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  1. Today for the 17th birthday of our squadron I am happy to show you a new video. In this Cinematic video we flew on the still running TAW XXI campaign and show an insight into a closed attack on the enemy airfield and much more... I hope you get the (goose bumps) feeling that we do in some flights like these ;D
  2. Nice editing video and above all great to get an insight into your training 👍
  3. yes i use cinematic camera. I always try to minimize it with soomes and countermeasures with the mouse.
  4. Hello pilots, At the first I say thanks for the comments! ;D Secondly I will show you a new one ^^. In this time I filmed oure first day on the TAW XXI server.
  5. Hello pilots, this is my first (cinematic) video, I hope you enjoy it. 😉
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