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  1. And I thought that it was they who thank you for your free dedication over the years .... I was mistaken! Anyway.....the miracols something happen...this is the living proof! Thanks all for this great news!
  2. Undoubtedly one of the best tips about this....title. If you like it...well,and if not...take a break and check around for another SIM fly. So later, you can compare which one it's the best for their own needs and expectations,and maybe later,you will come back to play IL2 BoS in enjoy way. That's not my case because i'm still in break .....but it does not matter....the concept it's right. +1..................(งツ)ว
  3. I will be busy me too next week....so i can tell you that you are a idiot ...right? Happy bun!
  4. Cymà!....Quando un albero è piantato torto......mette radici e cresce così per quanto sforzi tu faccia! E noi sappiamo bene come le "betulle" Russe siano resistenti o....testarde!
  5. I will never understand why you have to jump from one subject to another one. We were talking to the stabilizer trim ,and now,you will talk about......new planes or what else? It's hard to follow the same subject without disclosing to other things? I do not wonder that we are not taken into account by developers in this...Talking Show. Regard
  6. HI First thing, if i misinterpreted your post i have to apologize to you. I had understood that according to your point of view that FW-190 plane had too much chance when it's in nosedrive...and so you can not keeping up whit a YAK-1. If it is right what i understand....that it is normal and right, as you will know, that it's a plane that does only one thing very well...fast and long nosedrive. (Jabo) But there is not comparison in maneuvered against a Yak-1, and if you take the right time,it's very, very vulnerable. And then not mention the problems which have all Germans
  7. Hi You're asking the questions and answers on its own and then .... you do not need help or advice, but of supporters for a petition against the FW-190. Good luck! Regard
  8. Hi Sorry but i did not know about of your publications! You sin just a little bit about presumption .....but it's acceptable by you! Over and Out Regard
  9. Hi The mine suggestion was just a example for a compromise between fly safely and opportunities of advantage on the enemy. That formula ..keep speed and altitude ...work in most cases,and it is still valid even in this era. But i see that you are a expert,so if you know a tactic that works for every situation, please enlighten us ! Criticize without tips has never been a great help to anyone. Regard
  10. HI I do not know exactly what you do for lose the ailerons whit YAK-1.......but to me does not happen to 750 Kmh, it has been tested few time in quick mission,and not only by me ,and in any case,the mine was only a suggestion ! But anyway...if you like troll me,i will apologize for my intervention in this thread and...enojy and lose your ailerons...actually it's not my business. PS. Just in case: A) FW-190 roll better that Yak1 (and this is historically proved) but....it's can not turn like the Yak1 (and even that is historically proved). B) Follow in nosedive a FW-190 (if it
  11. Ciao. Sono d'accordo con te sulla tua richiesta ma,non sò più cosa aspettarmi di buono per ribaltare la situazione di stallo di sviluppo che ha questo titolo. (Opinione personale) Purtroppo questo genere di SIM ha deluso molto utenti dopo il mitico IL2 1946,e chiedere una degna e interessante evoluzione simulativa della WW II,e non solo bella grafica...non è forse molto importante al fine delle vendite! Ma dopo tutto sperare e aspettare non costa niente,specialmente quando il prodotto...lo hai già acquistato! Saluti
  12. Hi! There will be very soon the new entry soviet planes....YAK-130 and MIG-29 ,and for LW the Zeppelin fury! PS. I want to tell you a secret ! Try to fly over 4500-5000 mt...and you will have all the chance to engage so many contacts whitout problems,mostly, whit yours machine gun ShVAK ! Yak-1 can arrive to 750 kmh in B&Z whitout problems whit unbelived maneuverability ( you can pull up so strongly where FW-190 and BF-109 they break the flaps),and MIG-3 it's a formidable plane in high speed/high altitude. Dont say it to yours friends..because Axes have already enough problems e
  13. ...cioè sei atterrato in quelle condizioni? No!...Aspetta,non dirmelo...preferisco credere che sia un Bug!
  14. Ora! Se facciamo per fare due risate Alexagfa,come era ovviamente l'intenzione di quel video,....va bene ! Ma asserire che si può volare con 3/4 di ala tritata, e la rimanente 1/4 mancante ...Beh!....Si potrebbe pensare che lo Studio 777 ha scoperto un'altra legge della fisica oltre a quella che già conosciamo. Questo sempre ammesso che mi simuli un velivolo con ala lineare per una massa complessiva di 3000 kg. Nella realtà,in quelle condizioni,entreresti in una forte vite/roll a sinistra,e per quanto cloche e timone useresti per contrastare tale effetto,il finale non cambierebbe...sopratt
  15. About that issue in 4k resolution or different resolution, the fix it's right click on the icons launcher game,IL 2 BoS.exe,click in propiety---->compatibility and check the voice-----> Disable display scaling on high dpi values....that's all! That work if you dont wont downscale everytime your desktop DPI, as it happens to me , if i had the graphic option disabled...fullscreen.!
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