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  2. Doesn't the prop create a little drag at really high speed if you don't wind it down a touch? I remember we used to do it in Cliffs Spit 1As while trying to run down E4N's and B's.
  3. I'd love to, what should I watch? Any links for me? Thanks! EDIT// Found this. Centrifugal force from the engine affected the Camel in flight along with adverse yaw from the ailerons. Neat but dry watch. Had to skip a bunch of it. However, 56:00 min in shows that I was correct and that the engine absolutely affects rate of roll. She rolls left better. The dancing Sopwith showed me that anyway. Every time the juice her up the left wing dropped. Left roll 45degees a second, right 35 degrees a second. Prop turns to the right and so it helps it roll left better. I'm correct, the engine torque affects roll rate. Javier says otherwise.
  4. Physics is telling me otherwise. You have a rotating mass in these old engines. That mass will have influence on roll rate same as rolling against. Even if it's minor and exaggerated in history books it's still a spinning mass. I have no idea how the Sopwith reacted in real life but I do understand basic physics. Top video is a Sopwith dancing due to torque and mass. Second video shows a WWI rotary engine sans aircraft. Sopwith pilot!! Not watched it yet but now I have to. Googling for our discussion had me find it. Awesome! This too!!!!
  5. You would be correct. The airfields during the invasion where closer. Not only where they closer but for the allies fields in operation before the full logistics chain caught up. during Operation Bodenplatte some of the British Airfields didn't have any AAA at all. During the invasion the battle was fluid with Allies advancing and Axis in retreat. Field guns and AAA would be getting moved by truck or horse in the case of AXIS and not at the same pace as aircraft movements. Some theatres had airfields in operation while enemy infantry was in the vicinity. Granted this happened more during the island hoping of the pacific. On the Western Front Hawkinge and Wissant are a 10 minute flight over the channel. There are many more fields under 10km further inland in France with Carpiquette being a major engagement which grandpa fought at with the North Shore Regiment. Late war a lot of Luftwaffe was in Germany having been pulled back due to allied heavy raids. They would often get strafed by escorts on their way home.Low level strafing runs by a couple of aircraft are really hard to stop. You sound like you know what you are talking about so I will assume you are right. Imo being slower is pretty much a non issue in the IX. I suppose the guys I've run down must have burnt out there WEP timer. I LOVE the IX. It's my favorite of all Spits. Especially the clipped wing. I love the way she looks. She has the classic lines of early Spitfire but with cannon and raw power! I do hate how the elevator is in the wrong position for level flight. It makes we wonder what else is wrong. The V has a weird elevator flutter when coming back to neutral. You can feel it with Force Feedback. The Mig also does it and it feels wrong. It wobbles up and down when you return to centre. It causes a push and pull effect on the stick.... It's really weird and only the Mig3 and SpitV have this happen. Sorry, off topic a bit I know. I'm a Spitophile.
  6. 2) Why is this happening? In ACG we set up large scale battles every weekend. Is it possible that the maps are too ambitious? Is the server itself lacking power? I can accept all the other quirks of Combat Box but this one always has me pause. Some of the most fun I've ever had are large scale furballs in Cliffs of Dover and BoX. The comradarie of having guys in comms flying together to complete an objective and roll the map is rewarding. It's why I fly this game over DCS. DCS has such a low player base that fights are always low scale affairs. We used to have great pub escort sorties with Drock and the 69th. You would see 10 bombers escorted by 5 or 6 fighters. When I was on the opposing side I would see Drock or Redhawk and know that there where some good raids coming. The current communications set up have removed the best part of online combat sims. The furball done as teams. I see the argument coming up for realism again and again. Why would we want to remove a squadron of fighters escorting a squadron of bombers? Why wouldn't we want to see enemy up in force to stop them? Isn't this why we love Mitchells Men? It often ends up as a large scale high altitude scrap just before the crash. Perhaps the missions are too complicated? If having too many players in an area is crashing the server would it not be map design or server power that is the problem? Maybe now that there is a ban defence zone some of the AAA can be yoinked? I don't know the solution but I find the blue and red blob arguments silly. Is it possible too many players want a single player experience? A SIM experience over a combat sim experience? Do some just want the ability to seal club by not ever seeing squadrons up in force? Even the accusations of blue or red blobs appear to be very self serving. Why are you by yourself then? Where is your counter blob? I recently read someone complaining about getting vulched outside the 10km zone..... I feel like the single player guys and sim guys are watering down the experience for combat flight simmers. The IX is NOT slow. I love flying it. Go see if you can outclimb an IX in a G14. I was experimenting with a left hand circle climb. Two behind me in a G14. I watched the P51 stall out but the IX caught me. Now I know not to try that again. When I fly the IX I don't seem to struggle with catching anythig other than K4's. I don't think the IX is slowest, not by a long shot.
  7. Yeah, you still use trim. What I describe is that when you let go of the stick it goes dead. No resistance to keep the stick from beating itself to death when hands free. So you get the stick where you want it then let go and the FFB stick will stay there instead of returning to centre.
  8. Isn't it just roll rate? Rolling with the torque. In Cliffs of Dover it's why you climb away from Spits in a left orbit. The torque gives a slight advantage and slight is enough. I'm no Sopwith expert so I could be wrong which is why I ask.
  9. Uhhh no, a better model is individual components which are modeled for added fidelity. Missing components cause no end to arguments. There are also other sims such as Cliffs of Dover where you get all sorts of damage types. It's noticeably better to have a high fidelity damage model. While you may find it implausible that someone can concentrate fire on a specific area doesn't mean people don't. Oil radiators in Spits are hard to hit. Guys used to duck under if they had a good bounce to try and hit it. Your chances of getting lucky go up if you shoot at a vulnerable spot. BoX DM keeps getting better though which is nice.
  10. You buy a force feedback stick with sensors for your hands. Don't touch the sensors and voila, trim!
  11. Why? Real question. Ahhh yeah nah. When it's Microsoft COMBAT Flight Simulator then I'll care. Hopefully they bring out new force feedback sticks.
  12. My dream come true would be WWII Online but BoX engine. 1000 ppl in a server flying, tanking and running around..... Yes please. I'd get so fat......
  13. Last night while I was in a high yoyo I watched my wingman disappear. He reappeared quickly but I was close and the 109s chasing him where still there. It happened a few times. What is the cause of this?
  14. Did you play Cliffs of Dover? All the DM effects I described are all in Cliffs of Dover and it is noticeable. Not only is it noticeable I expect it out of a SIM. While I love BoX it's a great time there are missing aspects of it which have always made me think of this as more game than SIM. I believe the Devs agree as they constantly improve the DM fidelity. Oil rads shot, shot magnetos, fuel system fires.... These really degrade performance. Having guns shot out degrades combat effectiveness. You can just put MG's in a wing and ruin the other aircrafts ability to fight. In Cliffs having one cannon shot out also ruins your shots causing yaw every time you fire. If you run force feedback damage effects could be so bad your stick is kicking all over the place. My point is while BoX developers make constant steady improvements but lack of damaged flight model and DM depth creates threads like the one we are all participating in. I'm sure we'll get there. I see them constantly reinvesting in themselves and I am sure they want to make the best flight sim ever made. Imo it's this.
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