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  1. Update ; 30.04.2021 Preparation
  2. I hope you are FIT again ... for the next battle
  3. Thanks ! I would like the inspiration of the devs more in the forum .. a bigger participation .. In addition, the forum would liven up more and Gajini would look at us with envy.
  4. I understand .. you can do a lot with the Hex Editor .. but this is the end for me! my imagination to have a magnetic editor where you can attach the objects .. of course it should be supported by the developper. ..please don't disappoint us ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tank Crew add-ons Update : Water canister
  5. Wonderful work .. perfect .. with a small mistake .. look at the emblem this blue is very bright ... only in the 2nd world war it got darker ..
  6. Tank Crew add-ons Update :
  7. Tomi_099

    Tank Crew Add-On

    Tank Crew add-ons (First view) I am working on small add ons .. maybe one day we will get the possibility of these small add ons as obj. to import. That would bring the forum to life and would increase the creativity of the game (as with WarThunder .. but you have to pay for it there) I know that Tiem is very busy .. which we really appreciate. and i don't hope that my work is in vain. These small objects take a lot of work. Maybe one of the Tiem would take care of this .. I think we all have this wish .. if I can help! Wor
  8. It wouldn't be nice if all models look the same .. I think you have a different style. And that's a good thing, because tastes are different and we have a wide variety of variations. Everything is good .. and your version is SUPPER!
  9. This is the absolute kick .. I only hope you are working on it! ..What fantastic effects .. the people from Warthunder will run to us!
  10. Congratulations for your ⭐ first Tiger ⭐ here! Looks beautiful ! SCG_Baryonyx The turret is missing added track links that were present in the historical vehicle. There is nothing I can do about that. I solved it like this ... it would be a 3D model the ideal idea .. maybe the devs can sacrifice 5min of their time! ( Click on the arrow pointing to the top right )
  11. ⭐ Draconus ⭐ Welcome, we need motivated people like you . . I am really looking forward to your contributions! Something new ?
  12. I've tried everything but you will fail with the hinges and micro-screws! I think the search is better that way https://youtu.be/_38tf2ksrek
  13. Now we just need the EL-Alamein atmosphere .. for the defs, a Sahara shouldn't be too demanding like France.
  14. Find your Details .. Pz.Kpfw.IV ( Body ) ( An extension is welcome! ) How Find ! ( Gimp ) https://youtu.be/_38tf2ksrek Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/scoez8d44j3rt1r/Pz.Kpfw.IV_REF_BODY.zip/file ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIGER Pz.VI H1 # CHECK # Pictures reference https://www.mediafire.com/file/fji3tq1vd
  15. Small comparison ! ORGINAL !! ... Very good job!
  16. Kampfgruppe Käther ( Reichsverteidigung ) location Berlín 22 April 1945 MODERATE VERSION DOWNLOAD ; https://www.mediafire.com/file/tj75i5wcqx9uf3q/%23_Pz
  17. The Bavarians ! Jasta 32 Hans Auer Work in progress.. with a new engine design
  18. So actually I have to make an own skin for each tank ... this is now only for the Pz.Kpfw IV. Of course, a skin cannot replace a 3D model .. I think it remains a wish of all of us !
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