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  1. Thanks that was the one place I did not look. I changed no photo for the photo.
  2. Not even the game default photo is showing up. Is there a setting I have to check?
  3. Hoss my old squad mate how are you doing? This is Stanger from 361st. Send me a pm and a copy of your trackir profile.
  4. Thanks using that jug firing rockets.
  5. Badges I like my stinkin Badges
  6. O silly me I thought it came with premium Kuban. Even though I will not fly it much I bought it to support the Dev's. This way I can make sure it is working in my mission for the squad. Thanks both of you to point out how silly I am. lol
  7. I have tried to get the La5 in our squad dogfight server. It wont unlock. I even tried using the date June 1st 1943 which it flew in Campaign. Anybody help?
  8. 11 I will buy both. That P-47 campaign is going to be like Christmas cant wait.
  9. Wow that A-20 is going to be the ride. Also knowing working on the Jug. This is bringing tears to my eyes.
  10. Wanted to say thanks for all to make this happen. I have the original COD but will purchase again to help support.
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