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  1. In my FW 190 career my wingmen would always crash before taking off and I would be the only one left for the mission. I learned real quick some cheese strats against fighters and bombers. But my planes were usually riddled with holes when I came back to land. This is why I do air starts now, was tired of having to play so careful.
  2. Thanks for the direct link @RaFiGer. Not sure what's going on with the zip file. Cheers
  3. Everytime I re-download it and try to unzip it I get an error. Error 0x800004005: Unspecified error. Might be on my end if others are downloading it fine? Not sure how to fix it. 😕
  4. Thanks for the explanation. I was trying to figure out why ai wasn't spawning in my coop missions.
  5. Yeah I get that track IR is amazing, I just don't play the game enough to warrant buying one. Playing with icons on ruins the immersion a bit for me and playing on expert I can't keep track of planes if I find them. Guess I'll just make do with what I've been doing, thanks for the help though.
  6. I don't have a track ir, so right now I just use that bubble thing at the top of my logitech 3D pro to move my head around, but I lose track of planes so fast and was wondering what people were doing before they had track ir? I don't really play enough or really into the game so much to warrant buying a track ir. Thanks any help!
  7. Yeah it was happening to me since that functionality patch, but when I moved my game to an SSD it went back to stating my name and not my plane, kind of a weird bug.
  8. I don't have the funds to replace my cpu, since the only logical upgrade from here would be a ryzen or go with intel, since I would have to buy a new mobo and ram anyway. I will try the SSD, not sure how the drive would cause a graphical freeze but I will try it none the less. Thanks!
  9. Some missions in my career I get these lock ups. For instance in one of the missions there were 3 groups of PE-2's in my German career and as I would dive down the moment I fire my guns the game just locks up for a couple seconds and comes back to some real bad lag for about 10-15 seconds after that. I have a GTX 1060 6GB and an AMD FX 8320 OC'd to 4.2ghz with 12gb of RAM. I never had this happen before the career patch went live. Is it my CPU bottle necking the game? Not sure what's going on since this is the first time this has happened since the patch. I would like to stop crashing into PE-2's from lagging out. Thanks for any help.
  10. Every time I take off in my 190 career my entire flight team crash into each other on the airfield, leaving me alone to finish the mission being heavily out numbered lol. Funny what tricks you learn when you constantly die and re do missions.
  11. Not sure if it's been suggested but I would love the ability to choose what plane to use when units have multiple planes assigned to them.
  12. I'd be foaming at the mouth if I saw these coming in my German careers, in their respective Russian planes.
  13. Yeah I got all this from the many hours I've spent playing the old campaign. Planes just aren't spawning when I am on cover missions, there are no radio messages or spots, game just gives me a completed mission after about 20-30 mins of just buzzing around.
  14. Got 3 more cover missions with moderate difficulty and medium density, I still was just flying around. Not sure if it's intended or plane spawn triggers are just not happening with these missions. Is there a way to turn off cover missions?
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