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  1. Yeah the second to left one is definitely AP... Easy to test on normal server because they give the distance to target
  2. I hope they beat war thunder not only by better gameplay (no crew visibility limitations, etc), better business model but also by better ballistics and penetration physics. They already beat war thunder by what appears to be the actual sight on the t-34 Plus these maps can be way more players and size than what war thunder is doing. The flight experience also seems more raw (good) to me
  3. I called this technology like 15 years ago lol
  4. I got the nuke to blow up.... Never played it since.
  5. Yeah really its just about having fun virtually shooting each other down with realistic flight and damage models.... We are definitely not going to re-create all of WWII with a computer game.
  6. I agree! It would be great to try out each nation's best performing stuff before the jet era! (And slightly into it like the me262)
  7. Good thing I've never been remotely motion sick! If occulus rift really ends up being $350... There is no way I wouldn't end up buying one.... I've been wanting something like that since the stupid turret defend game they had in the movies theaters a while ago.... I've tried 3d movies/games and such but that is nothing compared to what OR will HOPEFULLY bring to the virtual table.... Some way to track body movement would be great.as.well I can imagine virtually handling firearms in arma and whatnot... Would be cool as long as you don't accidentally punch something lol
  8. Your old code should work... The game is already activated on your account? You should be able to just sign in and play.
  9. Are those rockets or something??
  10. Yes DCS definitely is at another level lol.
  11. Yeah sli support would definitely be smart
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