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  1. Hi Something I noticed playing the other day, AI only reacting to enemy when they actually started getting shot at. And a Bomber formation endlessly flying in circles for the entirety of the mission. Tac view - http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06128219976997636363 I only started the record as the planes were getting close and I noticed my wingmen not engaging. If you go from my planes POV (Retrofly) you will see them and the circling Bombers. This was a Moscow career mission flaying one of the Hurricanes.
  2. Hi Jason, I had a look through the options and I couldn't find any options for Radio anywhere, where is it specifically? Thanks
  3. Honestly sounds like you should be sleeping/resting rather than playing video games if you are getting to that point. 😵
  4. Post in this thread for this issue - If you have records or tacview files of the issue please post in the thread.
  5. I noticed if the AI has an "attack enemy column" assigned to Hurricanes, they do not take bombs, and only use 303. The AI shoot from 100's of meters out with the machine guns and hit nothing then RTB when out of ammo. Scratch that, I checked the tac view and they do score hits but do fire a long way away, but look like they have the convergence set for it.
  6. I have found the gunners are on the most part still the same, very accurate and always shooting. I tested 2 career missions and both had multiple engagements with different groups of planes, did not see an AI ignoring flights. I never knew how much was going on until i started checking TrackIR, now I can see multiple fur-balls happening at once all over the map. Very cool.
  7. It is and always will be the Hurricane. Some people say she looks ugly but I honestly don't see it, she looks beautiful. Here's to the underdog!
  8. Wait, modded Torpedos are in the game but not in the base game??? Are they coming?
  9. In quick missions the AI are aggressive, but I guess thats not what you are asking for Pat. I dont know how the AI behave differently between mission and quick mission I guess the issue could be the phases of a pilots state e.g takeoff, cruise, attack, defend. Maybe they get stuck in the cruise phase? Here's 8 minutes of an 8v8 AI Furball in quick mission. Some things I noticed: 4 planes destroyed, 3 were from collisions, just 1 from guns AI fired 103 times in totoal AI scored hits 11 times in total. AI seem to fire from a long way back, very often
  10. Guys to test properly you should run some missions with tacview and post the records. I will try and do this later, I hadn't noticed anything being particularly passive. Actually I found the AI to be more responsive especially when going defensive.
  11. At some point you just chalk up the realization that you can't please everyone and just be content that most people are satisfied. I really enjoy the new physiology. 👍. I actually found it less gamey. Go figure.
  12. Hahaha, yes even with the extra .303's you shower the he111 with holes and it keeps flying. I remember Cliffs Over Dover being similar.😁
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