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  1. So to assist on the recovery before extending the dive brakes one should set the trim for pitch up? Because when I use it seems the dive recovery is very mild and doesn't pull out fast enough (this in the ju 87)
  2. It seems their issue with the dive recovery system was that it impeded their ability to manoeuvre as it was active. But it seems that in game we still have control over pitch, roll and yaw.
  3. how so? They way it has been implemented or the fact that it was implemented?
  4. that last sentence of yours had my mind brain twisted into a knot
  5. I don't understand you guys, I can ride the greyout zone very comfortably in every single plane, I honestly think you guys are just pulling too much too fast and get to blackout/g-loc zones very fast (ALSO YOU CAN BLACKOUT AND MAINTAIN CONTROL albeit the range between the 2 is very small) because of the rapid onset of Gs. Go easy on the stick and let the Gs build slowly, if you think a maneuver if gonna be to much simply don't follow it, or at least prepare for it with the trim so if you G-loc you don't become a lawn dart
  6. So I was trying to launch the game and got this warning: Also yeah I have been playing the last week or so
  7. Did you change any of the values of the specific reshade add ons or are they stock?
  8. About this feature I'm completely neutral (however I think it can increase the gamey feeling if it is introduced as a numeral) But I have to say that overcontroling is something we all do in the beginning, and with time and practiced you get a feel for it, and as you've said yourself it is quite easy to learn the limit and stick to it.
  9. Maybe not the emplacement but i suppose the actual mirror should have a gimbal so that you could adjust it somewhat
  10. I use trackir and I have a hard time using the mirrors due to how I position myself in the cockpit, I basically have to move back and down to get a good view my six in the mirrors
  11. yeah some kind of adjustment keybinds for the mirrors would be great
  12. I believe the Duck has a mirror
  13. oh but they are, at least for transonic symptoms
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