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  1. Hello Is it possible that things go wrong when you have had an update foor bos or bom??? Greets 1.JaVA_Jumper
  2. OHHH so simple !!! thank you very much for your help ! Grt Jumper
  3. Hello Guys I have downloaded some skins and i am not able to see them, or select them. the folder is not in prog files 64 but on my g drive: il 2 battle of stalingrad\data\graphics\skins. i see there my planes and placed the dds. skin in there. But it is not working. what did i wrong? Pls help guys
  4. Dear Heinkill Are the missions for the malta mod aleady to download, the mod is installed and is working fine, I am looking forward to it Greets 1.JaVA_Jumper
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