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  1. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    How to Improve Tank Crew /Suggestions and Bugs

    Aren't you supposed to compare the width/length of the tank (dependent on the aspect of the enemy tank) vs the mils each of the triangles represents (or the distance between the triangles) and then estimate the range from that? Big triangle is 4mils, small triangles are 2. Once you have that done, rotate the optics to the range based on your loaded round and fire? Or have I not understood your question?
  2. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    13.Kompanie 1st SS PzReg LAH

    Awesome stuff! That looks incredible. Shame that mods on is required to run it though? (I'm almost only in MP).
  3. @Jason_Williams If we are to use VR zoom and not vehicle zoom, would it be possible to get your guys to have a stronger VR zoom option on top of the existing one? (Configurable option perhaps) We appreciate that you got VR zoom added on release of the VR support and can understand that it was set to this level due to the potential of triggering VR sickness when getting used to it. But many people are now able to adapt to stronger zoom in VR and having a configuration setting that increases the zoom both for tanks and planes would be well received.
  4. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    I'm on the fence with the VR freelook. I have been flying IL2 in VR since the feature was released. I function fine without the head limits disabled. But I still find some of them frustrating at times. Do I think people would stick their head through the plane? I'd guess 95% wouldn't (it's uncomfortable and not easy to do), 4% would do it occasionally, not to gain an advantage but for humour on rare occasions, and 1% would abuse it. As it stands, you need external views turned on to allow it. Unfortunately that also has a small percentage of people that would abuse the external views to gain advantage. Head view limits just need more tweaking by the developers. I know they said no, too hard. But unfortunately it's the real solution.
  5. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Geoffrey Wellum RIP

    RIP. Really enjoyed his book 'First Light'. Very sad to hear of his passing.
  6. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    VR Fever Is Cooling

    Can't say I ever take my rudder pedals, throttle, VKB stick with extension out with me often either. I've dragged my Vive headset and desktop PC into work for others to try. Flight sim gear stays at home.
  7. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Tank Crew

    Default key is left mouse button. Before you fire, make sure you are in gunner seat and have pressed 'left shift+t', to align eyes with the sight, then just 't' to take control of the turret. Now click LMB?
  8. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    VR Fever Is Cooling

    Indeed. Once you try FPS in VR, there is no going back to flat-screen there either. Got my protube vr stock. Very immersive in Onward. Actually aiming with your own hands and hiding behind cover... You just can't go back to a mouse.
  9. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Tank crew in vr - reviews?

    Not currently
  10. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Tank Crew

    WASD still works fine for me for driving the tank? I haven't touched any of those keybindings.
  11. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Tank crew in vr - reviews?

    Wouldn't dismiss it just yet, it's the first cut of the early access. Hopefully these things will be addressed over the EA period.
  12. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    Tank crew in vr - reviews?

    The head collisions I feel are an issue. Not a show stopper but they really need work. Gunsights are keypress. Once pressed are similar to the current tanks. You can partially look into the optics by leaning forward but due to VR head restrictions you can't get close enough. You are held about 3-4 inches away from the optic. Not sure if you could lean up to them whether the reticle is actually being rendered but I doubt it would be usable. Interiors are nice, and as kmac said, commander position unbuttoned is really cool.
  13. Same as open your canopy in the cockpit of a plane. RALT + c
  14. Yes, especially the 190A8. I have not attempted adjusting any volume sliders to see if that helps yet though.
  15. Not sure about MW50, but make sure you hit the "Boost" button to allow the plane to use higher ATA in different supercharger stages.