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  1. Yes they can, there was instructions on how to do this on the VKB forums. Sorry I can't recall exactly how off the top of my head.
  2. Yes it's disappointing. I hoped we could raise the bar, not revert back to the TIR owl necking. And now people are so used to it being easy, they aren't willing to put in the effort. Sad times.
  3. What an awesome dev diary! Thank you AnPetrovich for giving us some insight into the planned DM changes. Was a very enjoyable read.
  4. They fixed some of them especially the forward movement in some of the 109s, even after stating it wasn't possible for a few years. That was an awesome surprise one patch. Hopefully the other planes get a look in. The 190 is particularly bad I feel, along with the Ju88 that you have already pointed out.
  5. Yeah I saw it last night, I had a squad mate chasing an enemy plane and I could not find it, I was flying within 200m of the plane in perfect sight of where the plane should be, thinking my wing man was going mad firing at nothing... then all of a sudden a single round hits the 'invisible plane' and the plane instantly appears right where I was looking and where he was firing.
  6. I personally never have had issues running short periods of MW50 as long as I haven't exceeded the 10minute limit and just allow a proportional amount of time to let the engine recover after the stress. Perhaps there are restrictions, but I haven't encountered failures that I can clearly attribute to erratic use (multiple X minute uses in a shorter timeframe) of MW50 during many online combat fights. The most common failure is running at 2700rpm and not having MW50 injection.
  7. If you push past 2600 but do not go full throttle to the point that MW50 is engaged, your engine will be stressed and fail at around 1-3 min. This occurs more readily in the 605DB engine. The DC has a bit more leeway. In the K4, if you push past 2600, your safest approach is to go full throttle to ensure MW50 is added to the mixture. Don't mess about inbetween for long periods.
  8. Exactly. People seem to think that them having an advantage in pilot workload by having technochat on is not a problem when flying with others that have increased workload with it turned off. It's just like many of the other server controlled difficulty options. Most engines actually allow you to exceed the limits before it switches to emergency, so you are already taking liberties with the documented engine limits. Emergency power typically doesn't register until your reasonably past the documented limit of combat. Stop trying to ride the % border of the two and fly the plane more realistically.
  9. Because having tech chat on provides one pilot with an advantage over another that chooses to have it off. Options like that are usually controlled server side so that people that prefer not having game aids on, aren't flying against those that are.
  10. Seems that there is some significant improvement in the general stuttering experienced in MP. Stuttering was reduced and the improvement instantly noticeable from a quick sortie on Berloga during general flight where it was most noticeable in previous game versions even without lots of action onscreen. Lets see if others notice the same.
  11. I don't like seeing any tech chat messages, so I'm also going to state that seeing something like "engine emergency/combat/boosted mode time exceeded and engine emergency/combat/boosted mode time recovered messages" is even less desirable for me and makes the simulator feel less like a simulator and more like a game. I'm fine with this "bug fix", assuming they also make all of the tech chat notifications a server configurable difficulty option at the same time so that servers that want this option can set it. I suspect that it was intentionally set this way though, and not a bug.
  12. Still not even available in my region. Was ready to hit the buy now button back in May/June yet still unavailable. Vive is starting to fall apart after almost 4 years of use now. Not holding my breath that I will get my hands on it before the release of Alyx.
  13. What level of clouds were you running Ivy? That flickering is even more terrible in VR. I switched back down to High clouds from extreme (where it was occurring very badly for me) and that *seemed* to make a bit of a difference, but Ive only run a few maps since I switched.
  14. In my experience, the 190 does not fare well in a 1v1 situation where the end goal of disengaging is not an acceptable outcome unless - You are in a significantly advantageous position and can get the job done before loosing that advantage The pilot you are fighting against is of a significantly lower skill level The 190 fares much better in numbers.
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