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  1. It's in the works No, not at the moment
  2. I have implemented an auto restart of the campaign but haven’t tested it yet. I’ll do that this evening and hopefully it’s the last time people need to remind me 🤪
  3. IIRC there is an nvidia control panel setting to set “half-vsync”, see if you haven’t set that up in the general section or in the page for the game. There’s also a frame rate target in the game’s settings, check it’s set to 60 or no limit.
  4. It might the manual that's out of date. Since then, I've changed it so that only the tanks that moved in the previous mission are exposed in tank parks. Other tanks are not exposed. It's a balance thing, without that the game just turned into who could destroy most tanks, and campaigns often ended up having a handful of tanks on the entire map. This "new" system is a bit too harsh, though. I'll introduce new conditions to expose more tanks in the future. For instance, regions with more than 30 tanks are impossible to conquer (invading tank convoys are limited to 30 tanks), so I'll try putting all tanks above 30 into parks.
  5. Not a specialist of sync terminology, but apparently adaptive sync and adaptive vsync are different things.
  6. I have renewed the server rental for another month, I trust the bridge entity bug will be corrected. A mechanism to control what planes are available to players, per player, plane and airfield. The current mechanism which goes via the logs and kicks players is sluggish and rude to users. Improve DServer's performance. This would allow me to lower the costs of server rental, or increase AI activity in the missions (convoys, ground battles...) A server-side plugin/scripting to receive notifications immediately instead of going through the log, which are 30s to 1min delayed (kind of covered by my point 1 above) Expose road graph data so that I can generate paths for convoys automatically. Currently I need to mark paths between regions manually, it's a lot of work Improve the chat window. Not specific to dynamic campaigns, but it's especially important there because the campaign script engine uses that to communicate important info to users. The improvements I have in mind are: rendering performance (VR users have it hidden), access to history while in flight, separate system chat messages from players'. The points above a ranked from most to least valuable to me. Point 4 especially is only valuable to my campaign. AFAIK other dynamic campaigns don't use convoys, which IMO is a pity.
  7. There are reports on reddit about payments being already processed, so be warned.
  8. There is no airfield deactivation mechanism. If an airfield appears grayed out it’s because it has no planes, or it’s because of the balancer (but then all airfields are disabled). An airfield can run out of planes even though you have planes reserved there due to enemies strafing them, or if it’s been under attack by ground troops.
  9. The pin is shown to you only in the chat a minute or two after you log in. Cash is no longer used. You have to start from the rear airfield, and from then on you can take off again from where you landed.
  10. @III./JG5_ppph I think that “1st round over” is just wording for “we messed up, we are going back to the drawing board”
  11. If you mean that you see the game on a virtual screen, then no, it's not normal. Maybe there's something wrong with the way Steam starts the game in VR mode. You normally enable VR in the options in the game, try doing that instead.
  12. There's not much to say, sadly. It stopped working at some point, not sure when. It was several years ago, after we got V-Luki, and before we got the Stalingrad summer maps.
  13. Regarding captured pilots, I don’t currently output the influence areas, but I could add it.