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  1. I'd like to register please for Entente with No56 Squadron. Thanks BillyBark
  2. Guys thanks for the helpful comments. Regarding the map and "O" when in multiplayer is it possible to display the position of your own aircraft?
  3. This is a noob question so be patient please 😟 I've jumped on the Flugpark server the other night. I'm trying to understand the missions. I got up in the air but had no idea what to do next! So my questions: 1 - I visited the Flugpark stats page and it indicates which missions are active but there is no mission description? 2 - I joined the Discord and there was little or no activity. Is the server mostly a free for all? I didn't get the sense that there was much organised activity? 3 - There is an option to be a Gunner. I tried this and was spawned into someones AC. No idea whose AC. What's the etiquette here, maybe the guy doesn't want a gunner? I was hoping to find some Youtube let's play that might help but no luck. Anything that would enlighten me would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. @No56_Badger85 I'm interested in getting involved. Just started FC, I'm in Eastern Time zone. I plan on coming by your Discord on Thursday if that's OK. Cheers!
  5. I'm new to FC and would like to get involved with multiplayer. I'm in Eastern Time Zone. I'm looking for some guidance: 1 - Squads - Is there a list/directory of squads? I haven't come across one. I'm interested in joining a squad for organized play/events. 2 - For casual play where should I look? Thanks
  6. I'm thinking of picking this up but I have a question re spotting. I play on a wide screen at 3440x1440. I also play DCS and the high resolution is a disadvantage to spotting actually makes it worse. There are other discussions around this issue in DCS which seems to be have something to do with how ac are depicted at a distance in the DCS engine. I'd like to play at 3440x1440 and still be able to spot ac without the aid of labels at a realistic distance. Any comments on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I've come back to it after a while and I'm finding the same thing. No idea why but it seems really sloppy now, not like it used to before release.
  8. Ok thanks I'll give it a try
  9. I'm a noob so forgive my ignorance. I recorded a flight last night. I made a couple of runs on a train. Afterwards I played back the recording. I selected Lctrl F5 which should be Free Camera: Enemy Ground which brought me to the train but I was not able to alter the view angle or zoom. I moved the mouse around but no luck? Rotated the wheel to change zoom but there was no response. I've no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?
  10. I've installed and messed around with the 109 G-2. It's a struggle to taxi but I'm slowly making progress. Any suggestions as to a good starting AC? Also I've been Selecting Quick Mission taking off and flying around usually there is some AAA or trains to ground attack which has been a good learning experience. Any other suggested approaches for new player?? Thanks!
  11. I installed the latest script and the throttle settings are inverted. To get engine idle in game I need to push TM throttle to max. Any ideas? I just loaded up BoS and was attempting to setup my devices so I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet. I'd like to use my TM as much as possible.
  12. LOL! They work. I was just wondering about setup.
  13. Just purchased BoS and was wondering if I'll be able to use my Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals in the sim??
  14. Can some one give me or point me to a rough idea of how BoS compares to Clod. I did Clod with Team Fusion Mod for sometime and then stepped away to the DCS sims. The BoS theater interests me a lot. In Clod multiplayer is where it seemed to shine. I'm curious on how the BoS single player will compare to that of Clod. Most of the posts/vids that I've seen for BoS are multiplayer so I'm wondering if single player is getting the attention it needs to shine and not be a disappointment. Thanks
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