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  1. Same here, PM if someone wants my code. Edit: Taken!
  2. Congrats and thank you, your videos have hepled me since Rise Of Flight. I am also interested in Bodenplatte :)
  3. I think they confirmed that there will be custom difficulty, but I can't find it.
  4. Finally found the time to fly the campaign, just completed the 5th mission. A: Mission 2 B: Mission 5
  5. I guess in the new career we will be able to fly mission where we will be flying in formation with other Ju-52s.
  6. Did you maybe not select blazing steppe but the default Campaign instead? You have to access it through the "Scripted Campaign" menu entry.
  7. Haha, im not very good at hitting stuff. Did not seem very acurate to me so far :D
  8. Looks Aweome!!!! Glad to hear, that you are not always the flight leader.
  9. Comes


    Would really like that too. I hope it will be happening some time. Since they are adressing graphical issue one after anoter, I guess chances are not so bad.
  10. Forests are sometimes disappearing on Moscow Winter Map. Anybode else got this problem? Already reported? Did not notice it before. Screenshots:
  11. Thanks for the campaign. Everything worked just fine, had a lot of fun.
  12. Bis jetzt ist das leider nur in einigen User Missionen möglich. Die Kampagne oder die Quick Missions bieten dafür keine Option. Schau mal im Missionsforum, da gibt es einige interessante, in denen man nicht der Leader ist: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/92-mission-making-and-mission-editor/ Ansonsten kommt ja bald die neue Kampagne, in der wird es dann hoffentlich so sein, dass man erstmal als Flügelmann anfängt.
  13. Akright thank you. Let's hope that it will be fixed eventually. Campaign is a lot of fun! Thank you!
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