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  1. Tomi_099

    P-39 Skins...

    P-39Q-5-BE "Snooks 2nd" Unit: 71st TRS, 82nd TRG, 5th AF, USAAF Serial: 42-19995 Pilot - 1st.Lt.William A.Shomo. New Guinea, November 1944. He become Medal of Honor winner. The plane was abandoned at Tadji in December 1944. It wore typical Aircobra's painting of Pacific Ocean region. Later it was recovered by David Tallichet's team in 1972-1973 and stored at Yesterday's Air Force until 1980. Donated to Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Serviceman's Park. Today I did a test flight with a new work....P-39Q-5-BE "Snooks 2nd" . but...but..... But .. then I saw some testing errors ... and then.... it came.... as it had to come..! But you have to be patient. I had a fatal Cresh Coming soon ..!!!
  2. Tomi_099

    Yak-1 (Series 69) skins

    Superb !! Thats my base !!
  3. Tomi_099

    P-40 E Skins

    Looks great .. thanks!
  4. Tomi_099

    P-39 Skins...

    Для Одессы ??? Для Одессы что это означает Сегодня я сделал несколько изменений For Odessa or ???? what does this signify Today I have made a few changes People .. The fly makes with this painting huge fun! The question is that taking up or taking down ... hard decision !!
  5. Tomi_099

    P-39 Skins...

    Friends, this is the only photo I have ... take a look at you!
  6. Tomi_099

    P-39 Skins...

    Skin 4k P-39 ..Please Halp !! This plane is in progress I need original pictures of this fantastic Russian P39 Some nuances are still in progress I'm grateful for any help
  7. Tomi_099

    P-40 E Skins

    Free French P-40F-5 .. MADKOT.. ( Tunis / Afrika ) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s6pkzfy2y7j6uu8/P40F_4k_MADCOT_.dds/file
  8. F4F-4 F4F-3 BuNo 3976 flown by Lt. Com. John Thach. Note that the position of the starboard letter is a little different from the port side. The demarcation line of fuselage camouflage is unusual. I think this aircraft had been finished in overall light gray and blue gray was painted lately. The second profile is BuNo 3986 flown by Lt. O'Hare. Details of the markings of his aircraft have a supposition. F4F-3 Pacific theater http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f3_top.gif http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f3_bottom.gif F4F-4 http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f4_side http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f4_top http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f4_cross http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f4_front http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/f4f4_bottom FM-2 front view and cross section drawing Next one is the anti-submarine scheme FM-2 of unknown squadron. However, VC-36 of USS Core CVE-13 in the Atrantic of 1944 is the similar scheme and marking style. So it might be this squadorn. http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2g102.jpg http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2_side.gif http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2_top.gif http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2_bottom.gif http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2_front.gif http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2_cross.gif Martlet Mk.IV s/n FN114 code φ9*F belonging No 893 Squadron of HMS Formidable in the Mediterranean. Details of this color profile contain a little supposition. This aircraft features the IFF antenna line. F4F-4 FAOTW 8,715mm(28ft7in) D&S (F4F-3) 8,773mm(28ft9-3/8in) In Action No.84 8,839mm(29ft) In Action No.191 8,763mm(28ft11in) Factory drawings 8,920mm(29ft2.8in approx) FM-2 FAOTW 8,800mm(28ft10in) In Action No.84 8,763mm(28ft9in) In Action No.191 8,814mm(28ft11in) Factory drawings 8,718mm(28ft7-7/32in)
  9. Tomi_099

    Pilot body in the cockpit?

    Only the Ju 88 has it, and in VR this is an experience .. because you have the impression that you are not alone in the plane. If I am in the seat of a Bf 109 , I would like to see my feet and hands on the joystick. We have only one variant of the Russian pilot in the fighter plane. I tried my luck with a German net hood
  10. Tomi_099

    Pilot body in the cockpit?

    Little help for the developers ! 🙄 Luftwaffe-Pilot-Netzkopf-Haube German Jagdflieger German Bomber : US - air force fighter I'm not sure : US Bomber English - Spitfire Pilot
  11. Tomi_099

    P-40 E Skins

    It is controversial, but real that has gone in the desert lost all shine. probably the desert sand is to blame, Every painting of the aircraft is ground down. Your skin is so correct!
  12. Tomi_099

    Pilot body in the cockpit?

    any news ? for Me -109 / P-40 ?
  13. Tomi_099

    VR headset

    Maybe you try it .. so you can do more than you think. It is free to command up to a certain number .. Try it you will be amazed! https://voiceattack.com/
  14. Tomi_099

    Cockpit Picture

    The devs can do that better .. patience ! .
  15. Tomi_099

    P-40 E Skins

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lxj57zf1prwavx1/P40E1_57FG_USAAF.rar