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  1. Wondering if the ol' Cliffs of Dover campaign had been tweaked at all.. Played it many times in the past and still do every once in a while. No special requests, just wondering..
  2. As a test regarding this thread I just used two Cooper bombs to destroy a small house while flying in a PWCG generated mission in Arras. More bombs required for bigger buildings.
  3. Thank you so much for the replies and information everyone! ..I will need to practice!
  4. Why is it that the coopers bombs do not explode, even when dropped at 300 meters?
  5. What's the trick? Dropping these bombs while being too close to the ground results in no explosions. So, it means dropping them from a higher altitude means my accuracy is way off and misses the target.. Any tips?
  6. Gorgeous!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Years ago my father started building a 2/3 scale P-51D in his basement. His plan was to paint it 'Big Beautiful Doll'. He had already built an Emaurade, won best home built plane in Canada in mid 70's (EAA/FAA). I was 11yrs old when he finished his 50hrs solo and when he took me up we did aerobatics (rolls/loops). I almost puked but held it in. 😉 He died before finishing the P-51. I'll miss miss him but Ouky1991 's skin will help me celebrate his life.
  7. I've seen the bug too. I use TrackIR5 and notice if I lean far to the sides or top I can hear the wind going by as if the canopy is open. If I lean waaay too far up or to the sides, that's when the pilot pops out. I had a bit of fun with it and took this screenshot Not a huge deal to me. I didn't need to reboot the game; I just restarted the mission.
  8. Keep smiling, Onebad. It's a gift horse... 😉
  9. Thank you Sokol1 !!! Got it up and running! :-)
  10. Hi Ben10Q, Thank you so much! For us noobs, where do we place the files? Thanks!
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