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  1. I used to build plastic models but they didn't fly very well.
  2. Eicio

    Kurfürst fans?

    And I'll fly the G6, as I'm not very good I'll be able to blame the plane instead
  3. Battle of Korea (BOK ? Seems legit...wait... ) would be interesting, it's true even if it's not WWII. One issue would still be that you can find more than 50 interesting planes on the blue side while the red would only get 6, the best of them with the most technological leap forward into the aviation era is of course... the po-2. But come on, how could you choose korea over a sweet sweet italian plane ? Beautiful planes, purrrfect lines with 0.50 cal... wait... I'm being told they're pasta launchers, make sens.
  4. To be frank I'd prefer the Clod team to work on BoX than Clod, I know it's probably not possible at all but it'd have been better to put new content in BoX and have one big WWII framework rather than many sims that can't get along.
  5. I think that it's safe to say that there are dumb people in every country on earth and that they are anyway not the targeted public of flight simulation (or simulation as a whole).
  6. As long as we have japanese planes and a pacific ocean that's good for me !
  7. Eicio

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    The La5FN is the best of the planes we have right now, including Bobp ones, I'm nowhere near a good pilot in WoL but I managed on the knights of the air server to dominate a pack of 190. It just was so easy like I was the one flying while they were crawling. But I'm sure that would be true for the yak3 too. Late war soviet planes retain the advantages of their older selves but also take the edge where the german had the upper hand before. And it's true that the yak and lagg/la series are especially easy to fly, really forgiving and that really makes them a first choice for average players. For the german it's absolutely the opposite, take the 190: it's a really hard plane to master and on 10 players 1 will be untouchable with it while the 9 others would be the easiest of all the easy targets.
  8. Eicio

    Where to after BoBP

    Pacific would be the next for sure if the devs managed to find/translate data for the japanese planes. After I'd love a battle of france theater or an operation torch theater. After they could always sell "packs of planes" to expend the theaters we already have (new toys are always nice). Korea would be nice but... I don't know, I feel IL-2 always have been a WWII sim and there is still much to do. So maybe one day, I mean we did not have many sims about korea, but not just now.
  9. Eicio

    Question on the Bodenplatte map

    Don't know for bodenplatte but I learned the german did paint fake explosion's holes onto the runway to make it look liked destroyed to allied eyes. That's very not essential but it would be nice to see since I've never see any picture of it.
  10. Having more machineguns will make your fire wider thus will add more chances for you to hit especially at medium range. However this is a small caliber and won't damage more than trucks but would be deadly against the infantry. So IRL I'd said to keep them but ingame it won't really matter so do as you wish.
  11. Eicio

    No cockpit view?

    Interesting, I was a casual when younger (heroes of the pacific) and one of the reason why I switched to sim was the cockpit to feel like I'm there, this is real and immersive. Casual who'd come only if there is a no cockpit view won't stay on the sim because what they seek is casual and a sim is not the greatest media in term of casual experience. BTW this is just my point of view but I think it makes sense, casual people would come for a change not for something they already have/know.
  12. Eicio

    Tiger Tank armor - weakspots

    For now it's all early access yet, I believe that you have 2 custom missions one for the tiger and one for the KV-1s. If you want to shoot a tiger I guess you could go for a quick mission builder, take a tank and set a tiger as the ennemy.
  13. Eicio

    Tiger Tank armor - weakspots

    I don't know, the HE was able to obliterate any tank easily, why would you take a shell that could bounce or just don't penetrate ?
  14. Eicio

    Tiger Tank armor - weakspots

    HE round could not destroy the target but when your primary round won't scratch the paint of your ennemy HE isn't that bad of an idea since it'll have more chances to damage the tracks, sights, maybe the turret... That's why the su-152 were known, there were definitely uses of HE rounds against armored targets.
  15. Eicio

    Newbie incoming...

    Yes the community is really nice here indeed, for the Il-2 great battle series itself just wait a couple of months, there are usually some sales every now and then so you could try some warbirds with a great discount. To compare with DCS you've got to know that the cockpit here aren't clickable but overall Il-2 is more enjoyable than DCS when it comes to warbirds, there is a lot more content if you like WWII, the game runs smoother and is graphically stunning so you should definitely give it a chance some day. There is also more people online here than DCS if you like flying with people.