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  1. I'm saying that with it's speed, acceleration and great dive performance, it really works well in wing scenarios. It isn't dependent on it, but it's very strong once it does, vs say, a wing of p40s
  2. Yep, it's a "Well, I really screwed up, let's try to make him miss and hope like crazy my wingmate saves me." All planes benefit from teamwork, but the 190 really loves working in at least pairs.
  3. How does she handle with the extra mgff? I haven't had a chance to try it with 4 cannons yet, wondering if the extra firepower really changes it as much now.
  4. You can still stall it, but it's present in a fashion that Eric Brown wrote. Nice snap stall that can work as a last ditch to get someone off your six. Once you get past 450 km/h you'd be hard pressed to stall it from the elevators alone.
  5. Okay, how the heck are you flying your FW? I'm not trying to attack you, just not curious why you're not getting much from it? Mind recording a quick QMB or something?
  6. She still needs a careful hand. Burn your energy recklessly and you'll be up shit creek without a paddle as before. Excels in all other cases, still 109 for the climb alone and high alt, but prefer the 190 in all other circumstances. I spent a good hour having some trouble, thought they patched out the roll/rudder behaviour and that was creating some issues. Nope, my pedals weren't plugged in. Started doing some 1 v 3s against the AI in QMB with no issue after that.
  7. Shoot him with your guns. More seriously, you're going to have a really hard time. If I'm facing a Yak in a 109 and we're not firing before merge, I will do nothing but attempt to outclimb until I have a clear E advantage. Your only real chance is to pull some high deflection shots as you fly defensively. See if you can get him to waste E and seize any advantage that you end up gaining. It's really down to the individual pilot in this situation, with the 109 having a clear advantage.
  8. The main difference in the A5 is the engine moving forward, artificial horizon, and possible the MW 50 boost. The unlocks/loadouts look interesting, jabo versions could carry droptanks. Also possibility of stripping out the MG-FF in favour for MG151/20 pods, if you really really need that extra firepower.
  9. What plane are you in? I know only some of the planes actually have yaw trim. Try the LaGG-3 or the MiG-3
  10. You should probably message steam support. Otherwise, the other option would be to get someone you trust to gift it to you, then you can paypal the ballance for them.
  11. It's faster at WEP, which seems to be limited at 1 minute. Otherwise, it seems a bit slower across the board. Guess it's the start of the trend of the G series getting slower and slower as they tack more stuff on the airframe.
  12. LittleJP


    So, it's basically a G2 with 1.42 ATA unlocked? What are the wing bulgies? Looks a bit slower than the G2, is it mainly the increased drag from wing bulgies and larger undercarriage?
  13. It looks like you're off in the drop by about 10 - 30 m. I've found that with tanks, I need to have the bomb set off basically right under them. Can't comment on historicalness, so I'll leave that to someone else.
  14. I think a good way to compare would to test the Russian guns on Russian planes and German on german planes.
  15. It's something to do with the AP vs HE damage. I just jumped on the La-5 to test. 2-4 shots in AP, 3 - 5 in HE, overall, to kill.
  16. A snapshot of Tuesday's high altitude furball. Unfortunately, I only started recording in the middle of it, and forgot IL-2 does have a set track time/size limit, so we missed the end. Mission was a fighter sweep along the front lines. 8 G2s fought 12 MiGs, then fought another 9 LaGG-3s. Some good moments in there overall. You can Tangmere Pilots at http://www.tangmerepilots.co.uk/
  17. Dead 6 hits on the tail or the wing really don't seem to do much. I get my half second burst kills flying either side with an angled attack on the engines or cockpit. I'll need to check the Russian guns against Russian planes in dead six shots, but I feel that part of it is that the 109s have more fragile wings, so these hits to the wingtips/tail do more damage, comparatively speaking.
  18. Very curious on this. Do you have a DB 601 lying around that you fire up and stick a microphone in?
  19. I was just about to bring up the I-185. Never hit production, crazy performance in the old 1946
  20. It was either the 3 or the 9. Possibly the 3 with the VK-107 engine, that thing was stupid amazing. I never played online so playing Berlin 45 in the 3p was incredible.
  21. After fiddling around in the Yak-1b for the last couple nights, I really hope we can get the Yak-3 modeled. She would be the first plane I really "mastered" in 1946. Light, responsive, and very forgiving, it was the perfect plane for the hamfisted beginner pilot. The Yak-1b already gives much of the same feeling, and I'd love to one day fly the late-war Soviet planes in a modern sim.
  22. Looking forward to if/when VR kicks in. Much easier spotting this that way. Bit of work cranking your body around though.
  23. Oh boy. Take a look here http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25118-flying-fw-190-3-challenging/
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