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  1. Yeh, sim is great, i was only wondering about the updates folder really, i will just keep it then, thx for all reply's, keep safe people.
  2. Thx for reply, yeh 22.5GB seems big for me, especially as i only have BOS, no other dlc.
  3. In my IL-2 folder, i have a updates folder that is 22.5 GB in size, can this be deleted ok ? or is it needed for the game to run ? thx
  4. Yeh edited my post, you cant link anyway if you have never bought from steam before, cheers
  5. I have only ever bought from the web store and use the standalone launcher, if i link to my steam account, will i loose use of the launcher ? thx EDIT: Just noticed, you cant even link the standalone launcher to steam, thought you could, to be able to do it, it seems you have had to buy at least one item from the steam store, did not realise this.
  6. Hi Jason, i thought that by linking accounts, we can buy from both steam and your web store and there show in steam, why would Battle of Bodenplatte then not show in steam if i bought from your webstore, i thought it was the 4th part of IL2 Stalingrad is it not ? or am i getting it wrong.
  7. My thinking is that nvidia wont fix this problem with the older cards like 780/780ti, as they want you to move on and buy newer cards, this is wrong thou.
  8. Yeh sorry, i know that some of the older drivers work with this game, but i have over 100+ games installed, and all work fine with new drivers, dont really want to have to use a very old driver to play just this game, surely there must be a easy fix for this.
  9. Thx for reply, i have tried playing for the last 9 months with every new driver that comes out, same problem, after 5 to 20 minutes always crashes with error below. D3D Error DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
  10. Thx for this great game, few questions, i notice no team fusions campaigns now, also why is this blitz version 2 to 3 GB smaller than my original steam clod install, what was taking out ? cheers
  11. Also, this install is like 2 to 3 GB smaller, what was left out ? cheers
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