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  1. You can get that information using the logs on the server. There will be a delay as files are written every 30s or so.
  2. Yes, I'm still lurking I can keep making small adjustments and fixes, as long as they don't swallow my weekends. I'd also love to join and fly with you at some point, when my apartment becomes more habitable again (renovations ongoing...)
  3. Hi Rizer, Do you have these problems only when SSC has been running for a week, or does it happen also right after starting the process? I haven't run SSC through a memory profiler, so yes, it's possible there are leaks.
  4. The commander software should remain usable with this version and likely future ones too. The dynamic campaign I'll likely update now and then when new planes come out, and when BoBP is released. It's obviously not tested much, so there's a good chance it won't work. The project is not abandoned, I'm pretty sure I'll bring it back at some point, but for now I just need some time and quiet to let the creative juices replenish before I start working on it seriously again. EDIT: I thought I was replying in the thread about the server commander software and the campaign plugin. Now I see this is the thread about one my earlier projects. I don't really have plans to keep working on this, as even though the idea was cool, it wasn't really good enough in practice to sustain a significant player base. Maybe I'll go over it again after TC comes out, it might be good for laughs. But overall it's a big development effort for relatively little actual usage time.
  5. @Geronimo553 what’s your config, settings and what kind of mission were you flying?
  6. No, at the moment 4 cores is more than enough. I don't think you'll gain anything. You want a higher frequency.
  7. I've observed this kind of problems before. In addition to players not being able to join, the "end mission" button would never turn to green, and AIs and mission logic would stop to work. Other than that, player-controlled planes would continue to fly normally. I'm not sure but I think that ground targets would not take damage. But that was fixed a long time ago. The "end mission" button stuck in gray came back, but was fixed again. My way to deal with this kind of issue is to restart DServer every 3 missions (which for my missions means 9 hours). There's an option in SDS files to kill the server every N missions (I think it's called shutdownloads, IIRC). Then all you need is to start DServer from a bat file in a loop to bring it back every times it goes down. I have personally never observed the bug where DServer does not produce log entries, which is weird considering my campaign can generate rather heavy missions with tons of AIs and AA. Maybe you could post the mission that's giving you trouble? Maybe there's a specific AI you use that Habu did not that is the culprit?
  8. You can try it without base station. Uncheck "Turn on lighthouse tracking" in settings/HMD in PiTool, choose "seated" in your room setup in SteamVR, and you should be good to go with 3dof.
  9. The servers went down today. Thanks all who flew there and made it an enjoyable place!
  10. See for a clarification on the optics quality issue.
  11. Nothing too fancy: three AA batteries tied together with a rubber band, and another rubber band to tie to the back of the headstrap. I removed it yesterday because the batteries prevented me from leaning my head back against the headrest, but then I found myself readjusting the headset rather often. No, PiMax doesn't have inside-out tracking (yet?). You need a basestation for comfort. Without you have only 3dof. OK for a game like Elite Dangerous, not so much for fighters in this game. Correct. I advise that you set the SS factor to get at least 2500 lines of vertical resolution
  12. I'm eager to see which device you like the most. Be sure to give some time to the PiMax5k, it can be tricky to set it up so that's it comfortable. Many tips to give, but I think it's better to answer specific concerns, as everybody's hardware and face varies quite a bit.
  13. It crashes when playing online, so maybe you are not missing much, if that's where you spend your time. There's a super clear spot that's not very big, then a bigger zone which is clear. I still need to move my head to look down at the instruments to be able to read the labels, if that can give you an idea. Looking behind me is now possible without turning my swivel chair much. The head and the eyes do most of the work. Note that you can use the side of the lenses to check for the presence of a plane behind you. Identification will likely require you to turn your body or your plane a bit. It's still not owl-vision, but it's rather in line with what you would expect in reality. Overall we could do with better performance, you get clarity gains up to resolution with 3000 lines, and one can't realistically use that yet. I don't think that removing the need for parallel projection would do it by itself, but I think it's worth looking into for the devs. I haven't measured, but I would say turn body 45, head 90 and that does it. 135 degrees. Biggest problem for me is that I don't have light houses, so on most planes the back of the virtual seat and head rest are in the way.
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