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  1. I seem to do better now, by bringing the trottle up to full power with the breaks on, with right rudder and then putting the stick in neutral around 150 to 170 kph...with bombs. I will try it without flaps when no bomb load in use. Certainly harder to take off with the FW-190 than other German Fighters.
  2. I can't seem to get taking off in the FW-190 on dirt runways, without most often crashing. I set the flap;s to take off postion. I lock the wheel brakes with the stick in the aft postion. I apply power evenly to full power, use the rudders to stay centered...then I center the stick at around 150 - 170 kph....but I don't seem to get enough lift....and the left wing tends to dip when I am off the ground...then I lose control. I don't have tihis problem on concrete runways. Do we now have to set the trim to get this right? What am I missing here?
  3. Brief description: IL-2 Rear Gunner is laying dead or wounded....my aircraft fires on the IL-2 from the six o'clock position - rear gun moves and fires even though the rear gunner is not alive or able to move. Detailed description, conditions: Gunner is dead or almost dead...he doesn't move yet his gun fires on my aircraft...it moves and fires...gunner remains unconscious.
  4. I tried to load a quick mission into the editor and then save it with a unique name to the mission folder, ....but I could not get it to show up for selection. What is the correct technique to enable a quick mission to become a usable single player mission?
  5. Is see no evidence that the AA issue is fixed....most obvious when using the F3 key in clouds....even with Ultra Settings.
  6. Wondering if the drop down for picking ground units can be more descriptive... it is hard to determine what most vehicles really are from the current drop down list.
  7. Just created my first air to air mission, simple intercept of a PE Bomber by a FW190A3, Works great. One quick question....is there a way to get the waypoints of both the German and Russian aircraft to display on the map at the same time...or am I missing something....could not see them together....but the mission was saved correctly with both aircraft in their correct locations.
  8. After trying to quickly compare IL-1946, with CLOD, and CLOD with BOS....I have got so say in respect to immersive virtual flying with the perception of reality....BOS is the winner....in terms of flight dynamics, environment, graphics, sound. I am sure as the product matures it will have a solid niche in non study flight sims. I am holding my breath to see how DCS WWII's future environment, and new graphics engine will work out....but for now...I am happy to say that my money has been well spent...looking forward to future enhancements.
  9. Brief description: In the FW 190 when losing my right Aileron, it has no impact on my ability to roll left or right Detailed description, conditions: while flying in a steep dive, I lost my right aileron, but this had no impact on my ability to roll the aircraft. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Intel I7, 8 gig RAM, Windows 7
  10. After experiencing BOS since its beginning and coming from experience in all other major flight simulators, I have to say that there is much to be impressed with, regarding graphic presentation, and some improvements would simply help sell more of the game. 1. Clouds - although realistic, are not as realistic as CLOD....but perhaps the weather aspects are more realistic that CLOD. Clouds still stutter by when you pass thru them...and the anti-aliasing uglyness still destroys immersion when looking at aircraft passing through clouds or near clouds. 2. Damage modelling has improved but when aircraft break open and apart, the fuselage looks like a paper zig Saw pattern....more needs to be done to compare to sims like DCS and CLOD. 3. I agree with most others on Presets...they can exist along with the option of advanced setting changes. It works for most other sims...and the current draw distance limitations of the forests really reduces my flight experience.....seems like forests are always fuzzy a few miles around the aircraft...and it is a dramtic fuzziness....not gradual. This really needs to be addressed, at least thru custom settings...since many have graphic cards that can handle a greater amount of textures. I fly ROF, and I never observe this moving fuzzy bubble of trees. 4. The forced campaign to unlock is grueling....and makes me resent the process.....I would have designed unlocks so that simple progress in quick mission success would unlock things.....and quickly. Frustration, bring customer resentment, reduces sales. The ROF model of expanding some weapons added payware could have worked here to...if done very carefully. I am hoping that the Graphic issues resolve soon...but I hear little from the developers regarding any improvements....this is puzzling....almost..as if the developers are defiant to community input. Hope I am wrong on this point....
  11. As an Early Access purchaser, I feel I got my money's worth and more so far....with the hope of more improvements. Big plus so far for flight model, the realisitc feeling of flight...and yes I have actually flown a prop plane (well once anyway). The graphics, using Ultra for me are fine....except for the current and ongoing issue of anti-aliasing when planes are viewed in heavy clouds from various views...and the staccato movement of clouds when you fly close to them. I do hate being forced to get unlocks via the Campaign but....it is forcing me to learn as I go....but to me, especially as a "Founder"....I should not have to go thru the exercise. The Graphic presets are annoying...since I like to tinker with my settings....and I do hope that along with presets, they will provide an option for advanced settings. I am not into muti-player...so for me...I wish for two significant things. 1. Allow the user to create a Quick Mission and then be able to save it as a mission file. 2. Provide the Full Mission Builder or at least a simplified version of it so that we can create our own Quick Style Missions, even without a lot of "bells and whistles".
  12. Yes, now after the download.....it is working again.
  13. I got the same error and can't play BOS on line or not on line. I was playing about one hr ago without any problems. Seems like it must be server connected, but if so....shouldn't I be able to play off line?
  14. It is a good sign when the development team responds quickly to key issues. But....would someone please respond to a different key issue...that is the way aircraft renders against clouds...with such poor visuals....anti-aliasing...doesn't impact the zaggies...and clouds...stutter by when your real close to them. This has been mentioned many times before...but no developers have said what is being done about it.
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