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  1. =EXPEND=Tripwire


    That one.
  2. =EXPEND=Tripwire


    Sorry I said older instead of newer. It's the new drivers that break it for me. I'll edit my post to save further confusion.
  3. =EXPEND=Tripwire


    Check the version of Nvidia drivers you are using. I experience a graphics freeze on any drivers newer than 391.35. Try it and report back if this helps you. I haven't tried the latest driver, but the 3 prior still triggers the screen freeze.
  4. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Kurfürst fans?

    Im already getting a lot of enjoyment from the G6, so really looking forward to what the kurfurst has to offer. Thus far I think I have only flown the G14 on 3 occasions online outside of training or dogfight servers. It's pretty rare.
  5. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Possible New Valve VR Headset

    Whilst speculation runs wild - why not throw out the possibility of eye tracking? https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/13/tobii-vr-eye-tracking/ If you remember recently, Tobii announced plans to supply eye tracking to a yet unnamed headset manufacturer in 2019... https://www.tobii.com/group/news-media/press-releases/2018/10/tobii-signs-agreement-with-large-vr-headset-manufacturer/ Could it be possible?
  6. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    I do believe the correct term is whining...
  7. Does this happen on other servers as well? This message usually indicates that either your client - or the server has seen too many data packets lost in succession (or has lost connection completely) and therefore has terminated the connection. If the issue is related to Wings of Liberty only, then there could be an issue along the routed path to the game server and also is likely something outside of your and *most* peoples control. Sometimes there can be an issue with the download of the mission that triggers this issue as well - especially if you never get into the game.
  8. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Possible New Valve VR Headset

    The only part that concerns me thus far is the increase in FOV with what sounds like similar display panels in the Vive Pro. I really want a higher angular resolution. I would be happy with 135 degrees AND Vive Pro angular resolution. Lets hope the Panels are RGB rather than Pentile display. The speculation that we could be looking at a Half-life 2 prequel in VR is very exciting too.
  9. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Possible New Valve VR Headset

    Consolidating my post https://uploadvr.com/images-of-prototype-valve-vr-headset-leak/ My wallet is ready.
  10. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    The P47 cockpit looks incredible. Awesome to hear of the multi-player netcode work being done. Also the delay seeing the gunfire from other planes has been a long standing issue. Great to see some work being done here! One of the best DDs we have had for a while.
  11. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Gunsight SIM Peripheral for cockpits

    Nah, it would be pointless in VR, as you have a perfect virtual gunsight there already. Lets be realistic - the only time such a peripheral _might_ be useful would be in a fixed forward view only. It might look cool in a home built virtual cockpit, but I can't see it being functional. Most of us have moved well beyond this - first with hat-switch based head movements, followed by TrackIR as of 2002 and now Virtual Reality which has the gun sights working perfectly!
  12. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Best look a bit closer.
  13. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Darker Exhaust Smoke For 109s Mod Request

    Very easy to see a 109 at full throttle right now.
  14. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Bf 109 cockpit size in real life

    It would be really cool to have someone that has flown in VR and sat in a real 109 do a comparison of the feeling between the two. In VR first impressions are that the cockpit is very cramped, especially compared to US planes. Having flown the 109 in VR for many hours now, the cockpit size, the bars all actually work quite well and aren't unmanageable.
  15. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Where to after BoBP

    I really, really hope Korea is not where we are headed. So much of WW2 still remains.