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    View Zooming speed

    Thank you DD-FT-, I had screwed up and entered the line in the wrong place. I have it working now. Thanks!!
  2. Pea_Shooter

    View Zooming speed

    From the Blitz Bigginer`s guide: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The zoom speed can be changed by adding the following line to the 'conf.ini' file in the MyDocuments/1CSoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover. Open the conf.ini file, look for the section that starts with: [core] RandSeed = 0 TexQual=3 TexFlags.PolygonStipple=0 Shadows=1 etc and at the end of that section add the following line: ZoomSpeed=x Replace the x with a number between 1 and 10, 1= Slower zoom, 10=very fast zoom ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This procedure has not worked. Is there another fix...
  3. Hey thank you!! I was able to see 'time compression'!! via 'server' option 😉
  4. Been learning the game windows options and wondered if there's an option to show 'game paused', 'time exceleration', etc? Also, what is console output/input for? cheers!! A.
  5. Pea_Shooter

    Galicia Frontlines Mod for PWCG RoF

    Hey thank you!
  6. Pea_Shooter

    Galicia Frontlines Mod for PWCG RoF

    Excellent! ...where do I find the Galicia map ?
  7. Pea_Shooter

    Spitfire MkIXe 4k skin.

    Love the clipped wing Spitfire! Any chance you'll make it available for download somewhere?
  8. Pea_Shooter

    Clod mapping question

    Thanks Boo, I'll look into the binding thing.
  9. Pea_Shooter

    Clod mapping question

    Thank you!... I tried that but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I'm missing something else...
  10. Pea_Shooter

    Clod mapping question

    ........Another question......... Because I use TrackIR, the exterior (F2 button) view is controlled by TrackIR. What is the process I should take to make the 'F2 view' mouse controlled only?
  11. Pea_Shooter

    iL2-Blitz question

  12. Pea_Shooter

    Clod mapping question

    Thank you! Much appreciative for the responses!!
  13. Finally.. finally ... finally... have Cliffs of Dover (Blitz) up&running (many issues prevented it from running smoothly, or not at all). Yes, I'm a bit behind the times... I'm loving what I see and feel !! Spent waaay too many hours in the far past with Sierra Dynamix Red Baron, FS-SDOE, MS CFS, ROF, IL2+, etc.. So, question... I'm a bit confused with 'Controls' selections in Options page... Seems to be missing an 'in-cockpit' padlock selection for 'closest/next enemy/friendly/ground unit/ aircraft' FROM the cockpit view ... I see lots of choices for 'external view'. The internal cockpit view options seem to be missing/lacking. Perhaps it's me (my issue).. I figure it's me not understanding the history of how it all became to be since I'm only catching up now... Can anyone educate me please? Btw, I have TrackIR and CH Combat stick and pro pedals. Thank you for any help!
  14. Thank you Tom! Nicework! ..Downloaded a few of them 😉
  15. Pea_Shooter

    trackir 5 doesn't work

    I hadn't played in a few months, BOM updated 6gigs of data, tried my own advice but now trackIR doesn't work... hmmm strange...