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  1. Were carriers used much in the Sicily campaign? Could be a way to pave the way forward for PTO?
  2. I will test Gelendzhik with the same mission and planeset used last time. Thanks! {Edit} Yep all seems fine. Awesome.
  3. Im still seeing the issue where the AI crash into the hill on takeoff at Gelendzhik.
  4. I actually use this for single player missions, and its breathed a breath of fresh air into the game for me I don't have time long operations, like in career so its excellent for pick up and play. The quick mission options are woeful. This is much much better.
  5. Yep, seems to work great, I've made a plane.txt file which contains all the planes in the game apart from WW1 planes. Question, how do the scripts generate the default loadouts? For example can I put BF109's into the attacker category to act as fighter bombers, will it automatically be assigned a bomb loadout? planes.txt
  6. Is it possible to edit the ini file, for example adding new planes?
  7. Yeah there's lots of groups flying on Red yet i can't find any that are running on public voice servers. Shame.
  8. Another question regarding clouds, in multiplyer are the clouds the same for everyone, IE is a cloud in my game in the exact same position in someone elses games?
  9. I didnt get a response on Discord so I'll post here. Another A20 not counted as a kill http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=52804&name==L/R=Coldman Was credited an air kill in-game, but nothing on TAW website(edited) my sortie - http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=52746&name=-DFA-Retrofly is this a game issue or a TAW issue, I got the kill in-game but maybe Il2 is not passing on the log correctly. As someone who rarely gets an a2a kill its kind of a bummer not getting credited.
  10. I will concede at least that AI gunners need a rework then :D
  11. Someone please find the he111 equivalent.
  12. The He-111 should have good gunners and defenses, as its literally the only defense a level bomber has. The Pe2 has speed, maneuverability and forward facing guns. that combination makes it a a beast of a plane. Its not fact, its opinion.
  13. You can always ground yourself if you see it is overcast, no one is forcing you to fly Also I've changed my mind on the Pe-2, its gunners are utterly ridiculous and far outclass any other planes defenses in the game. Ive seen whole squads damaged by a single Pe-2, and before you say "dont sit on his six" they weren't, they were high speed slashing attacks from all angles and nearly every fighter leaves smoking. Seems the best way to deal with a pe2 is if the first guy sacrifices his life by ramming it, saving the rest from certain damage.
  14. Does that in any way fix the having to select a plane twice in multiplayer to get access to plane modifications?
  15. Bump, would like to see the grouping changed to have the Mk101 or Mk103 moved to their own grouping.
  16. We've lost another two. The rate at which we are losing Airfields is quite staggering. 5 in less than 24 hours. Even when we lost both depots in the last map it was never this quick.
  17. I know we wont be getting any 4 engine bombers, but on the subject of large bomber uses I found this interesting video of a Fw-200 carrying out low level bombing runs on convoys, there are even scenes of the gunners firing down on the ships too. So just because the bombers are large, it doesn't mean they can't be used in ways we are already seeing with the current bomber set. I didn't really know much about the F1-200 Condor until now, seems like a great plane, would love to fly it in Il2.
  18. Just when I thought the LW was holding their own this map we lost 3 airfields in 4 missions last night. RIP Map #3
  19. In MP its more of a death trap than the 87. That's all you need to know :D
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