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  1. For ref I have rev 3 of the cooler. I imagine they’ll fix the lower bracket in a revision. It’s stupid to have that problem. regarding cooling perf, maybe it’s better than I thought. ASUS own tool said 63deg under load, open hardware monitor said 80. But maybe OHM is wrong. EDIT According to https://linustechtips.com/topic/1279961-caution-arctic-cooling-liquid-freezer-ii-not-compatible-with-asus-x570-e-gaming/page/2/ they are compatible. I’ll have to look again at the instructions and my installation
  2. I have the arctic freezer II 240 and the same motherboard. The two are not compatible. The lower mounting bracket of the cooler overlaps with the m2 heat radiator on the motherboard. There’s also some condensators on the motherboard that are close to the cpu socket and are covered by the upper bracket. They barely fit, likely pinched by the bracket. Cooling performance is disappointing, 80+ degrees under load
  3. Brief description: DServer lockup Detailed description, conditions: Load the attached mission The server load goes up quickly, with SPS going below 50 quickly. The graph in the DServer window keeps scrolling. Wait up to 2 minutes The graph in the DServer window freezes. This is the unwanted behaviour. I have encountered this issue before with other missions, but never as easy to reproduce as in this case. I have run this mission 3 times in a row, and every time it has caused a lock-up within two minutes. The mission is obviously too heavy, containing a ground battles with 160 units, which is something I need to fix in my software. But the lock-up of DServer should ideally not happen, instead we should see a performance degradation. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): CocoCampaign_1.zip The auto-generated (by my software) mission and eng file. Only provided for info, not needed for reproduction of the bug CocoCampaign_1_msnbin.zip The resaved mission (msnbin and all locale files) run by DServer. Used in the reproduction steps Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows Server 2019 Version 1809 Intel CPU core i5 9600K @3.7 GHz, boosting to 4.29GHz when DServer is up Note: Another DServer.exe, running on separate ports, using a different account, and from a different game installation is running at the same time.
  4. I'm pretty sure you got that reversed. The lenses unzoom the center, thus providing better angular resolution there (there's a figure in the page you linked that shows that). In order to take advantage of that, you need to provide "enough pixels" in the rendered picture. Without VRSS or similar techniques, that means increasing the resolution over the entire picture, which creates unnecessarily many pixels on the sides. You do not need more pixels to get rid of low resolution on the sides, the sides are already getting more pixels than they need. That's what the curves you included in your post show. You need 1/0.875 supersampling on the Vive to retain a 1:1 ratio between the render buffer and the distortion-corrected image sent to the headset in the center. To retain that relation on the sides, you only need 1/4 supersampling (so undersampling, really).
  5. No, not implemented yet. Mission timer: http://coconutside.eu:8090/html/status.html
  6. I think the intel 10900K has more cores than you need for IL2, and poorer single core efficiency than a 5600x or 5800x. On the plus side it’s available now. I almost went for it but then I saw the 5800x was available, and I’m glad I picked the AMD instead. One word of caution though: I’ve had stability issues with my SSDs with the new proc or motherboard. Seems stable now, but I’m not sure what fixed it. The 3090 I find too expensive, but if it’s ok for you I guess it can’t be wrong. AMDs GPUs apparently are worse than NVidia’s at the resolution you want to run.
  7. The pendulum doesn’t swing back at 4K. Both processors perform similarly there because the GPU becomes the limiting factor. For IL2 I consider we are always CPU limited because I’d always like to add more units in the ground and in the air. I mean, I can set my graphical settings to meet the limitations of my GPU. Even balanced looked OK to me (except for the clouds). But when it comes to the CPU, any headroom I get I can easily spend in more planes and units, and it would still feel too little.
  8. I just upgraded from an i5 4690k at 4.2GHz to a AMD 5800x, keeping my RTX 2080. Immense improvement. I’m running in VR.
  9. Do you have a quote for that? My settings in windows reality offer two alternatives: 2160 lines as best quality, or scale up for best performance. Last I saw in reddit, but that was a couple months ago, the overly large supersampling at 100% in steamvr wasn’t intended.
  10. How do you know the complex trigger fires once? The picture you have attached shows a red plane being activated twice, which will behave the same as the plane being activated once.
  11. Note there are different settings for 2D and VR. The graphics and traffic have a first entry in their respective page which indicates if you are looking at 2D or VR settings.
  12. What you might be able to do is locate the packages (community and official), make a back up, uninstall, reinstall, pause/cancel the download that happens within the first run of the newly installed game, copy the backed up packages, and restart/resume the game. For me, the packages are in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_<some weird letter sequence>\LocalCache\Packages No guarantees though, so don't blame me if something breaks. But I've fiddled with the packages while trying to run an update because it failed to download some large file repeatedly, and it worked.
  13. If you need a unit to not be shot at by the AI, there is a flag called "engageable" that is checked by default.
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