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  1. Eicio


    Did I ever say I love sloths ?
  2. Eicio


    There's a new server that tends to be quite well populated "knights of the air" or something like that. It should have the yak1b
  3. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    That's because the K4 is the true "wunderwaffe" and not the 262.
  4. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Ze Schmittfire *
  5. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    I've got a way to reconcile all of you guys :
  6. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    What the point of this mess ? You know that eventually the k4 will be out and you'll have all of the answers you're seeking. There's no point in tearing yourselves apart.
  7. Eicio

    Get WEP from P-39

    You got it right, when you go on emergency power you have to boost your mixture and yes it doesn't last for a long time, it's something like 5minutes at 90% throttle and 2minutes at 100% throttle. The best way to gain energy with the p39 is to climb, your sole power output won't be/last enough to prevail over your opponent.
  8. Eicio

    The A-26 Invader

    The marauder would still be imho a better choice for 2 reasons: -it was used rather extensively, more than the invader. -This plane is maybe the most forget plane of the war, many people do know the b25 but the b26 is not that known and I guess was never was used in any sim, I remember it on heroes of the pacific but it wasn't a sim.
  9. Eicio

    The A-26 Invader

    I'd love the A26 but I'd also love the B26, the typhoon, the mosquito, the ju-188, the do-217, the la-7, the yak-9, the yak-3, the tu-2, the g55, the mc 205, the d.520, the hurricane, the IAR 81, the beaufighter, the he 219, the me 410, the p61, the fw 189, the hs 123.
  10. Eicio

    How To Make Rear Gunner Work?

    The main drawback of the rear gunner is that, when you're attacked and you switch position it automatically makes the gunner to put down his machinegun so you loose several seconds in the process and you die.
  11. Eicio

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    I'd say especially the la-5FN, this plane is by far superior to the 109/190 and that's why you can't get more than one or two in MP. It's really impressive what an average pilot could do with that thing.
  12. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    I was just trying to say that the k4 wasn't an obsolete plane with a more powerful engine and that it's not because it looks like an old 109 that this plane itself isn't advanced. I'm no expert and I may be wrong but that is what I believe.
  13. Eicio

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    Also don't fly alone if you really want to survive. Find a pack in a fight and join them, to do well alone you either have to be really good at what you're doing or have a far superior plane (hello there la-5FN). If you fly on WoL stay above a crowded target (like an airfield) and wait, you'll often find skirmishes between reds and blue.
  14. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Well the spitfire is almost as old as the 109 and they improved it all the way along. It's not because an airframe is old that an army should get rid of it. For an exemple the mig-35 is nothing but an upgrade of the old mig 29 but the upgrades are more than enough to make it a capable modern fighter. For me the K4 is not a"glued up primitive modification of an old aircraft to make it competitive". I believe it's a brand new aircraft with top notch technology and don't share more than some global shapes with it's elder.
  15. Eicio

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Don't focus too much on the sole zero fighters, they were used only because they could operate on a carrier. The japanese army had different aircrafts much more capable than the zero like the ki-84 and the N1K2 moreover they were continually more used since the fights closing to the core states of japan and the imperial fleet being sinked.