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  1. R6ckStar

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    yeah Nautiloids were quite the creatures, they ruled the seas for millions of years, and got to some really big sizes
  2. R6ckStar

    What planes have boost

    I'm sure by that time we won't. Be flying planes, maybe space ships? If I remember correctly every plane as a supercharger, the P38 and p-47 also have turbocharger La-5 have a boost switch Fw also have boost switches particularly later versions P-47 has a boost switch That is all I remember
  3. R6ckStar

    Windows and visor

    The p39 I know it opens by using the open cockpit control, on the 109 there is no way to open the side windows unfortunately
  4. R6ckStar

    FW190 A5 armament doubts

    dog you better cover up the swastika on the bottom plane
  5. R6ckStar

    Graphics setting for long range terrain?

    there is mod out there that allows for infinite rendering of objects, including planes(not sure of how far they were being rendered, and when I used it I saw no real impact on my pcs performance
  6. R6ckStar

    Graphics setting for long range terrain?

    Objects like buildings and planes all render in a bubble 10km independent of graphic settings. I guess High settings should make the unrendered objects like town farther than 10km stand out a bit more so you should be able to navigate better
  7. R6ckStar

    Incomplete game problem

    Even thought it states it is in early access the store page could be a bit more explicit. Say instead of bundling all the titles together it should have a separate tab for the one in early access and remove all possibly confusion.
  8. R6ckStar

    Incomplete game problem

    Well that is the case when you buy an Early access game It clearly states so in the store page that it still is EARLY ACCESS
  9. R6ckStar

    Fat Bottomed Girls

    Damn this got me in the mood to blast some jerrys.
  10. While he is at he should also disable Hyper threading in the Bios.
  11. Here is the thing I'm running a 1070 and a i7 940 its oced to 3.2 ghz with 16 gb of ram at 1600 MHz, and I get rock solid 60 fps on ultra with 4 msaa and 4 SS, unless im on the ground, on every map. (and I don't get much stuttering) I don't understand why you are getting so much suttering
  12. R6ckStar

    P-47 Thunderbolt M1 official engine mod ?

    Could this be the biggest problem with perceived control stiffness?
  13. Isn't that a problem specific to the P-47, if the 109s 190s are recharging the WEP whilst in combat why isn't the p-47 or the other American planes doing so (I haven't flown them enough to know their limits)
  14. This how I've been using the P47, just put the throttle to the wall and control the MAP with the boost, you can really micromanage the Manifold this way. And also use different amounts of WEP too
  15. So the light when it is on all the time tells you are overspeeding the turbo, albeit you can do so at 22k rpms for about 3 min, if the light is blinking the turbo rpms are nominal. you have 2 ways to control the turbo either by using the turbo throttle directly or by liking it with the Throttle and use that as your regulator for turbo speed. At low altitudes to I think 5000 meters, you can just keep the turbo in the max position and forget about it, but as you start going higher you need to start closing it. Also to control the MAP (manifold) at high altitudes you can keep the throttle open and just use the turbo rpm control.