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  1. Tomi_099

    Bf 109 k4 skin

    ( C'mon, there's no need to include all those quoted images in your reply. ) Sorry for my mistake !!
  2. Tomi_099

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa / Sopwith Camel

    You could not make you better .. Thanks..Great!
  3. Tomi_099

    Bf 109 k4 skin

    That's all my taste ... outstanding .. I wish even more of your happy hand !! .. Thanks !! I love your work because you know what's important..many thanks to REP ...
  4. Tomi_099

    Sopwith Camel * WWI - SKINS*

    our biggest mistake is that the English symbol is too dark !
  5. Tomi_099

    Tiger of the 8th Kompanie, Das Reich.

    Many thanks !
  6. Tomi_099

    Sopwith Camel * WWI - SKINS*

    See the aerodynamics of the * Fokker DR.1 (Page 2 )*
  7. Tomi_099

    Fokker Dr 1 * WWI - SKINS *

    See the aerodynamics of the Fokker DR.1 So must have flown ,....a Udet or a Oswald Boelcke... as Rittmeister Richthofen ( Red Baron ) . https://www.facebook.com/RCScaleAirplanes/videos/557718527752489/
  8. Tomi_099

    P-47 D Skins

    YESSS SIR !!!
  9. Tomi_099

    Sopwith Camel * WWI - SKINS*

    Very good documentation about the aces of WWI In German Soldaten der Lüfte - 1914-1916 (1/2) | Doku Geschichte | ARTE Soldaten der Lüfte - 1917-1918 (2/2) | Doku Geschichte | ARTE
  10. Tomi_099

    Sopwith Camel * WWI - SKINS*

    - Placeholder - Killed in action... Very spectacular pictures!
  11. Tomi_099

    P-47 D Skins

    Absolutely impressive work! Thank you .. I hope you are still happy! Amazing work !
  12. Sopwith F.1 Camel On 25th January 1918 Ruston Proctor’s 1000th aircraft Camel’ B7380 makes its first flight at Lincoln’s AAP after being photographed(above and below). Its ancient Egyptian scheme has bright gold feather sunbursts on the wings , a pair of eyes on the cream engine cowl, a fuselage encircled with white outlined bands of light green, dark green and dark blue, two colour undercarriage struts and coloured wheel disks. The company name is on the nose and wings. ..REBUILD ..02.12.2018 DOWNLOAD : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ahqqec7i2vkn6hd/SC_B7380_4K.dds/file
  13. Tomi_099

    NUMERALS Luftwaffe

  14. Tomi_099

    Fokker Dr 1 * WWI - SKINS *

    Red Baron's famous triplane "Fokker Dr. I": 750 pieces in motion. Fokker Dr.1
  15. Something like that you want from the IL-2 Bos .. or?