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  1. I always felt than for all aircraft they physically break up too easy, wings coming off are a common occurrence, was this true? Is more damaged caused becuase in the sim it is easier to get guns on target and therefore cause a lot more damage than might have happened in real life, or are the planes made weaker?
  2. Bombers definitely need some love. Alas they probably don't balance the books, which is a massive shame. Any medium/heavy bomber and Cargo plane would be a day 1 buy for me, I have enough fighters already.
  3. Not sure why people are being so defensive of cockpit view, when the changes wouldn't effect them and make the game more accessible to more people. I guess some people want to continue the typical flight simmer tropes, shame.
  4. TBH I'd be happy to play some sudo BOB battles with the planes we have/planned. Hurricane, Spit, early 109's, He-111's, 110's and Ju87's will do me absolutely fine. There are glaring omissions in the Allied planeset regarding heavy bombers but that's a separate discussion.
  5. I think LG should do whatever they think is right and good, its their server they should do what they enjoy and think will be fun. I have faith in them
  6. We all knew anyway but I'm still super excited to hear these announced officially. Day one buy on both for me, mainly looking forward to the Hurricane, one of my all time favorite planes. The more games to play it in the better!
  7. What else are we expecting for BP? The Campaign, but I can't think of anything else coming, a second pass on the ground textures perhaps?
  8. Ok, S4 is also set to wheel brake which I think threw me, I assume that doesn't cause any problems as you never need to use it with a modifier.
  9. @TrueGrey Hi your PDF and scripts are really useful and I'm trying to get my head around it, in your profile are you using a modifier for some of the buttons, or do some just have dual functions, I couldn't see a modifier button on the controller so I assume the later. Once you have target and the script running do you still have to bind all the controls in game as you normally would? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hurricane had rockets right? Can we just have that instead, please
  11. I'm a big fan of alternative, but for MP where bombing is important it should be switched to expert, purely for the fact that a bombers life is already hard and alternative just makes it harder. In the end it doesn't really matter what you pick, its the same for everyone, but I think expert gives the best balance currently.
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