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  1. I appreciate all the responses. It is good to know I'm not crazy. I've learned to be way more careful and gentle with movement and inputs than I have with other sims. I've been able to enjoy the flights in the 109 F2.
  2. Well I went on Wings of Liberty server and it seems to fly decent. I shot down an A20 and got a bonus kill when a russian plane wrecked into me. It wasn't nearly as bad as the quick mission. I had wind and everything set to off on quick missions and it felt like I was all over the place. If there is a bug that would explain it.
  3. I hope that got your attention. I bought IL2-BOS years ago back when it was brand new. I learned to fly flight simulation on IL2 Cliffs of Dover with the TF mods. I moved onto DCS world, P3D, ect. WWII and German aircraft have a special place in my heart. All my WWII experience is on IL2 CLOD in BF109-E series. I've spent numerous times trying to get into IL2-BOS just to throw it back into the pile to gather dust. My problem is that I can't seem to get the aircraft to fly decent. I'm hoping someone can help me narrow down why. Maybe it is my expectations from other sims. Or maybe its something I'm doing wrong as a pilot. I've just spent hours on google, search the forums, and I can't find what I'm looking for. I watch Sheriff's Sim Shack and The Air Combat Tutorial Library a lot. Here is my problem: When I fly the planes it feels like the plane is balanced on a stretched out rubber band. It wobbles side to side and seems to constantly require heavy joystick input to counter act the balance of the plane. In IL2 CLOD I don't seem to have that problem. The planes seem rather stable. When I watch Sheriff's Sim Shack he looks as stable and smooth while flying as any. Just like my experience with CLOD. I don't know why it feels like the plane is constantly out of balance. There doesn't appear to be a way to trim it out. I also have trim wheels on my stick that can artificially trim an aircraft which doesn't usually have it. Even that doesn't seem to help. I feel like I'm always fighting the aircraft to fly straight and level rather than flying. Everything feels extremely touchy. I'm using CH products with a full hotas and pedals. Maybe someone will have insight. If a WWII plane is suppose to be this pain in the rear to fly, constantly fighting the stick, then I guess I have to get use to it. Otherwise let me know what I may be doing wrong.
  4. I'm sure 99% of the time FF situations are purely accidental and the person identified the aircraft wrong. It took me quite some time to be able to 100% with confidence I.D. planes on Cliffs of Dover. I always fly german and the ATAG community plus youtube videos helped me understand what to look for. The number one thing was round vs squared off wings. Now that the later model 109s are in this sim you don't have that advantage. The watching for flak over friendly areas is always a good one. Sometimes I lose great opportunities because I'm not a 100%. I wont fire until I'm a 100% but I may try to get an angle on you just in case until I can make sure you are not a threat. One of my first missions it was getting dark and we were over a friendly airfield. The spotlights and flak were amazing. I shot down a total of three aircraft and wrecked my engine due to not knowing the limits quite yet. After I landed a guy started yelling about teamkilling. I asked if he could tell who did it somewhere and don't think it had anything to do with me. The lights and flak were tracking the ones I shot and the last two I saw that big red star. Today I was in a server where Germans out numbered the enemy. We flew the Volga river and I could not identify the targets. Ended up getting shot down because I couldn't decide who to shoot at. Later on in that mission we circled an enemy airbase and the flak was shooting at all of us. One lone aircraft turn toward me and no flak was following. My thoughts were no flak and he is intentionally turning toward me to engage. I lined up for a shot and fired. Pretty sure I missed but turned on him. He flashed the nav lights and I zoomed in the wings...dang...he was okay but I felt like a jerk. Although right before this incident I lit up a PE-2 so I was feeling pretty good about that. All kinds of people FF and it will get better as pilots get better. The ones who do it on purpose are to be met with a swift kick in the rear.
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