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  1. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Hmmm... just like we do now?
  2. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Haha, Johnson's. Yeah, that works.
  3. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Wings falling off

    In my opinion, I see far to many planes go down due to missing a wing. A significant percentage of my kills are for this reason, and the overwhelming majority of the times I am shot down this is also due to flying minus a wing or tail.
  4. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Clearly not seen the ammo bug that is prevalent on the blue side then. To be fair, no one tells you there either, you either notice it on startup, or end up giving the enemy sitting plumb center of your cross hairs a free pass and a blast of expletives that no one except your wing man will get to hear.
  5. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Black Sheep - VR Highlight reel

    Great analogy.
  6. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    SteamVR Reprojection - Beta

    Yeah you've been carrying on about that for a long time. I personally think they made the right choice with implementing SteamVR, the extra advantages you are going to see vs the time to build in support for a whole VR API for a single vendor I don't believe would have been time well spent. We have many other VR related bugs (and missing features) that need sorting first. Anyway. This is the wrong thread to talk about Oculus. It's about SteamVR reprojection, unless it's forced on you with the new beta as well. Have you tested?
  7. Yes, that's the point. Don't ride right on the limit of your engine and you won't blow it up so quickly. If there was more pilot workload in real life to extract the performance benefits out of an engine, so should there be in game. Why should everyone be able to sit right on the 1% of engine limits with instant warnings when they had pushed their plane too far without having to take a single glance at the dials in the cockpit. Sure I'm in favour of less restrictive "engine destruction timers", but not at the expense of having to wait for this pilot assist being available as a enforceable server admin setting.
  8. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    SteamVR Reprojection - Beta

    Well relating to this particular thread, you wont have a choice once the current beta moves to stable. The options are removed. If you are still on stable, best settings is hard to say without understanding your current frames. Personally I found using only async reprojection produced the best result. New beta transitions between all of the different re-projection methods depending on a sample of your recent frame-times.
  9. =EXPEND=Tripwire


    What exactly are you finding so hard? Just throwing it out there, possibly a lack of MP servers with the Tiger available might be the reason for his post in this section of the forum?
  10. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    1080ti not worth it?

    Online multi-player seems to sap FPS. Even when the scene looks similarly busy as offline there still appears to be an additional penalty.
  11. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Realism of zoom

    Or pick a room scale game that doesn't have artificial locomotion for first timers - gives them time to adapt, rather than making them ill on the first experience. Once you start getting VR sickness, its not easy to shrug off. I can play for hours in VR without even a hint of sickness regardless how intense the fight. My first flight in a WW1 biplane in warthunder to see what VR in a plane was like (I only used the Tanks), back in early 2016 or my first flight in Elite Dangerous around the same time had me needing to take a break for a day feeling ill after just a few minutes of looping and spiraling around.
  12. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    SteamVR Reprojection - Beta

    Yes. The game has not rendered a new frame in time, so the headset reprojects an old frame to avoid stutter and maintain 90hz
  13. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    SteamVR Reprojection - Beta

    Latest SteamVR beta update has improved reprojection in IL2 significantly for me compared to the last two betas. Its now not always stuck on full re-projection.
  14. John, this happens in the Vive too. They are aggressively trying to free up resources for objects that are out of view. Unfortunately these objects are still in view at the edge of the peripheral. Another good example is some of the larger ocean textures at the corner of your view. Sometimes they overlap into visible space but the renderer has removed them.