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  1. I keep an eye on the content of the new patches, but the game is currently uninstalled as the campaign was just no fun after a while and I don't fly MP. If the campaign ever becomes more dynamic and involved than it currently is I will certainly be flying again though.
  2. mbv

    My IL-2 sketches

    These are excellent ! Great sketching talent and I could see a graphic novel developing from these. Do post up any more that you finish.
  3. Good work all round on the patches, very impressed by the support !
  4. mbv

    Rate it now .. as it is!

    7 for now, but I expect that to change for the positive with continued development after the release. Main things that would improve it for me include better optimisation, FMB, more depth and immersion in the dynamic SP campaign.
  5. I hadn't realised it was modelled into the landscape so accurately - nice find and interesting background info. I still remember defending Pavlov's House in Call of Duty all those years back - an incredibly difficult part of the game to beat.
  6. Yes I have had the odd texture at the side of the screen, but only on one occasion so far. It seems to be associated with the fire and smoke textures and has only appeared on the left side of my monitor just as in your screenshot where the smoke and fire has been trailing beyond the left edge of my screen. Very odd and no idea what caused it. My setup is Core i5 2500K at 3.3GHz, 8 Gig RAM, Radeon HD 6800 1Gig, Windows 7 64 bit SP1 Here's a pic
  7. Yep still have my original Ubi boxed version too
  8. Wow, that was quick ! Well done and massive congratulations to all
  9. Report it in the bugs forum here http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/58-technical-issues-and-bug-reports-discussion/
  10. Please report freezes and crashes in the campaign here http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/11433-game-crashes-frequently/page-2 it helps to build up a picture for the devs of the crashes being experienced by everyone.
  11. mbv

    What's your aircraft?

    Tough call between the IL-2 or the Pe-2, but I'm flying the IL-2 the most so that's the one
  12. Grim viewing, but I had never appreciated how close Mannsteins relief force got to Stalingrad, just 60km !
  13. Hahaha.....must try this when I get shot down in the middle of an enemy airfield again !
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