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  1. Give us infantry!!!! I'd never have to play anything else. FPS, tanks and airplanes. Like Battlefield but not trash.
  2. %100 agree. I love the FF in Cliffs of Dover. I get more information transmitted with obvious stiffening of controls with speed and vice versa. The 109 cannons though kick like nothing else in any game. From memory I believe the 109 effect is bugged. It is shake.ffe or punch instead of autocannon.ffe It's an old bug that I hope TF can fix when they are able.
  3. Hi guys, Wanted to ask if the bug that causes FFB to kick really hard has been found. Didn't want to hijack an update thread. I had a sortie today and forgot how pronounced the kick is. Updates are great. Nice work. Thanks!
  4. Good post. I think your ideas have merit. Not sure if any of it can be implemented as you also acknowledge but I do like your reasoned post.
  5. What side needs guys? I'm about to register.
  6. Thanks for that. I'll delete my old stuff then. I bombed a bomber out of the air..... Wanted to do something with that. Oh well.
  7. Hi everyone, I remember reading that an update would make old track files unreadable. I've got an old video that I would like to edit. Is there a way to make the track file play? I get an error whenever I try any older videos by using the in game playback feature. Thanks!
  8. 7 years of ACG campaigns with large bomber raids..... We only complained when the latest patch couldn't handle it anymore. ATAG just before the server died had player spawnable air raids with a dozen bombers. We would spawn them in with the intention of playing escort. It was epic fun. I loved the ATAG server. Video with bomber raids, has spoiler due to Haukencruz.
  9. I like the lives and I hate it all at once. I hate it because I suck and lost them pretty quick. My ideas: I would like a way of earning lives back in a way that contributes to the ambiance of the server. Bomber missions for example. Nine successful bombing runs for one life.It should be hard. I think my idea would get more bombers in there air making it more fun for fighters. It's a suggestion made due to having to sit out. I'm having a great time in TAW and would rather fly punishment detail over sitting out. Last ask. Can we please somehow get two characters in the future? I'd love to separate bombers and fighters. It's great! Except I'm dead so not playing. I need to get gud again... 109s are fragile.
  10. No dramas broski. I love a good debate and I never have hard feelings. Come fly with us! Just have to be super careful. I've only got 2 lives left. It's pretty neat how guys run for their lives now.
  11. You ARE projecting. Go back and read it again. The door hit ass comment was not directed at you. How you are proejecting is put a $$$ value using modern constraints on total war. I invite you to re-read not just mine but other posts. You are getting them mixed up. I don't care about the squads feelings who refused to side swap. My comment WAS directed at them and I stand by it. Their selfish nature drove players out. We are returning thanks to admin. Myself and another ACG member are having fun in a 109 for the first time in over 4 campaigns. Most of the die hards quit due to not wanting to play target for team stackers. They drove out from ACG at least 12 guys. We're coming back..... This is thanks to the new balance feature.
  12. Two players have returned with the new balance attempt. We registered BLUE!!! We've not had a chance to guilt free sign up blue for at least 5 campaigns. So far so good. Thanks fellas.
  13. Nope, pure BS. I know myself and quite a few others bailed out. I also know that I'm going to be telling my buddies that TAW might not be a waste of time anymore. Admin also took our fairness gripes seriously enough to piss of quite a few players. Time for the finger treatment!!!
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