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  1. I used also the free version of DaVince Resolve 16. and i have to say i am really happy with this one.
  2. Oh crap, yes of course it is the WGr 21. Good that you noticed it, I'll change it right away.
  3. This time it was about the BF109 G14 and the WGr 21 missiles we used for practice shooting at tanks on the Cuban card. The result was very positive, because you can always hit and destroy your target with the rockets with a little practice. In addition, you can throw off the WGr 21 rocket container and only lose a little speed, unlike with a bomb where you still have to drag the heavy bomb carrier with you. have you already tried them and if so, what do you think about the WGr 21 missiles? i hope you enjoy them reviews are
  4. Hey Big_AI, thank you for your words, such contributions help me a lot to improve my recordings!👍 And yes, it would have been really nice if I could have more scens from the A20 to mix them a bit. The problem here is that the recordings were made from a single multiplayer round. This means that you only have a limited space of objects. And of course, a little more variety would have been even better. My next video will be more varied.😉 Only two 262 were there because you can only select 4 planes in two different airfeel
  5. I have published a new video. I hope you enjoy it. It would also help me a lot if you write what you like best and what you don't, so that I can make the next videos even better. I also made a small mistake in the video, I'm curious if someone will it to notice.😄
  6. Hello everybody, I have the problem that I only want to fly the co-op mission with my friends and not with AI planes that appear because we are only 7 out of 8. Is there an option where I can tell if the aircraft is not player controlled that this will be cleared? And yes, I can create a mission with only 7/7 planes for players. But I don't want to change the mission all the time ... best regards Thx fore youre help👍
  7. Today for the 17th birthday of our squadron I am happy to show you a new video. In this Cinematic video we flew on the still running TAW XXI campaign and show an insight into a closed attack on the enemy airfield and much more... I hope you get the (goose bumps) feeling that we do in some flights like these ;D
  8. Nice editing video and above all great to get an insight into your training 👍
  9. yes i use cinematic camera. I always try to minimize it with soomes and countermeasures with the mouse.
  10. Hello pilots, At the first I say thanks for the comments! ;D Secondly I will show you a new one ^^. In this time I filmed oure first day on the TAW XXI server.
  11. Hello pilots, this is my first (cinematic) video, I hope you enjoy it. 😉
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