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  1. Check the actual handle For instance p47, to se the mixture to auto-lean set it foward of the line that says out lean and behind the line that says auto-rich. I am not so sure about the other planes where 50% it is auto and the rest is a manual lean/rich setting. And if you have to set it exactly at 50% or there broad range
  2. As if takes that much time adding such a view. Why not support new ideas a let those that actually have to manage their resources and time decide if it worth or not the effort. If all of the ideas that someone deems unnecessary were denied this game might have not come the long way it has.
  3. Well those are news to me, the White helmets being cutthroats. Care to give some insight on that view?
  4. Well unfortunatly I can't climb higher than 11,500(give or take 200) meters or so, above that both engines just cut off.
  5. Here is what you have to do Press E (engine start bind) 1Select engine 1, 2 watch the tachometer for the correct engine 3 once it reaches 1000 rpms on the inside scale press the engine ignition button 4 Keep pressing until it reaches 2000 rpms once it does start increasing the throttle to 15% 5 You can let go of the ignition button 6 Deselect engine 1 Select engine 2 7 Put the throttle back to 0% 8 watch the tachometer for the correct engine 9 once it reaches 1000 rpms on the inside scale press the engine ignition button 10 Keep pressing until it reaches 2000 rpms once it does start increasing the throttle to 15% 11 You can let go of the ignition button Now you have both engine running select both engine and increase (SLOWLY) the throttle until the rpms on both engines reach around 6500-7000 rpms the plane will start moving, decrease the throttle a bit and use the brakes to turn the plane THE RUDDER IS INNEFECTIVE Also use the front wheel brake to keep the plane straight Before take off Spool the engines to MAX RPMS and release the brakes, enjoy those ponies
  6. I've found I need at least 3000 meters of altitude to pull out of the mach tuck. Stab tail heavy 5% flaps and full pitch up and oh boy it was a ride. The worst comes if you get jolted into the tuck and red out leaving you without control authority for quite a while
  7. Sometimes people do that to indicate that their machine is broken and for the pilots to show mercy But also he might have confused you for a friendly
  8. okay, as someone else explained to me on the discussion thread of the update the radiator is always auto. What we can set is a certain temperature, this is done by looking at the water temperature this is the one that the mechanism is changing. So if you haven't touched the radiator and have a certain temperature that is the temperature that is set, you can increase it by "closing" the rads or decrease it by "opening" the rads. The plane will open the rads until the temperature drops and closes to stabilize.
  9. I noticed we can only achieve Emergency settings without MW-50 (1,7 ata) on the second stage of the supercharger. Basically without MW-50 you are stuck on combat power below 3000 meters And when in the second stage when you activate boost you get 2,0 ata, instead of the 1.8 specified. I have no idea if this correct or not, just seems a bit odd. Also how does the Water radiator work? I know it is auto but I can seem to be able to see what is the selected temperature
  10. yeah Nautiloids were quite the creatures, they ruled the seas for millions of years, and got to some really big sizes
  11. I'm sure by that time we won't. Be flying planes, maybe space ships? If I remember correctly every plane as a supercharger, the P38 and p-47 also have turbocharger La-5 have a boost switch Fw also have boost switches particularly later versions P-47 has a boost switch That is all I remember
  12. The p39 I know it opens by using the open cockpit control, on the 109 there is no way to open the side windows unfortunately
  13. dog you better cover up the swastika on the bottom plane
  14. there is mod out there that allows for infinite rendering of objects, including planes(not sure of how far they were being rendered, and when I used it I saw no real impact on my pcs performance
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