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  1. Stunning work Cheb. I will place the first order pls Looks fantastic
  2. Looks like a great throttle and I'm sure that you can turn off the backlight.
  3. Olham my friend, you need new game hardware. 1. new ace maker stick 2. new ace maker rudder pedals Salute
  4. today is the end of Jan, will the update be released today?
  5. Would a shorter extension (10cm) not be better than the 20cm one? Will it not reduce stress on the internal components of the gimbal?
  6. So much drama from you Krusty! Salute
  7. The new ROF is going to be so much fun again. Old squadrons hunting each other every night for years to come. Happy days
  8. Hi Ishtaru, The problem that I have with the VKB gunfighter Pro in the 20cm extension. I have an Obutto setup with a center mount and with the strongest spring sets it is still to floppy for me. If they made the extension 10 - 12 cm it would be a different and better stick. The Virpil out of the box with a 50mm extension in the center mount has a wonderful feel and accuracy to it . Regards V
  9. Dear Pat, I have them all and the new Virpil Mongoose is the best
  10. Salute all, Will there be any shorter extensions than the 20cm currently. I would prefer 7.5 or 10cm extensions at this time? Thx
  11. Ok. What would make all of us feel like champions? Winning! This is just a game. One day day the Russian side will have a better plane than the Germans and hell will be lose. Im from South Africa the same time zone. I doi understand the frustration gents. Just a game. Enjoy
  12. We cant balance the game. Period. Most of us want to win and never loss in this game.
  13. Rolling Thunder, my squadron playes 95% of the time Russian. I love this game. We lose most of the time but when we win! It still just a game.
  14. You have paid for a game. Nothing more or less. Its just a [edited] game. Enjoy it or play tetris.
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