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  1. @TrueGrey Hi your PDF and scripts are really useful and I'm trying to get my head around it, in your profile are you using a modifier for some of the buttons, or do some just have dual functions, I couldn't see a modifier button on the controller so I assume the later. Once you have target and the script running do you still have to bind all the controls in game as you normally would? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hurricane had rockets right? Can we just have that instead, please
  3. I'm a big fan of alternative, but for MP where bombing is important it should be switched to expert, purely for the fact that a bombers life is already hard and alternative just makes it harder. In the end it doesn't really matter what you pick, its the same for everyone, but I think expert gives the best balance currently.
  4. It won't split the community even more, the big servers can pick what they like I will still play them, e.g TAW, Combatbox, KOTR. I have a preference, but that is all, it won't stop me playing. People are always very negative on this forum, I'm not sure why. The devs seem to actually listen and offer compromise, but someone always finds something to moan about. Unfortunately these people don't understand that everything in life and upsides and downsides, everything. If you concentrate on the bad then I feel sorry for you because there so much fun and enjoyment to be had. Just think the devs could have canned IL2 after ClOD and we wouldn't have this wonderful sim enjoyed for thousands of hours by players all around the world. Cheers.
  5. I might just be unlucky, should I open the missions in the editor, it will show flight waypoints right?
  6. Thanks again Vander for such an amazing tool. Quick note, i keep having missions where my routes dont cross paths with the enemy. I always put the maximum amount of planes including increased AI flights. Is this just how it is some times, or is something going wrong? I dont remember having a flight without contact once in previous versions, maybe I just unlucky. One request, is it possible to make all bombing and ground attack missions available for each mission types? E.G Train for Bombers and ground attackers etc.
  7. I preferred the spotting from the previous version. Seeing a group of bombers flying towards you almost gathering in a big black mass was impressive. Now I can hardly see them again. Edit, maybe allow it as an option for people to choose, seeing as no one will ever agree. For MP, server owner chooses. I believe they have similar setting sin DCS. 👍
  8. Will TAW are the Rearm/Refuel option to their campaign? It would be good if there was a way to incentivize people using rearm/refuel rather than Esc --> Exit. Would add some immersion watching planes having to actually taxi after landing etc. I know there might be some added complexities around tracking scores and Combat Missions but I hope it can get put in, not that I last longer than 1 sortie anyway.😂
  9. How do you add service areas to Missions?
  10. To a lay man, what are the main difference between the Tempest and Typhoon?
  11. Maybe there could be a sticky thread where people could request pics to be converted, but TBH I learned how to do it in about 5 minutes following a youtube video. If I can, anyone can.
  12. I think the generic size of the photo is 1024/1024 but what shows up in game can vary depending on the cockpit and size of the photo model in-game. I used a photo with most of it on the left hand side of the 1024x1024 and it works pretty well. You'll just have to resize your image to get it to fit.
  13. I did a quick battle with 16 fighters starting at 1500m all BP era aircraft, random abilities, didn't see anyone crash into the ground. It was a good fight, got 3 kills in my tempest and in the end it was 1v1 Tempest against the 109K4. Good fun.
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