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  1. Since the game is been relased i have noticed that in mp i have to change the camo everytime i respaw. Also lag is really too much, maybe too many players at the same time ?
  2. I have learned to press P (pause) once I'm at exit point and than Esc
  3. Are playing offline mode? Because i can't run the game in any mode
  4. Hi guys, just one simple problem, my joystick give the full up/down left/right signal when i move it only half way, this make it really sensitive and i would like to ampliate the range of movement.. Sorry if i don't explain it very well but my english isn't so good. ​I have a Saitek x52 pro Thanks!
  5. I'm following this thread, do you have any tips for a yak 1 pilot to fight against German fighters?
  6. Guys i don't see the new types of missions like "Intercept Attack Planes" in the campaign.. Am i doing something wrong? Btw, thanks for the great update! :D
  7. Am i the only one getting "server autorization" error after the update and this message? My internet is working.. Please help
  8. Per errore ho inserito il mio nome, il nick è Federico2 C'è un modo per aggiungere giocatori ai propri amici? Non ho ben capito come funziona. Io ora ho solamente il2 bos ci vediamo li se ti va
  9. Guys can somone explain it to me? Is this a sample of what the game could be or it's alrerady running somewhere? I really would like to have a Carrer mode like this!
  10. I'm new in this kind of games and i really like il2 bos. Now i'm already at the third part of the campaign and something looks strange to me, every mission like "intercept" is always the same "damage 2 bombers or destroy 1". This is far from what i was expecting... I found it not realistic and also really boring to do the same mission over and over again.. (also the landscape is always and only a white floor and don't give you any emotion) What about Career mode? Statistics? Something that give you motivation.. Same for multiplayer mode, what does the points gives you? I'm not complaining about the game, just wanted to know if in future something will change in this way.. Thanks!
  11. Ciao Fenice! Per caso ti chiami Marco? E' possibile che ci siamo incontrati questo tardo pomeriggio online? Grazie per le info! Io sono nuovo nei giochi di aerei ma se capita mi farà piacere giocare online insieme, non so se avete un gruppo.. Ps: usate anche la chat vocale? Scusate l'off topic!
  12. Una domanda, queste impostazioni funzionano anche per il saitek x52 pro? GGrazie
  13. Hi guys, thanks a lot for all the great infos! I'm new in the game and i want to ask is there some kind of aiming tutorial.. Would be really useful for me because i still can't hit enemy planes while doing a tight turn. Anyone? Thanks again!
  14. Anche io ci sono! :D Il mio nick in gioco però è un'altro.
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