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  1. There should be some kind of automatic ratio. Like 1 authorized plane for 5 tanks on the ground. And full access to plane without any AT capabilities.
  2. Yep and if 190 is more damage resilient it's also a much easier target than the 109.
  3. Hello everyone That's been a while since I last checked on tank crew and my last game with the pz III and T34/76 were the ones where tanks always explode when destroyed, where some hits didn't seem to have any effect at all and HE shells could one shot every thing. This was very early access so nothing really wrong about it then. However there has been a lot of updates now with brand new tanks and awesome interiors for tanks and I was wondering if the damage model was still the same, lightly improved or mostly done since I do believe that one, if not the one, of the better part of a tank simulation is about how shells can or can not get through and what damage it does to the machine and it's crew. Thank you
  4. Eicio

    Stug III

    German's number one GERMAN
  5. Eicio

    Stug III

    It was the number one because it was the most produced, simple as that. I'd like to get it too but I understand why it isn't there as it's not as iconic as the panther, tiger or pz III/IV. It could replace the Ferdinand but that'd mean that we would have another pak 40 instead of a pak 43. Yeah I know there's pak40/Kwk40.... Still the same thing mostly.
  6. Black magic is at work here....
  7. As a little idea : at some point there will be a lot of Battle of.... plus lonely collector planes in the store, I feel that it might scare the newcomers that'll see they need a lot of money to get the most complete collection, so I think that in the future the dev should add the possibility to buy those collector planes in one pack so we could have for an example : collector planes pack 1 with ju-152, po-2, bf 109 G6, La5FN, Yak-1b + one other plane at the same price than the battle of...
  8. " battlefield 1 trauma intensifies"
  9. By the way it's not a bad thing to drop all your bombs at once, having only one bomb hanging of one wing is dangerous.
  10. I don't feel tremendous fire power with p47, it takes quite a long time to down a fw 190 with those eight mgs. I often ran out of ammo without getting the kill, for me they are quite underpowered compared to just one 20mm canon.
  11. Hope we'll have them on the p51.
  12. We don't have HVARs for the p47 ?
  13. It's a nice plane but it has 2 deadly flaws: - of course it's power output but that's not the worst imho. -It's a really fragile plane, the cockpit may be armored the overall hull is very weak. It'll be cut in pieces by the ennemy CAP as well as the AAA where as the Il-2 is a very thick and strong plane that's still very fast and is better armed. I don't know how well they did in real life but in the career (as well as in MP) their loss rate is 100% Sure it can crack open tanks but only if it has absolute air clearance and if the AAA has been taken out. Moreover it's bomb load is quite underwhelming which can disapoint CAS pilots like me, I mean the old stuka has a better loadout. Don't get me wrong, I do like this duck, it really has some look and shapes of it's own but it's a sitting duck and if you fly it you'd better not expect much of it.
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