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  1. This has gotten me very excited about the BoX series! I am really looking forward to this progressing into the Pacific Theater of Operations.
  2. After Midway, the most multiplayer friendly and balanced campaign would have to be centered around the Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands campaigns. The next two major carrier vs, carrier battles took place at this time and the variety of a/c and missions possible during the Allies' advance up the Solomon chain towards Rabaul makes this the most attractive theater to model IMHO. After that, things get either too boring or too lop sided in favor of the Allies from a gamer's perspective I believe.
  3. I said, ".....almost useless....."
  4. It would indeed be great to see the ME released, even one not so user friendly, but it will be almost useless without the ability to host a multiplayer session for others to join. I certainly hope this will be included with the release of the ME
  5. I feel just like Bearcat above however, the difference between he and I is I guess I put a whole lot more weight on those things that he mentions as being wrong with the sim, or lacking. I'd give it a solid 3 for now. I am very impressed with the graphics, I've had no issues with stutters or anything. A very solid visual experience for me. Very immersive in the feeling of flying and the attention to detail. I have no use for the unlock system. Some have mentioned that they see it as a type of flight school, which is probably not far off the mark however I resent being forced to go to flight school after having paid quite a lot of money for this flight sim. I expected to be able to build my own training missions and then host my squad in them and get our training done that way. This was a huge disappointment to me, particularly considering the cost compared to other sims of similar genre. I understand the lack of aircraft to fly and have no doubt that they will add more as time goes on. just as I am confident that other maps and theaters will be added. I can be very patient where that is concerned but unfortunately the time it will take to get there will not be spent in this sim by me until the unlocks are eliminated, a mission editor is added, and the ability for me to host my own multiplay missions is added. Until that time, count me as a VERY unsatisfied customer who feels like I have purchased the proverbial pig in a poke!
  6. #3 for me. I'll wait for the full release this next time, and spend a whole lot more time on the forums before spending a $100 for something as unfinished as this one is. If I had known about the Unlock system, or understood it better I would not have bought BoS, nor would I have spent the money on a game that has no mission editor or ability to host missions online for my friends. I am hopeful that these anomalies will work themselves out eventually because I really do like the graphics, FM and their attention to detail. The fantasy of what these developers could do with carrier operations in the Pacific is eye watering.
  7. After messing around with this sim for the last several weeks, I must say that I find it very impressive indeed. More than any other flight sim I have ever flown, BoS gives me a feeling of immersion that is unsurpassed. The graphics are eye popping to say the least. Their attention to detail in every aspect is unbelievable. I am not disappointed with this purchase. Having said that, I will temper it with a few observations that are less than complimentary. The two biggest complaints I have are the arcadish use of locked features and the total absence of a mission builder. Now, the mission builder is in the works if you want to believe Bearcat, one of the moderators on theis forum, but this system of unlocks is totally incomprehensible to me. I can see no reason for it whatsoever. It would make more sense to me if these features were just for sale and you paid X number of dollars per skin, gun, bullets or bombs. But forcing everyone to fly a campaign offline in order to unlock certain weapons or skins for each airplane just flat pisses me off! I do not have the time, much less the inclination, to grind my way through an offline campaign for every type a/c I want extra features for. The more I think about it, the more it pisses me off! As an avid, if not rabid, fan of IL-2 since it appeared as a demo, I have come to appreciate certain aspects of that game that Oleg obviously put a lot of thought and effort into, which contributed to making it so enduring and such a classic within this very small niche market we represent. He built in a system whereby individuals could share their combat flight experience in many different ways. You could go on a DF server or join a coop mission and fly with other humans in addition to possibly other AI, depending on the mission builder's whims. You could host either one of those mission types as well or you could fly several different types of offline missions via the Quick Mission Builder or Single Player missions already built or any one of several different campaigns.. But the biggest jewel in the IL-2 crown, as far as I'm concerned, is the Full Mission Builder. That is what has kept my attention for so long. As the mission designer/builder, I can create any kind of environment I choose. I can make a simple mission just for myself to test some type of a/c or weapon system. I can make a training mission tailored to myself or my squad to try to get the most out of the experience. I can build historic recreations of famous battles or wild assed what if scenarios. My imagination is just about the only limitation. That is what is sorely missing from this sim and until they produce some kind of mission editor/builder AND a way to host missions for my squad and others, I will remain a lurker on the fringe of this game. Don't misunderstand me, I am committed to making the move to BoS, but until I have a mission builder and a way to host it, I will not abandon IL-2 1946. That's just too much to give up and is not out weighed by the graphics or feel of this new game. I look forward to watching for progress in this game.
  8. Just recently purchased the game also and am very impressed with the realism and feeling of immersion. I do miss having a mission builder though as that was one of the best features of the original IL-2. But forgive my ignorance here, I have to ask this question about the "unlocks". Having just read a post above, it sounds like I will have to fly offline to amass points in order to "earn" the ability to unlock some particular feature, or weapon for a plane that I fly online. Is this correct? Have I just paid $100.00 for a game that I am going to have to work offline at in order to be able to use all the different features that are available in this game online???
  9. Well, at least they are thinking about it. Thanks fellas.
  10. Are there plans to include a mission builder in the future? Having a ball with this so far but being able to build custom multiplayer mission for my squad would be the cat's a$$!
  11. Here's hoping that the AWESOME squadron JG11 gets back together again in this sim. They were a force to be reconned with in IL-2 1946 and would be great to fly along side of them for a change in this arena. HORRIDO!!!
  12. Thanks Luke. Good to see you here. This is like old home week perusing the forum here.
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