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  1. The problem in my mind is that the power advantage at those higher altitudes does not seem to make up the difference in energy bleed when trying to maneuver up there. Planes that should be struggling with power at high altitude aren't struggling enough and their turn advantage and energy retention in a turn is not negated enough to allow more than head on passes in a 1v1 situation after long extension or drag n bag with a wingman when flying against them.
  2. How long have you had VR in IL2? You adapt to the spotting downsides the longer you push yourself. I get more annoyed at TIR owl view.
  3. I have a OG Vive, you would just set it to seated mode rather than room scale and either guess the floor distance or place the headset on the floor. Only get one base station if you have zero intention of using room scale.
  4. Only shipping to US and EU put a whole dampener on the Index for me. That sucks.
  5. They provided a great deal of R&D to HTC to build the Vive - because Valve would have lacked the ability to manufacture their own consumer grade hardware at scale then and needed a partner to get the design to market before the Rift once facebook bought Oculus and Valve and Oculus stopped working together on VR design from that point on. Its been 3 years since the release of the OG Vive, and 6 months since leaked images of the headset undergoing testing were taken. Lets see what they have achieved.
  6. Odd comment to make? You mean because its likely using Valves own lighthouse tracking technology? No other specs are confirmed yet other than speculation based on the chipsets visible on the PCB in the leaked images from a year ago.
  7. Someone brightened up the original image. Can still see what appears to be lighthouse sensors on the headset.
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/valve_index Nothing but a teaser, but Valve providing a date?! WOW. Very interested.
  9. Its been an issue for a few years now. @E69_geramos109 made a thread about it and posted a video relating to the problem. https://youtu.be/qJuKXXwDEHU
  10. Yes you can turn it off, by changing that setting to 0. But if you alter settings using the GUI again, it will reset to being on again. I dislike the bloom effect so I have it turned off. Its that overly warm shiny "bloom" sun reflection you see on objects. When HDR is turned on, normally the bloom effect is as well (unless you edit the text file).
  11. Yep definitely Vive SteamVR Motion Smoothing. You can disable it in your SteamVR settings. The game didn't change anything, its likely you recently updated SteamVR, or even more likely updated your video card drivers to a version that supported Motion Smoothing.
  12. Yeah, your body still 'tries' to lurch forwards like you've hit the brakes. Weird feeling eh?
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