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  1. I thought it was just me. I like having chat on but don't want technochat. Couldn't seem to turn it off while having the HUD on.
  2. Point one is why I also have two accounts. Perhaps the solution is two clan tags for TAW? ACG and an ACGB for blue? Simple, we change squadron designations when we move theatres. Since leaving Cliffs of Dover we switched to a common tag for a few reasons. Previously we did run with individual squadron tags. When we had individual tags we where running the Battle of Britain for 6 or 7 years straight. Since BoX became viable for us we have switched theatres 3 times in just over a year. ACG as a common tag became the practical decision. Another reason is also simple. Recruitment... When we are badged as individual squadrons our visibility was super low even though we've been around for 8 years or so.... No one knows 7./JG26, 1./JG26, 4./JG26, 401, 3 GIAP, 27 IAP, etc etc etc. We switch squadrons based on the theatre we are playing. It's part of our a re-enactment LARP. I hope that explains where we are coming from.
  3. Great news!!! It means we are not cheating. ACG is not one squadron it's 12 squadrons. We have a membership of 150+ people with two sides and multiple squadrons. We only recently converted to using a group tag. Before we where badged under individual units but where all ACG. I was 7./JG26_Smokejumper. We had 601, 403 etc etc. Some of us don't even share language. We have German staffels where I can't even communicate with some members as I'm a typical anglo who never learnt another language. Good for Luftwaffe larping though. ACHTUNG! SPITFIRE! It's a cool sounding callout. Anyway.... As we have left the Battle of Britain and move theatres our old system became impractical. Drifter was in my squadron flying 109s until a few months back. He is currently flying VVS when he transferred sides to balance out numbers in our re-enactment group. We run a non competitive re-enactment of aerial combat in WWII. TAW has had ACG members playing both sides in large numbers for years it's just that no one noticed as we didn't have a common badge. I've seen up to 20 of us in server playing both sides. We've been doing so for a long time. We have a culture of not sharing info between sides. It ruins the experience for all. It's why we have been successful at running campaigns for nearly a decade. Furthermore, if someone was cheating it should be reported to our leaders. We frown on it big time. It undoes a lot of volunteer work...... https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk If you think we are playing dishonestly please report the offenders but I don't think you'll have to. I believe ACG has the largest membership of any air combat SIM group currently. We have leadership in their 40's and would prefer to not have a shitty image of being cheats. I'd like to see us being split and play on both sides. If you make us all fly on one side we will become a different problem. We can through volume lock many other pixel pilots out of server, especially on Sundays. That's not meant to be a threat or anything. It's just that a lot of us fly after campaign and a lot of us enjoy TAW. We can screw up balance in a more profound way than other groups.
  4. Give us infantry!!!! I'd never have to play anything else. FPS, tanks and airplanes. Like Battlefield but not trash.
  5. %100 agree. I love the FF in Cliffs of Dover. I get more information transmitted with obvious stiffening of controls with speed and vice versa. The 109 cannons though kick like nothing else in any game. From memory I believe the 109 effect is bugged. It is shake.ffe or punch instead of autocannon.ffe It's an old bug that I hope TF can fix when they are able.
  6. Hi guys, Wanted to ask if the bug that causes FFB to kick really hard has been found. Didn't want to hijack an update thread. I had a sortie today and forgot how pronounced the kick is. Updates are great. Nice work. Thanks!
  7. Good post. I think your ideas have merit. Not sure if any of it can be implemented as you also acknowledge but I do like your reasoned post.
  8. What side needs guys? I'm about to register.
  9. Thanks for that. I'll delete my old stuff then. I bombed a bomber out of the air..... Wanted to do something with that. Oh well.
  10. Hi everyone, I remember reading that an update would make old track files unreadable. I've got an old video that I would like to edit. Is there a way to make the track file play? I get an error whenever I try any older videos by using the in game playback feature. Thanks!
  11. 7 years of ACG campaigns with large bomber raids..... We only complained when the latest patch couldn't handle it anymore. ATAG just before the server died had player spawnable air raids with a dozen bombers. We would spawn them in with the intention of playing escort. It was epic fun. I loved the ATAG server. Video with bomber raids, has spoiler due to Haukencruz.
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