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  1. Less of this sort of talk, you only have swear loudly at a 109 and the wings fall off!
  2. I had a similar experience with a crew of a Ju88 that I had flamed bailing out and flying past my cockpit
  3. First time I actually said wow out loud to myself was after dropping 2 low level 500kg bombs on a target in WoL with a 5 second delay so I could swing around and watch the fireworks, a split second after mine went off two 1000kg bombs went off, I swear I could feel the percussion! Explosions look great in VR
  4. I know this is probably tongue in cheek but I don't quite understand how some people are so vehemently against something that people are enjoying so much. VR to most people is a mind blowing experience and IMO is helping expand the BoX community. Be happy for that, even if it's not for you. And remember: Real men fly VR!
  5. "Also can anyone explain how to make joytokey work?" Run joytokey as admin. Also check correct boxes in the joytokey settings.
  6. Real men fly in VR! It is a game changing experience, It's great hearing how excited people are when they discover it. I've had OR since day one, the best gaming money I've ever spent.
  7. Having flown this training mission I can confirm that this was a great wow moment for me Swallow. Hurry up and finish your Snowed under campaign as I've had many Wow moments testing the missions you've already completed.
  8. I used this as all this config stuff never worked for me either https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings
  9. Install oculus debug tool, run this after starting the rift, disable ASW in the debug tool, start BoX. This should solve gunsight reticule and propeller distortion.
  10. That is very cool, I may have to try this.Could you put the profile you created up for download?
  11. Make sure you first start oculus home, then start the oculus debug tool, then disable ASW, then start BoX. Hope this works for you as the distortion is very distracting.
  12. Download the oculus debug tool and disable asynchronous spacewarp before starting BoX. This will stop the gunsight and prop distortion.
  13. Nose gap on the Rift, Camara on the vive, bottles only= sorted
  14. It adds advanced options for steam VR that enables you to hide the blue chaperone circle, I haven't really looked what else it can do
  15. Follow this link to get rid of the blue chaperone circle. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28851-openvr-advanced-settings-remove-blue-ring/?do=findComment&comment=463534
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