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  1. Delete msnbin files from earlier versions, if any. Also that “-“ in “- games” is asking for trouble. Command line tools, of which the resaver is, sometimes handle leading - specially, typically as the start of a command line switch. Not saying that’s what causing trouble here, but that just triggers quite a few alarms in my programmer’s brain.
  2. Numerical identifiers change every time a mission is loaded, making them in effect useless in the logs. for the purpose of communicating info to an external script from a mission, you can instead damage some non-neutral entity that you hide somewhere far from the action, and that has a unique name.
  3. I have to set my Ethernet card to 10mbit/s to download updates. Faster than that and the game keeps attempting to download the same file over and over again. They have a crappy throttling mechanism implemented in the client. Instead of pausing, it restarts the current file.
  4. Did I get the prices right? The 5950X is 50% more expensive than the 5900X / 10900K?
  5. The problems that @Sketch and @LLv34_Temuri describe are AFAIK not specific to the spawn at me option. Whenever an instance has multiple copies alive at the same time, you should expect problems. The mission logic construct (instances and object links) isn’t built to cope with this.
  6. Yes, the 8KX. Every time someone tells you "no more SDE" I think it's hyperbole. Clear lenses mean you can see the pixels. Don't want to see pixels? Get blurry lenses It will remain that way until pixels are shrunk below the retina's sensitivity. With that being said, the increased resolution is nice. It's actually relaxing for the eyes, no longer straining to try and fail to see clearly. Clearly an improvement over the 5K+, but there's room for even more improvement in then future. About my judgement, hmm, this is my third headset, Rift CV1, 5K+ and finally 8KX. Not so many compared to others here. You might have me mixed up with someone else. On my 5K+ I'm using 120Hz with smart smoothing. I like it, the artefacts are usually small enough to not annoy me, except for the sun glare. Indeed. Maybe my lackluster review sounds gives too negative an impression. And yet, my first impression regarding the negatives remains. I might even be more annoyed by the lack of support for "small" (average, really) IPDs. The clearest area of the lenses is clearly straight ahead at best, or slightly divergent even. Someone with IPD 67 or larger likely won't have this issue.
  7. I received mine today, I tried it for a quick flight in IL-2 over Kuban. Positive: Picture clarity. Smaller pixels, less noticeable screen door effect. Meh: Lenses and distortion unchanged, which I'm OK with. Negative: Comfort. Maybe I'll manage to adjust, but at the moment I'm not pleased. It feels heavy, unstable, presses hard against the face and the nose. The face foam is too thin, my eye lashes brush against the lenses. The nose flaps block the light, which most will like, but I don't. Can't see the desktop any moew, which I had grown used to. I've removed the face foam and replaced with the custom one I had bought on the net for the 5k+. This one gets my eyes further away from the lenses, with increased distortion and decreased FOV. Not a problem for me. Sound: Sounds like a tin can. I have ordered the deluxe sound strap, which isn't ready yet. We'll see if the over-ear speakers sound better when they arrive. Performance: Well, my CPU and GPU are the same, so of course it's the same. Duh! With that being said, the initial settings had me running a resolution with over 3400 lines. The GPU actually delivered, with reprojection. I've since reduced to a more "native" 2160 lines, which looks noticeably worse. And also reprojects, despite my GPU utilization being 45% and the CPU also meeting the required frame time, most of the time. Something wrong with my setup, maybe. So I might as well go back to supersampling. Overall: Somewhat disappointed. Resolution and FOV are great, but I would have hoped PiMax would have improved on the other aspects, but they haven't. Looking forward to the G2. Maybe I'll eat my words later, but my feeling at the moment is that I'd (reluctantly) trade FOV for Rift CV1 levels of comfort.
  8. The library should be usable from C#, but I've never tried to use it that way, and I would expect that some corners might need softening. All F#-specific types (Option, immutable collections such as lists and maps) are CLR types, and should be usable from C#. It will look a bit ugly, but if the provided functionality is valuable enough, it might be worth it. One potentially troublesome part is the type provider: The library parses a sample mission file, and automatically generate types from it. That part needs to be triggered by F# code, but it should be easy enough to write. The library is available on NuGet, for .net standard 2.1, the name of the package is SturmovikMission.DataProvider. You won't be able to reference it directly from C# though, so you would need a thin F# library project just for that, and then reference that from C#.
  9. @Alonzo Indeed, I started working on something similar 5 years ago or so, and it's the basis for my dynamic mission generation. Available at https://github.com/deneuxj/SturmovikMission So basically it looks like programmatic mission generation for IL-2 GB is available for multiple (well, two) programming languages and environments: Python and .net.
  10. True, but with high-res wide FOV headsets you typically need to be able to render 4K at 150FPS, and ideally even more than that. I think VRSS is likely a more promising technique. Resolution is wasted on the sides. I fear that the lack of control devs would have on DLSS could mean difficulties with contact ID and spotting.
  11. Where do you keep your missions? If it’s outside of the game directory, in missions, multiplayer or one of their subdirectories, I’ve noticed that the re-saver doesn’t always work.
  12. It would be meaningless to compare the two if one of them were swapping textures out of VRAM, so I don't think there's anything dishonest there, if they mentioned how they conducted the tests. The VRAM limitation is something to be aware of, and luckily it's easy to scale usage down by lowering texture quality without losing too much quality.
  13. What about a one-eye zoom option? You could give us the option to define a dominant eye, and when zooming render only that eye. Let the other eye be black, or render the same view as the dominant eye. I understand there could be problems with the transition from stereo view to dominant-eye only, but it can't be much worse than the cross-eyed vision we have no with PP off. Also, I don't want to be rude, but is not strictly speaking correct. DCS has figured it out, so the solution exists.
  14. I have thin spikes at regular intervals in the menu as well. Once spawned it's all spikes, but that's because I have an old CPU
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