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  1. Made a custom skin which you can download from here.
  2. Why not make it a server side option to make all unlocks available? For "quick missions" as well.. it's sort of a test-drive game mode anyway.. I get how in the campaign it makes sense, sort of a progression through rank or something.. but yeah Simple answer shapow.
  3. Heh, earlier this week I got caught with a damaged bird.. guy glued on my 6. So I jetison my canopy and shoot flares over my shoulder, the best of times.
  4. Add electrical nodes to your finger tips that give you a little zap or vibration :D!
  5. Many thanks! Downloading the TF mod patches at the moment, had a quick fly around as well.. man the groundlevel detail is amazing!
  6. It doesn't work that way Extreme_One, The bubble is an area the sound is played in, with a set range and volume. Imagine moving around, the bubble being created when you get hit and then moving away from that at 450 kph (virtual speed). You're simply moving away from the area the sound is played at Just a little too fast.. Dangit 5tuka you ninja! Beat me to it! Anyho, speed of sound isn't included in game engines.. maybe it's simulated in some games (think JSRS soundmod for the ArmA series) but 99,99% of the games don't bother.
  7. I think calling it a bug is a bit .. off. It's the way it's done, this "bubble" thing sounds like a set range the sound can be heard within. So you don't hear wings being ripped off from the other side of the map This thread just did a complete 180 though ahaha. Thanks for the reply Zak!
  8. Well, to be honest I'm not sure what they use (and how) but from the past decade of tinkering around with this sort of stuff I learned the following: (disclaimer, I'm not an expert or professional on this subject and my terminology will be WAY off.. but in theory the following should be correct) Sounds are played in a 3d space with.. to put it in simpler terms .. coordinates.. with data WHERE and HOW they are played, for example AA fire will be louder when you travel near it then when you are distant, right? If impact sounds are triggered by rounds hitting the airframe and STAYS there, its data is transmitted to a STATIC coordinate in the air. This could be the way the sound engine is designed (don't think this is the case because planes wizzing past you carry their sounds with em into the distance) OR it's simply lagging out and the sound (so to say) not being able to follow you in time. My thought on this is, why doesn't this happen with cockpit noises like wind or engine sounds? Maybe because they are more client side orientated sounds? With that meaning: they are played at the exact place the player viewpoint is at.. instead of outside 3rd party sounds which aren't produced by the players vehicle. If bullets hitting your engine can make a audible difference INSIDE the cockpit (the way the engine rumbles) why not add a 2nd INTERNAL impact sound that doesn't have it's origin from a point "outside"? This "client side" impact sound could be triggered to play when the flight DM is activated. Maybe I'm a bit vague in my explanation, may it be grammar or my theory being incorrect because I can't say I know what the devs are working with. However I am 100% sure they got the right people for the right department and I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be a hard thing to fix. Just felt like contributing =)
  9. "They are often played behind you because your plane moves from the point of collision." I think this could be fixed by somehow layering/triggering the impact sounds together with the point where the engine sounds comes from (or other cockpit noise like wind or rattling of the airframe.. stuff only the Client can hear). Do bear in mind that the only engines I've messed with (audio-wise) is Valve's Source engine and Cryteks Cryengine.. Maybe it's undo-able because of limitations of this specific game engine but ah well, just shooting idea's around.
  10. "Let the bodies hit the floor" -worse? Or Call o Doody dubstep montage -worse. Interesting footage, cant help but try to imagine the despair and terror the guy in the crosshairs must feel though. Mad world.
  11. I thought IL2 devs was well known for their open mind to community feedback but from reading a load of threads, a lot of important (small) things go down the bin. If you want to see half your customer base leave, this sounds like the number one way to do it. Especially the guys who pre-ordered and want to give feedback. FalkeEins is hitting the nail on the head. Maybe a tad hard but atleast he has the balls to say what a lot of people are too damn soft for. In short, we know time is money but more 2 sided communication = more happy players = more paying customers = more money.
  12. 2d only sorry. Graphical settings, presets or manual? My mouse is hovering above the "confirm purchase" button.
  13. Okay, what about graphical settings in the menu. Is it the same like BOS with (dumb) presets? And if it is, can I alter the settings through cfg editing? I take my framerate very seriously
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