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  1. I don't know sorry. Possibly a region without defenses, or without battle areas, or some other element that is mandatory.
  2. I don’t think brainwarp is vaporware, but you should not rely on it. We don’t know when it comes and what it provides.
  3. coconut

    No Oculus Touch support?

    You can use standard HOTAS controls. That's what everybody in VR does in this game.
  4. The first reviews of the PiMax 8k and 5k+ are out:
  5. Hard to tell without looking at your mission file, but did you put in airfield spawns? Are the regions all convex?
  6. The json code for the map symbols and borders is available on <server url>/campaign/<server instance name>. Save that to a file, go to il2missionplanner.com and import the json file. To avoid the manual steps, you need to contact CuriousGambler, the author of il2missionplanner.com.
  7. Sorry, I can't reproduce the problem here. There are new builds available. No big changes, but they are worth a try. SSC has a new check for duplicate server instance names, even though I don't think that's the problem here. You should also avoid spaces in the instance name, I'll add a check for that. Although it appears to work, it's used in a number of places that likely don't like spaces in identifiers, like filenames and URLs. https://bitbucket.org/johdex/sturmovikservercontrol/downloads/SturmovikServerControl-7f196db14e26e52ffa7022d0c74a79d011053dbb-29.zip https://bitbucket.org/johdex/sturmovikcampaign/downloads/SturmovikCampaign-01f46a78a3505d948d7370c89193ac78d2ba409d-28.zip
  8. You need the latest version of SturmovikServerControl
  9. I''ll try the binaries from the downloads tomorrow, I hope it's not a compiler bug/change.
  10. I haven't had time to play much, just run some tests, so I don't know for sure. It doesn't really matter though, cocobucks are now solely for prestige, they can no longer be used to buy/rent planes.
  11. Is it possible you might have two identically named server instances in the config of SSC?
  12. I didn’t mean in the bin directory, rather the directory where the campaign data files are written. Also, I meant loopstate.xml, not state.xml
  13. I removed that feature a while ago, this feature was coupled with a log compacter that moved log files. It's not compatible with the campaign system. Your directory structure looks good to me I'm not getting this error. Did you download the binaries from bitbucket, or compile on your PC If you compiled on your PC, what version of Visual Studio did you use? In the campaign directory, there should be a file named state.xml. Can you look into it, it should contain a more detailed error description
  14. There's a bug causing all regions to be fully supplied from start. Because the rewards for supply runs depend on the levels of supplies, they are also currently really low or even null. It's not supposed to be that way. That's OK on the normal servers because it has icons. Rear airfield now has 5000 free planes, this should solve this problem