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  1. Luck always plays a role, but I think it's unfair to say that it decided it. The end result was 4-2, and one of these two goals for Croatia was a gift by Lloris. A clear win for France. If Croatia wants to win a major tournament, they need a sharper attack and a better defence. Actually, it was Croatia that went through multiple penalty kick sessions in the tournament, and those are decided in large part by luck. In this final, they were the ones that got lucky to be there. France got there without a single extra-time, and their opponents were all potential World Cup winners. The thing that surprised me is that Croatia had a slightly better passing and ball winning game, an area were France was good. Many big teams would have lost their patience, chased the ball, committed fouls and exposed themselves, but not France. They humbly let Croatia drive the game, staying organized and waiting patiently for chances to strike. Same kind of play they have used against other big or superior teams in the Euro and the World Cup.
  2. I don't understand what you mean. If you want to see the progress of your side and how far you are to winning or losing, you can check the map: http://il2missionplanner.com/#coconutexpert
  3. Sorry to disappoint you, but I did no such thing. What I did was reinstall Vaal's stat system from scratch on the new server. Maybe there's some config setting that's changed and does what you want, but it's accidental.
  4. No, that would pretty much render the plane reservation useless, if everybody is a millionaire. Maybe I could do it if I also put a limit on the maximum amount of "cocobucks" that one can have. But before I do any changes, I need to make it easier to gather stats on everybody's account, how often players buy plane reservations, and how many times "overbooking" occurs. Every now and then people ask for streak-specific features. I am unlikely to ever implement any of those. It encourages para shooting (and all associated hurt feelings and controversy) and punishes ground attackers (who have little control of how hard AA will hit them). It's easy, there is none! You have another question? 😁 More seriously, Vaal's stats system is great, but it has nothing to do with my campaign system. The two things are independent. I have plans to build a stats system that is better tied to my campaign, but for now there isn't much to show. Then I need to do a better job of showing the effects. It's tied to the stats issue I mentioned above. I need to better show how what you destroyed handicaps the enemy. I would rank the effects on the campaign outcome for each type of target as follows, from most directly effective to least directly effective: Tanks. No tanks, no conquests. That applies to tank columns and parked tanks. Supply depots. No supplies, no AA. No AA, no protection for other ground targets. Supply columns, trains, ships. No supplies moved, no AA protection restored. Factories. No factories -> no supply columns... Planes are orthogonal to this. If you destroy planes (in the air or parked), you make your own side safer. If you destroy planes or hangars on front airfield, you force longer flight times for the enemy, which means lower amount of ordinance dropped on your assets. But then, there is a balancing issue regarding how much effect a single player, or a single squad can have on the outcome. Too much and player number imbalance decides the outcome of a campaign, too little and it feels pointless. Hint: Look for bridges located on the path of a column (tanks, trucks, trains). It's enough to destroy a bridge that's ahead of the vehicles to prevent the supplies from reaching their destination. Sorry, but they are lost. I moved to a different dedicated server host, and the data was lost in the process. The old host closed access immediately when I cancelled the service, instead of doing so at the end of the billing period, as they said they would. I thought I had 4 days for a smooth transition, it turned out I had -3 hours when I tried to start the move. For longer than that actually. All data collected during the Holocene (up to the beginning of July 2018) was lost.
  5. It's not uncommon that frontline airfields have few planes. Players have to fly planes there first, and then not lose them when taking off from there. They also tend to be attacked frequently, another factor which contributes to depleted front airfields. This map is also a bit special. It's smaller than other maps, which means more flights, more losses, more frequent attacks.
  6. coconut

    Invisible planes on clouds and Vibration

    Clouds have been the source of problems since day one in this game. It's a limitation of the technology. Still, I also noted a significant deterioration in version 3. I think part of the problem, or one of the problems, is that it seems planes are pasted over clouds when in front of them, but the cut is low resolution, and cuts into the plane. Because of this, planes that are only a few pixels wide disappear completely, or only a few pixels are rendered, instead of a recognizable shape. Before version 3, the cut never ate into the plane itself, instead it was a bit too wide, leading to a white halo around planes in front of planes. Unfortunately, I can't verify my theory because I no longer have access to older versions of the game. In any case, I really hope the devs look into this. Just as the low res shadows and excessive white horizon haze we once had (both now fixed), or the low-res damage decals, these issues really spoil otherwise excellent visuals.
  7. The problem disappeared after I upgraded my router's firmware. I haven't had it since then.
  8. That sounds like a lot. Should be 3 at most. I'll check that when I'm back. This might explain the recent server overload issues. AI patrols are triggered by proximity. AI attackers follow a schedule.
  9. I’m about to go on vacation, so fixes will have to wait for a couple of weeks. Regarding network issues, I’ve already posted about that. Please check earlier posts if you want to help improve the situation.
  10. @Tigerprawnmake sure you are using :8080 instead of :81 in the url, and :8081 for the normal stats
  11. Anybody with connectivity issues, if it's not too much trouble, please do the following: Open a command prompt: Windows + R then type "cmd" (without the quotes) In the window that appears, type "ping -n 25 coconutside.eu" (without the quotes) and see how much packet loss you get. I don't have any losses. You can try larger values than 25 if you want better results, but you'll have to wait longer. I don't mind it, I don't think it will affect the site's bandwidth significantly. Then type "tracert coconutside.eu" (without the quotes) and see if the delay values look alright. For me they are below 5ms, but I'm close to the server. Probably better to not post screenshots or unfiltered tool outputs here. I don't think you'd be at higher risk than you already are by connecting to the internet, but it's always better not to attract too much attention with your IP. I won't leave ICMP traffic open for ever on the server, so don't wait for too long before doing this if you want (to) help.
  12. Could be a netcode issue, in the past I've noticed that damage to buildings can be delayed, and not everybody sees it at the same time. Could also be you dropped too low. I'm not sure 800m is enough for a very large bomb. In the chat you mentioned a game crash. What do you mean? It's important to be precise, or you'll get me to waste time investigating the wrong issue: - Kicked: Forced disconnection by the server. On my server that happens if you are idle or take off in a plane you are not allowed to take off in - Lost connection: Disconnection due to network issue - Crash: Back to desktop, possibly with a "this application stopped working" dialog. If you got kicked when you were not supposed to, then I need to look at my code If you lost connection, and it's not just you, I need to switch provider, but there's no way of knowing which works and which doesn't, and it can change over time A crash is a game bug. Not much I can do, maybe remove stuff from my missions, but I'd rather not do that unless I know for sure what's causing the problem. It would be nice if DServer could produce some sort of network statistics, to have an objective measure of network quality.
  13. I use short timers in my dogfight missions, they seem to work well. I'm not sure if you understood/noticed that part: It's specific to subtitles. To see a subtitle, you must be spawned when it's triggered. If you spawn after it's triggered, you won't see it, even if it's supposedly still visible. For that reason, a short subtitle that you repeatedly trigger is preferable. Say 15s duration, triggered every 15s.
  14. I meant the timer connected to the mission begin MCU. I don't think the duration of the subtitle matters: If you are not spawned when it is triggered, I don't think you will see it. I'm pretty sure the mission begin MCU works, at least when using DServer. I would be surprised if it wasn't working, it's the one piece every mission uses.
  15. Some update: I'm in the process of cleaning up the project structure of the campaign plugin, using nuget for everything that does not reside in the git repo. Not done yet, but it's going well. I've also put in place an automated build system "in the cloud", but it's not quite working yet. At the moment I don't really have the time to develop and release, and getting that part working automatically will be nice.