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  1. What level of clouds were you running Ivy? That flickering is even more terrible in VR. I switched back down to High clouds from extreme (where it was occurring very badly for me) and that *seemed* to make a bit of a difference, but Ive only run a few maps since I switched.
  2. In my experience, the 190 does not fare well in a 1v1 situation where the end goal of disengaging is not an acceptable outcome unless - You are in a significantly advantageous position and can get the job done before loosing that advantage The pilot you are fighting against is of a significantly lower skill level The 190 fares much better in numbers.
  3. Still running a HTC Vive as Valve seem to still not be able to sell the Index to my country yet.
  4. It works that way in DCS right now. Most servers run 10 minutes delay to avoid cheating issues. I'm not sure about the options available to server operators of IL2.
  5. I think that you might be making a mountain out of a mole hill regarding your Tacview suspicions, but there should be an ability to set a delay in Tacview on the server. This fixes this type of issue so that if someone want to look at the ACMI playback immediately, it will be missing the delay timeframe unless they wait for the delay before exiting. Set it to something like 20 minutes and you would likely have relocated by the time they can pinpoint your exact location.
  6. This I don't believe is the intention. You are correct, it's not achievable to make them move as much as VR. But being able to move more than is physically possible of a pilot is not correct. A TIR players floating eyeball can move to positions in the cockpit that are not possible in RL. Armoured glass in an ingame 109 still has a backrest. The 109 in that clip has nothing higher than the middle back, so not exactly the same. His rearward visibility is better than any wartime 109. To get the best 6 view when flying straight, a TIR player moves their view to the top rear corner of the cockpit. Ignoring the 109 for a moment, look at Lagg or Yak1 as an example.
  7. That's still nothing to do with the tiny amount of distance you move your head in TIR vs reality. Yes and I commented on it. That plane has no backrest or any armour plate. We can mimic the same thing in VR when in a turn. That's not the same as looking directly behind your plane with your single 'eye' in the best position possible at the top corner of the canopy.
  8. TIR requiring more head movement than real life? Yeah I don't think so.
  9. Yeah SRS is fantastic for DCS. Takes radio communications to a whole new level. I too would welcome something similar, especially taking into consideration the quality of the radios of the planes at the timeframe too.
  10. Off topic - but I often think it would be kind of cool for skinners if they could actually use room scale VR and walk up alongside a 1:1 sized plane model and actually paint it directly rather than the inverse of working on flat image files.
  11. I think you are missing the point here though. If it were only TIR that was an option and VR was not available, I would still be in favour of view restrictions. Its not about one technology vs another. Do you agree that by having a very simple ability to view planes approaching your 6 oclock, that this changes the dynamics of air combat vs a what I believe would realistically be a poor view to the rear of the plane due to physical constraints? One day I hope you get the chance to own a VR set. I would be interested to see if your perspective on this discussion changes once you have some VR dogfight hours under your belt.
  12. Most of us VR players have moved on from TIR. I had the original TIR and then later the TIR4 when 6DOF was released. TIR hasn't been used since I got VR. For me, it's about moving forward the immersion and realism level.
  13. That 2cm of TIR head movement to look past the armour plate lots of effort is it?
  14. It doesn't just change combat for VR players. Two TrackIR players fighting each other have the same problem. Not having any rearward view restrictions changes combat. Sure both have the capability to turn and look at each other Linda Blair style, but the fight has changed to one that is less realistic.
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