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  1. Well that may not be what you meant but when people spend Money to build a proper sim pc, they want to be able to tweak it so they can enjoy their build.
  2. Options is important. Haven't been around for a while (flown either) but is there any changes in graphic options?
  3. By the time a manual is available people have muddled their way through it and when it does arrive it will be too late. Unless you're just buying it obvisiouly and its out?
  4. I played bf3 but when arma3 came out and tried it, I loved it. I play with a group of 4 and the strategy is great, slower pace then the ADHD bf3/4. The community has some great mods also
  5. Not everyone sits in front of their pc, typing on a forum. The iPhone's etc have replaced the flip phone so between tasks at work or times in the day (lunch, breaks) when you have a few minutes you can reply to forums, facebook etc, so your way wrong on your assessment, sorry. I see all the editing to posts for opinions, don't see any flaming but it's all gooooood, chop chop
  6. You must be single, no kids, 9-5 job and no life outside Bos
  7. A monologue isn't communication if you're speaking of the weekly post. If they've communicated as good as you're saying, then all that good work has gone out the window with the frustration with unlocks, limited graphic options ....
  8. The difference inside the military its not a democracy. People that dont understand the importance of discussing differences, communicating efficiently and understanding the customers concerns isn't in business for themselves. Most of these game/sim people have no business sense, their pc geeks, engineers etc. That's not a bad thing because good business people put in place people who are good in areas there not, surronding themselves with good people is the key to success. If you don't like the discussions about unlocks, don't comment or enter the thread
  9. Glad it's back up, chit happens but I was hoping to put in 2-4 hrs of flying Oh well. Thanks
  10. Message is saying "No connection with authorization server" and " your connection to Master -Server was temporarily lost, check your internet connection. My connection is fine, I'm connected and just finished arma3. Wanted to knock out some of these unlocks but now I cant!!! Any suggestions would be great Thanks
  11. The restaurant analogy is some weak sauce lol
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