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  1. Hey All, Here are some groups that I've found very handy for smaller play groups (coop/dogfight, will work in single play too). In the zip file are two groups that will spawn a pair of fighters in the approximate area entered by an aircraft of the opposing faction, one group for German and another Russian with randomized AI difficulty, to fly a tight patrol pattern. It's currently set to respawn each aircraft individually, 3 minutes after destruction of the existing, randomizing the AI each spawn, so they're not currently set to spawn in pairs (unless you modify the groups to do that). If you oppose the two groups (as over a front area, overlapped detection areas), when activated (as when a human pilot triggers one group), it will trigger some continual dynamic interaction between them. Paste several opposing groups wherever you feel action should occur and balance accordingly, choose/change the aircraft type. Anyway, feel free to use/modify at will. Enjoy! Gus PAIR_FIGHTER_RESPAWN_w_AREA_DETECT.zip
  2. ohhh, Very helpful. Thanks for sharing this, Volker!
  3. Hmm, I think you may have helped me with my current problem of getting an AI (spawned in, not enabled from the start) to take off from a "fakefield", namely, I haven't been successful yet. I wonder now if there's a correlation between a field that humans use and the inability of AI to use it to land and take off from (in gametype deathmatch).
  4. Personally, I'd issue warnings first, but no one should have to tolerate abusive behavior. Harboring people like that is a good way to lose the friendly pilots too.
  5. Not sure if you're already using it, but the spawn MCU has a "spawn at me" checkbox in its properties. If it's not checked the spawn will happen where you placed the object by default. Edit: well, after looking at your images, I can see you're using one spawn MCU for multiple objects. I've never tried to do that (I'vre always used one spawn MCU per object), but I'm guessing that's a problem. I'm pretty sure you can use multiple spawn triggers per object though (for a more efficient use of an entity). To avoid an overlap per trigger instance (spawning the same object twice), you should be able to use the activate/deactivate MCUs to turn the spawner on and off based on a count (of the destroyed status of the object). When the spawn triggers, immediately deactivate it, then connect an "onkilled" event from the object to a counter (of one) that triggers the reactivation of the spawner. That way it will only spawn if it's already been killed.
  6. Are the vehicles that are supposed to follow the leader set as linked entities ("create linked entity" button) and are they targeted (linked red lines) to the leader as well? A simple formula for moving vehicles MCUs is "Activate, Waypoint, Command", meaning: make sure they're active first (spawned or otherwise), give them a place to go and lastly tell them how they should go about getting there (column, off road, etc.). All of these MCUs should be separated by a short duration timer (about .25 sec should be fine) To clarify: Trains are moving vehicles too, but they don't need a formation command after a waypoint is specified, so you can skip that step for them.
  7. Yes, the ability to undo changes would be handy. Until then, as others have suggested, it helps to use multiple saves (I differ my filenames with datestamp and a single alpha, example: 030315A, 030315B, etc.) and save often.
  8. Can someone please confirm that it's now possible to spawn several aircraft and have them behave as a single flight (as they would if they were active and linked from missions start) without parallel waypoint smoke and mirrors? I ask because this wasn't possible in RoF.
  9. No, you don't usually need waypoints 2000 meters wide! To clarify, I really meant to say 500 meters as a diameter setting, but I agree that 300 should cover most bases. Anyway, the spirit of the suggestion was to make others aware that it's possible to re-size them and the default setting may be fine for things on the ground, but tight for things in the air.
  10. Just a suggestion, but I recommend that you make the radius for your aircraft waypoints much larger, say 1000+ meters. Small waypoints are harder for aircraft to hit.
  11. It sounds like you got it worked out, Franx, although "flips over" sounds an awful lot like a reverse axis problem I had when I first started configuring my controls for the game. I must have tried taking off 2-3 times with an incorrect setup before I realized my x-axis was reversed. Anyway, it's another reason why it pays to check your control surfaces on the ground. In this case, when you push the stick to your left, the left aileron should push upward.
  12. I tend to agree and really like to use navigation via features, but also realize many do not. I think the (mostly) white terrain would be frustrating for most. Rivers are the usually the biggest positional help from altitude and they're pretty hard to see in this game. I'm guessing this was a hard decision to make. Have you tried printing a map and simply deny yourself access to the in-game map? You can see your mission path prior to launch and a clear sleeve and a dry-erase marker might just make things more immersive.
  13. I'm not sure if it's modeled as such in BoS, but if done correctly, I just wanted to point out that convergence will also have a bearing with regard to bullet drop.
  14. Well, the AI currently like to dump their rockets over your shoulder when they decide to engage air-to-air while loaded and in formation with you. It took me a while to figure out that it wasn't flak afterall.
  15. I think this boils down to personal preference, where your guns are positioned on the aircraft and what you're going to be shooting at. When shooting at the ground and bombers, where you tend to start firing at range, I'll use 500M+. When up close and personal, 200-300M.
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