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  1. Well, except that there's no coop servers, the few that exists are usually some friends playing together and are locked.
  2. Could we expect some cooperation against the AI ? It would be niced to be helped and not shot at for once
  3. Eicio

    IL2 on console

    RT or LT = shoot all the guns RB and LB= brake right / brake left A=guns B= bombs X= rockets Y= both brakes Left joystick = Elevator + ailerons Right Joystick= Rudder ▲ = zoom in ▼ = zoom out ► = move head left ◄ = move head right For the rest I'm relying heavily on my keyboard, which is not bad for flaps, trim or radiator controls but annoying for the throttle+ prop pitch. The mouse is for the camera.
  4. Eicio

    IL2 on console

    I play flight simulations with a 360 controller, hotas are too expensive an take space, and it works great. The problem is not the console's controls, it's the difficulty to port a pc game to a console, especially a game as complexe as a simulation, if it's possible it would nevertheless require a lot of ressources (a whole lot of ressources) and I'm not sure that the devs are willing to make such a risky bet since the "console public" will be much more inclined to games like fortnite than smart and interesting games like simulations. That's only my opinion and could be totally wrong by the way.
  5. Well, the p40 was a little "overmatched" from the beginning, in game you'll struggle against any fighter if you don't have the energy advantage but still, it's a more than decent asset when it comes to ground support. The p39 is a magnificent aircraft, any critics about it will be denied, so say we all. You overlooked two major points, IMHO, numbers and experience. I don't know the exact numbers but I wouldn't be surprised if you'd say that in the late war the axis-allied ration planes would be something like 1:30. As for experience the attrition rate germans suffered was pretty harsh, whereas the allies had more and more experienced pilots. In conclusion 30 little p40 piloted by veterans would probably score a couple me 262 flawn by kids hands down and any day.
  6. I'm also myopic and I know my nickname would be "friendly fire".
  7. That seems more plausible, I don't see why he would have to handle the stick while the pilot does his job.
  8. No IS-2mod 44 = No buy No rammstein in german tanks = no buy
  9. Ok thx, I'll take my best diamond pickaxe and go dig some history
  10. Hello there I was looking for some intel on the planes available in the game that I quite couldn't find. Indeed I'm looking for some informations for each variant of the planes and not just it's specifications or history of the "whole branch" of the plane. For an exemple this is the kind of information I'm looking for: Bf 109 G4: What is new in this variant compared to the others ? Why was it needed ? How did it fare ? Did the pilots liked it ? Was it mass produced ? In books, wikipedia et caetera you'll find extensive informations about the plane as a whole and too few about the variants, well for my taste at least Since in a simulation those details matter the most, I would really like to better know each plane I'm flying to enjoy it the most. So if you know where to look I'd be much grateful
  11. I'm really looking for tank crew but I had the feeling it was too early to jump into it and get frustrated. Now that the damage model is here, well I believe so from what I've heard, I may get into it but I have the feeling that it is maybe too early yet... I mean I know/play steel fury with the sta mod and the only point that keeps it from being the best tank sim ever is the terrible game's performances : you gotta love playing 20 frames per second with the best of the computers. Still, even if TC runs perfectly well and smooth (and is beautiful), I fear that the lack of infantry, trenches, bunkers and full scale battles between tanks would break my enthusiasm. For the ones who know what I'm talking about do you think I'm wrong or should I wait a little more longer ?
  12. There should be some kind of automatic ratio. Like 1 authorized plane for 5 tanks on the ground. And full access to plane without any AT capabilities.
  13. Yep and if 190 is more damage resilient it's also a much easier target than the 109.
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