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  1. Hoss my old squad mate how are you doing? This is Stanger from 361st. Send me a pm and a copy of your trackir profile.
  2. Thanks using that jug firing rockets.
  3. Badges I like my stinkin Badges
  4. O silly me I thought it came with premium Kuban. Even though I will not fly it much I bought it to support the Dev's. This way I can make sure it is working in my mission for the squad. Thanks both of you to point out how silly I am. lol
  5. I have tried to get the La5 in our squad dogfight server. It wont unlock. I even tried using the date June 1st 1943 which it flew in Campaign. Anybody help?
  6. 11 I will buy both. That P-47 campaign is going to be like Christmas cant wait.
  7. Wow that A-20 is going to be the ride. Also knowing working on the Jug. This is bringing tears to my eyes.
  8. Wanted to say thanks for all to make this happen. I have the original COD but will purchase again to help support.
  9. I started last year on the mission editor and gave up in frustration. Our Airgroup had no one to do missions. We needed a Kuban training mission so I stepped up two months ago. After diving in for two weeks I started to get it. What helped me a lot was some great members here and one of them was Silk. I took his and Syn missions and made some groups and dissected them and learn a lot. They are here to help and make this better for everyone those like Silk Gambit Syn and others. So just dive in with the manual start doing simple things and look at other missions in how they do it. I am hoping that when Bordenplatte comes out I will be able to give back. Silk if you don't mind I will take that offer. I want to dissect some triggers and other groups. My interest is in Multiplayer and I see you do a lot in that area.
  10. I much rather have seen the Pacific first but I see the big picture. Besides I get my Pony and Jug no argument here. I am also amazed how this dev team has goals and meet or beat their expectations.
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