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  1. It seems that the only new force feedback joystick that supports IL-2 1946 and bos is GAUSS. The base size is about half that of brunner, and the price is half that of brunner.
  2. I tried to use my 50% Off Promo Codes to buy DW, but after I filled in the code and clicked APPLY, nothing changed, and Promo Codes didn't take effect when I paid. I found that other users in the forum encountered similar problems. How to solve them?
  3. I am very happy to find someone asking the same question as me. But what makes people despair is that there seems to be no solution to this problem.
  4. Is there a 3d model of aircraft with UV information to help make aircraft skin? I want to use substance painter to make airplane skin, but I need to find a 3d model of airplane with UV information. Is there a way to export 3D models from games? Or do developers allow us to use game resources like this?
  5. me stuck at start window too. and i get error below: ============================== --------------------------- D3D_ERROR --------------------------- DXBufferMan11::ib(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED --------------------------- ============================== and this error: =============== --------------------------- error --------------------------- Error loading model graphics/planes/Il2m42/Il2m42.mgm EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION --------------------------- --------------------------- =========================== my startup.cfg is like this: [KEY = graphics] 3dhud = 0 adapter = 0 bloom_enable = 0 desktop_center = 1 detail_rt_res = 1024 fps_counter = 0 fps_limit = 60 full_height = 720 full_width = 1280 fullscreen = 0 gamma = 1.00000 grass_distance = 100.00000 hdr_enable = 0 land_tex_lods = 0 mgpu_compatible = 0 multisampling = 0 or_enable = 1 or_height = 1680 or_hud_rad = 1.50000 or_hud_size = 0.75000 or_ipd = 0.06700 or_width = 1247 post_sharpen = 1 preset = 1 rescale_target = 1.00000 ssao_enable = 1 vsync = 0 win_height = 720 win_width = 1280 [END]
  6. My vive still dont work, the screen in vive turned to "full red" when I start the game. I wait for a long time, nothing happend, screen in vive still been "all red" .
  7. I build a new airfield in surface edit mode, but I cant see it in mission. How to use this function to build new roads and airfield?
  8. I have build a new runway in surface edit mode, but i cant see it in game. When I spawn , my plane just sit in snow, and there is no runway nearby. After that, i try this: i put my plane on a perset runway , then delete this runway in surface edit mode. when in game, nothing changed, runway still been here. So, iI think , surface edit looked like working in FMB, but what you done will not work in game. ps: when you add a fakefield, you need edit the waypoint to define taxi route and park point.
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