chat. Came to a guy that didn't know a lot about SLI at all. But he forwarded my request to the drivers team. Hopefully my request add up. Anyways, I really think hardware support for something as basic as SLI should be handled by game developers and nvidia, and not left to the customers.
  8. New Nvidia drivers out today. Still no SLI support. Any way the devs or someone else inside 1cgs could help us out, please?
  9. I think I read somewhere that you need to turn v-sync on to enable g-sync. With v-sync on in the game, the fps max out at 165, which is my PG279Q's max refresh rate. With v-sync off, the fps goes as high at 250. No visible tearing either way, though.
  10. With default setup in Nvidia control panel, my GPU 1 usage is at 99%, while GPU 2 usage is at 2-3%. When i set forced alternate frame rendering, both GPUs run at 50-60%, but the FPS is actually reduced by ~10%. I also get some stutters. Before the last update SLI increased my FPS by about 10-20 %. After the update, GPU 2 is in reality idle. I see Han replies to a SLI question today that SLI is working with DX11. With no performance increase, you can't really say SLI is working. It might be that my CPUs bottlenecking, but is seems rather suspicious that one card is running at full while the other is idle.
  11. I recently switched from the pg278q to the pg279q. The ips panel on the 279 makes a huge difference. The colors and contrast levels are way better. Makes spotting in BOS easier too, I think. Well worth the extra $ over the 278.
  12. Seems like you're right. When I turned down the CPU to 3.4 the FPS dropped to 50, and with both GPUs at about 40% load. So with one 980 the GPU was the bottleneck and with 2 980s the CPU was. Kind of justifies getting a second 980 or a 1080, at least if you're playing at high res. What I don't understand is why the CPU only runs at 50% load. You would think there'd be a way to utilise the CPU better. Other games run at a much higher load. Maybe it's above my tech level to understand...
  13. I'm no expert, but I'm not convinced BOS is more CPU heavy than other games. At 2560x1440 ultra settings on my i5-4670 @ 4.50Ghz and a single 980, I get benchmarking at ~60 FPS near ground in Moscow summer map. GPU load is at near 100%, with all 4 CPU cores working at 40-60%. I figured the bottleneck was the GPU, so I got myself another 980 to run in SLI yesterday. Now I get benchmarkings at ~80 FPS. Both GPU's are working at 50-60%, and CPU is still working at about 50%. To compare, in Fallout 4 both GPUs are working at 95-100%, CPU at 70-90%, and I get FPS from 120-160. So what's keping BOM from performing better? Is it due to poor SL-optimisation, or is it just the coding in general? ATAG_dB, what's the load on your 1080 GPU and CPU in BOS? Of course, 80 FPS is more than playable in a flight sim. But we usually get the performance argument from devs when we ask for more, like longer drawing distance or more AI. I'd wish they gave us an option to "max" things out more. I'm sure there's a lot of players out there with the hardware to handle it.
  14. Here's the new 4./JG52 skin pack download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/007vlxkwys2im0m/4.JG52%20Skinpack.zip?dl=0
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