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  1. You have 8km to check high six. You could be ultra conservative and circle climb to 4k inside your protection zone. If you are getting smashed as soon as you leave 8km that's a you problem. You're not lining up on the runway with lights are you? I don't generally do what you are whining about but if I see a dude taxiing with lights on I'll wait the 15 minutes just to get them to knock that off. Did you not fly the game at release? At least now we can go check to see who just shot you out of your parachute.
  2. ACG is rather hardcore with our free speech. When people act delicate we usually gang up on them until they quit. It's not something we do on purpose it just happens. We lost more than a few last election due to their own sensitivity. Best part was our leaders really dislike orange man but free speech is free speech we can't kick dudes out because they like a politician... The tantrums where epic. With so many members if we allow the thin skinned to ruin it with whining it will ruin 10 years of work. Our original leader would rip into whiners the hardest. Solid gold material out of Dickie/Osprey. One of his characters was a hard core Naaahtzeee. We have some really tasteless/hilarious after action reports. I'm just annoyed that we have a new group who appears to have joined ACG to add unique content to their Youtube channel. If they wore tags mid week with some pride in our organization I would not be left with the impression that we have a bunch of disloyal 5th columnists inside our club. A club I've dedicated nearly five years to. In our organization 5 years is still a rookie. I like your last sentence Siddy. While others whine you and I see a good fight developing. off topic/ What's this Iron Cross bruuhaha? edit lel
  3. Where you one of the people who ruined team play in Combat Box by calling teamwork a blob? It's always been whoever forms the biggest raid wins since Cliffs of Dover and probably IL2 before that but I didn't play it. D-Rock and the 69th used to put on massive ATAG raids triggering huge fights. It takes coordinated effort from many people across the globe. When I was blue and saw them forming we would set up counter raids and have 50 man scraps. The lone wolf bounce masters hate it and whine. Please tell me you're not one of the bounce kings who hate teamwork so much you ruin it for others..... TAW has always been difficult for lone flying. Maybe if you flew with ACG instead of doing your own thing you'd be enjoying some team play too. Some of us long timers also take offense to you enjoying campaign while having one foot out the door.... We have Anglos and Germans all rammed into channel..... Where the hell are you? You don't even wear our fucking tags...... This here is some BS. http://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=Hydra Squadron instead of http://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=Air Combat Group Axis Now you're in here whining about blobs. There is a 34 man blob who you could have turned into a 44 man blue blob but you keep doing you mate.
  4. They used to fly over my house daily when I lived in Yellowknife mining diamonds. Flying and working are not the same. DC3's are still working in the arctic. Buffulo Airways and the show was Ice Pilots.
  5. After Cliffs of Dover and DCS I think the opposite. I just mess with my monitor settings until I can see again. Siddy also speaks anglo very well. Join him in TS and if others are speaking another language Siddy will help you out. He is fun to play with.
  6. Finland.... Okay. If I ever get the chance I'll visit! In the Canadian sub arctic we shoot old mining equipment and abandoned cars a lot. A 30.06 will punch right through 30s era steel plate over 10mil thick. I've also seen them embedded quite deep into 30's era boilers which are inches thing in spots. For your last bit... Where they not more useful as spotting rounds? I'm sure if they hit a sweet spot they could be good but I'm sure that it was no where near as consistent as an AR or incendiary round. Pretty cool bullet anyway.
  7. There are also a lot of military vets and gun nuts in here. Those of us across the pond generally have a lot more experience with firearms than anyone in Europe. We have a gun culture that Europeans in general do not. On topic: It appears that most of us agree that HE damage is overblown in both the 20mm and 13mm MG's. The .50s need a tweak and most of all the damage model needs more depth. /thread
  8. Thanks for the escort!! I believe the movie line credit goes to our ex tanker Panzer. He's full of kick ass stories.
  9. I whore the piss out of P40s and I16's without techno chat. I will be red no matter what my bros do next TAW. This is a clear skill gap where you struggle to multitask. In a hardcore server for those of us who figured out how to fly these airplanes we should have an advantage over those with less talent and stick time. For those of us with a hardcore mindset we don't want to have crutches and we don't want you to have crutches either. There are other servers for the style of play you want.
  10. I appreciate it. Don't let the whiners water down what we come here for.
  11. Look through the holes at the top. I've been flying the I16 for years with technochat off. Technochat makes you fly too conservatively. Turning it off helped me push the P40 harder.
  12. The tone in the P47 actually hurts my ears. I put in ear plugs when I fly it. The pitch of the supercharger is ouchies. I'm going deaf though so... Just whining.
  13. It says founder under your name like it does mine. Five months of no fix? I wish things got fixes in five months. When did the SpitV come out? That thing is still weird. two weeks even Russian bullet has a bit of explosive in it. Explosive DO work. Someone pls correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just repeating what I read in here somewhere. Someone posted the .8 of a g vs 1.6 or something between Ruskie and Germeanies,
  14. Of course they would explode sometimes. Ever seen a rapid depressurization of an oxygen tank? Imagine that inside an aluminium tube. You can do a lot of damage with an oxygen tank and a hammer. A bullet strike will be sudden and catastrophic. I've also seen a lot of footage of .50 strikes all over that don't disintegrate aircraft. The damage model is simple. There is no "if". In Cliffs of Dover you can have your cowling blown off. That creates a lot of drag. There is no "patch" to fix the weak DM. It's a complete overhaul. You are asking for an oil change when we need a complete engine rebuild. Tranny is trashed too. I could see it happening. A tumbling bullet shock loads the rivets and pop, there goes a panel. I wonder what slowed the bullet down enough to do that? Neat. Edit/// The wheel hub. Shredded tire..... Bullet hit the wheel hub tumbled and slowed down enough to be able to shock load the rivets instead of punching a hole in the skin. Freaking cool!
  15. I suspect Microsoft has got something going on. I spoke to a forcefeedback producer who was in talks with Microsoft. VR is coming into maturity. Could be a load of crap but I think they might deliver a broadside to everyone making combat sims.
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