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  1. Given the early days of the game with the unlocks I'm not sure they expected to go down this route.
  2. Circle climb to 30,000ft. Problem solved. You have an 8km bubble. You could be doing a 14km orbit and STILL be in the safe zone with 2000M of oopsy room. There is an easy counter to what someone on forward patrol is doing. Another might be to not fly/taxi with lights on in a combat zone. I hope these tips help.
  3. I like them a lot. The Leli Luki one is great. I love the forward airfields and the high intensity. I hope you keep these new maps in rotation. How hard you are breathing. When you stop panting you're good to go.
  4. This is DEFINATELY your settings. Turn AA off - AA blurs edges and when the contact is a pixle you see through it. With AA off I see contacts move from one pixle to another. It draws my eye to the movement. Turn colour vibrancy in invidia settings up. sharpen landscape filter Use the physical buttons on the bottom of your monitor. I have FPS1, FPS2, 2 custom settings, TV, photo etc etc. Each setting changes the image. Not one setting works best for all maps light conditions. Some make the image high contrast some wash out the colours. All have their place depe
  5. This seems like a setting issue. I see contacts for miles. I run at my full ultra wide screen resolution. Try turning AA off.
  6. I can't help myself. I love a scramble take off. Remember the Isle of Wight map?? That Hamble scramble in a Hurricane was mad fun. Same with the Isle airfields when the luftwaffe take them. Hurricanes rolling in and shooting everyone. However, the flak was more deadly. I think Finnish if possible would benifit from stronger airfield defense. I understand it might kill performance. Krup isn't people. He's one of the whiners I warned of. Every time I read people calling teamwork a blob I have an urge to smash stuff in a very childish t
  7. I16 closely followed by E7. The I16 is the most fun aircraft to fly with the E7 being almost it's equal on the fun scale. Both of these birds in game can be flung around like crazy. The I16 tries to kill you at low level. What's not to love?
  8. It got salty only because I flew over to a temp field and my wingman and myself where fed 10 kills in minutes. We where posting in chat to stop spawning so we can leave but if they are going to present a target I gotta shoot it. The salt was more from me and Gnomus than you. In this server there are many spawn options. Getting spawn raped is on the victim. When I get shot out of my seat I respanw further back and return with altitude. Vulchers are low and slow from strafing. Easy meat. That describes a bloody fun sortie right there.
  9. Cruiser Tank Mk IV and a Bofors gun. https://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=563 http://maltacommand.com/unit history RMA.html
  10. If I have to spoon feed you then you are new and missed years and years of drama which I'm not going to recap.
  11. Hi admin. There has been quite the influx of whiners into your server. They are screaming for the same rule changes that sterilized another server. I'm hoping the crying will fall on deaf ears. The server as it is is high intensity and just bloody fun. If it means I'm going to get bombed and strafed at temporary fields I'm fine with it. Thanks again for building such a fun server. I'm hooked.
  12. No mate, it's the endless feud. It's boring. Air combat simmers act like we're the middle east with endless hate. Just let it go. Cliffs of Dovers biggest hurdle is PR. There are more than a few incredibly rude posts that turn a lot of us off. I'm saying that as a massive Cliffs fanboi. Same reason I used to boycott IL2 Great Battles. Early on some of the devs acted like tools. Cliffs has some ground to make up and the key to that is not acting like a jackass to potential customers. This fanboi has still not bought the latest Cliffs of Dover. I'm w
  13. So not the same as Spits? New Hurris and older Spit V's? Thanks for the heads up on that!
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