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  1. I've just added a WWI mode to my campaign system, and I've started running it on my server. See Note that it's still early work, and the WWII DNA might make itself seen in places in should not. For instance, if you see heavy flak (other than machine gun fire), please let me know. I think I've removed most of it, but if I've missed something don't hesitate to let me know. The settings is with icons, with GPS, but without engine assistance; that might change depending on what people prefers. Personally I still can't identify planes well enough to play without icons. I hope you'll enjoy it!
  2. Just a bit warning: Lots of changes to the campaign plugin currently, making it a risky time to update at the moment. I'm adding support for Flying Circus.
  3. There are AI attackers and bombers, and AI patrols too. They are restricted by plane availability at airfields: there must be sufficiently many non-reserved planes Yes See 1). For attackers, there's also an interval, up to 45min, depending on distance from the home airfield. Attackers spawn over their home airfield, fly to the objective, then fly back and land. The icon represent the location they will attack, not their current location. AI patrols spawn on their patrol location. When destroyed, they won't respawn for 60 minutes. There's also a limit on the number of total respawns, depending on plane numbers at the home airfield. AI patrols have their home airfield within 70km of their patrol area. It's risky, as it can lead to "dumped back to lobby after mission is downloaded" syndrome. But I'm working on allowing more AIs. Making it dependent on the number of players alone doesn't really work, because although load depends on number of players, it's even more dependent on the specific mission. The longer the frontline, the heavier the mission, ususally.
  4. I did the rename, let me know if it's still broken
  5. That's an idea worth considering, thanks.
  6. I think it might be possible to modify a map, but it requires mods on. I haven't tested it. EDIT: Now I've tested it, doesn't work. Adding / changing roads would difficult, we don't have the tools for that.
  7. Crates matter, I don’t remember how much
  8. Adapt your tactics to the weather. So yes, that means no high-altitude level bombing when the weather is cloudy.
  9. Note that SS values are meaningless by themselves, since they are relative to a resolution which is arbitrarily set to something higher than the panel resolution. For this reason it is not necessarily fair to compare with SS=1 in both cases. Even with SS=66%, the resolution is way higher than panel resolution of the 5k
  10. coconut

    Coconut - Fan Club Videos ;)

    A very relaxing video. Almost hypnotic.
  11. An observation: The 25M pixels setting affects level-of-details, only the last image shows the propellers of the Pe2.
  12. No, 1 month is the maximum. I've wanted to add more flexibility to the ban interface for a while, so I'll end up implementing that at some point.
  13. You need to install SqlServer Compact Edition 4.0.