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  1. Probably a connection issue, there’s no intentional kicking mechanism other than max ping exceeded.
  2. F10 works in VR. You cannot move your head with keys though.
  3. No, I don't think that's the case. My view without glasses doesn't distinguish easily between a PiMax 5K and 8KX or G2. A higher resolution than my eyes can perceive clearly would be lost on me. Also the difference in resolution between the G2 and 8Kx isn't huge. The G2 is better, but not by a lot. I could use the G2 without glasses, but not the 8Kx.
  4. I think I might have the same problem, actually. Sometimes, after using the G2, I feel weirdly cross-eyed, and even had loss of clarity in one of my eyes. I've moved back to my PiMax, and so far that particular problem has disappeared. One thing I noticed is that I was able to use the G2 without glasses (I'm near-sighted), whereas I can't with the PiMax, and couldn't either with the Rift CV1. I still used my glasses with the G2 because it provides a clearer image than without glasses, but I can read small text without. If they designed a headset with a short focus distance, then I think t
  5. You have left the durability set to 25000. Try 2500 instead.
  6. May I ask for a source? A google search gives lots of links to the Omnicept edition, but very little on the headset itself. Only thing of interest I could find was this: Unsurprisingly, it's not every application that supports FFR. The cliff house does, and for that case I can understand that lower than 100% would give you pixelated sides. Not relevant for IL-2 GB though. I've seen the comment referring to some discussion with the devs on some discord, but without seeing the discussion, I'm not inclined to believe it. I'm not sure what you mean by pixel densi
  7. Object link to the train. Or even better, use a waypoint object linked to the train instead. You can target link out of a waypoint to trigger commands for other objects, ie planes taking off in this case
  8. Lenses in headsets typically unzoom the center, giving you a higher pixels-per-degrees resolution in the center (this is good). This higher angular resolution is of course wasted if it isn't matched by a matching resolution in the center of the image produced by the game. And because traditional rasterization is "straight", it also means you are producing unnecessarily many pixels at the image's sides (which is bad). I don't see that. This is the thing I don't understand, though. Neither do I. If they've managed to get FFR workin
  9. Here are my own observations about the G2. The optics are super clear in a small spot in the center, and less clear as you move away from the center. But still decently clear on a large portion of the lens. I'd rate it as "good enough" on 25% of the surface. 25% of the surface means half of the length in both dimensions, so it's not bad. I have used the Rift CV1, Pimax 5k+ and Pimax 8k+. For me, none of these headsets were better than the G2, when it comes to clarity of the lenses. The good thing with the clarity falloff is that it helps you dial your IPD correctly. Put
  10. That does not work if one of the conditions can stop being valid before all are valid.
  11. Here is what I use: Conjunction.zip More stuff at https://github.com/deneuxj/SturmovikCampaign/tree/master/data/Blocks See missions Blocks and Blocks2.
  12. The difference is between in coop and multiplayer, whether you run DServer or from within the game. There was/is a bug affecting player-controller planes detection by a checkzone. I don't if that bug has been fixed or not. Other than that, there are differences between the dogfight mode and the other modes, but not so much in the way triggers work, rather in what tools are available to you. In single player and coop mode you have nodes which identify the players' planes, and you can link to these nodes via object links. You can't do that in dogfight mode because players spawn dynam
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