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  1. Normally, up to a minute after joining the server. Your guys are bugged. Get new guys. More seriously, it worked when I used it. Don't know if still does. Not gonna look into it, so if it doesn't work, you'll have to make do without it, sorry. Plane allocation to players is independent from actual plane numbers. At the start of a campaign you'll typically have more planes than are allocated, then as planes get bombed or strafed on the ground, people might have allocated planes that reality can't provide. The campaign doesn't take advantage of that feature. In particular, there is no vehicle providing the rearm/repairs functionality.
  2. There's recent info from today that states the opposite, see https://community.openmr.ai/t/february-17-2020-update/26111
  3. SteamVR: 1.9.16 PiTool:, Firmware, Referesh rate 72Hz, IPD Offset +2, vertical offset 0, no FFR, Smarth Sth active, render quality 1 NVidia driver 442.19 No mods (in particular, no migoto)
  4. It allows players to know what planes they have and where. The password is a randomly assigned PIN code displayed to them in the game after joining the server
  5. @HairyBrenndog The URL to use to get the JSON data with SCC is <serverurl>/campaign/<server instance name>
  6. I don't remember what level I set for them. But if it isn't already at the max level, increasing it wouldn't be hard. I haven't made that into an option yet. You need to finish the round. Can't continue an interrupted round where you left it. Sure you can. I made a second mission because I didn't like the first one. I think the missions are usually best if they are mostly linear. The first moscow mission had two rear bases for the Soviets, which sometimes didn't play well with the campaign's AI.
  7. It's worth noting I'm not experiencing @SCG_Fenris_Wolf's problem. The VRSS circle appears to be pretty well centered on the direction of my gaze. Not sure what's the reason. Maybe a different version of SteamVR, of PiTool, quality setting in PiTool or the use of shader-modifying mods?
  8. After reading again what you wrote, I suspect the RCON connection between SSC and dserver does not work. That would be consistent with start working, as the system would use the commandline to launch the mission, and with map rotation not working, as this requires a working RCON. Does the dserver show in its window about incoming connections? If not, then that's your problem.
  9. It can take several minutes for the conversion from mission to msnbin. Maybe you just need to wait more.
  10. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf I tried with parallel projection off in PiTool. Also, I've set the mechanical IPD to the minimum, and I'm using an IPD Offset of +2. It's possible all those things affect what's considered the "center" of each frame.
  11. I tried, but it was a long time ago. It worked. Just make sure that it's located where the mission can use it, e.g. the same location as the mission file itself.
  12. What I did: Disable parallel projection in PiTool (EDIT) Enable the possibility to use the feature for IL-2 using NVidia Profile Inspector Enable in NVidia Control Panel, set VRSS to Always Lower resolution in SteamVR to 1400 lines Enable 4x anti aliasing in the game. I also tried using Profile Inspector and Control Panel, but that did not work Observe in the login screen that the small trademark text was smooth (but blurry) in the centre of the vision, and jaggy on the side Disabling VRSS makes all text jaggy, and also reduces GPU utilization. So yes, I can confirm it works, but it's not terribly useful to achieve clarity like PiMax' own implementation does (until it crashes the game, that is). It allows me to use maximum anti aliasing, which is neat, but not what I was hoping for. I tried it at 2600 lines, and it sent to GPU utilization flying, so I think it was doing something. But the effect was not easy to see. You can force it on, or set it to adaptive.
  13. There's no exact time plan, as this is a hobby project for me. Work is going forward still. It feels like I should about one month away from starting to run something but it's been like that for a while now
  14. If you set part #0 to be 100% damaged in the properties, then it won't be able to look any more damaged than it already is at the start of the mission. Some of the buildings are hard to distinguish between healthy and damaged states (e.g. dugouts), maybe this kind of church is like that too? Maybe the model doesn't have a damaged look?
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