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  1. Pleeeaaaaaseeeee can the next plane be the Hurricane? Pretty please.
  2. I think its buggy, sometimes it does tell you if you are in boost, and sometimes it doesn't.
  3. For me the game looks best on 4xMSAA, make sure you turn of sharpening. I had it on for the general setting and ground textures and I was getting horrible jaggies at a distance. I turned them both off now and everything looks fine. I'm using a 1080 on 1140p monitor and the game has never looked better. 👍
  4. 37mm seems fine, if you're hitting the rear fuselage don't expect it to go down after the first hit. Get anything with any deflection seems to do the job, 2 hits on any wing seems to be enough to take it off, at least if the enemy decides to try and pull any G's with that damage. I had a few head on tests and it obliterates most things easily.
  5. I got this but only when super close, maybe you are hearing the hits from the other plane but they set them too loud, from a distance you do not hear them.
  6. Bump, this is a great mod, thanks. Any chance we can get one for the Yak9's?
  7. Hi Was this fixed in the latest update? Didn't see it in the patch notes.
  8. Can confirm, removing reshade stopped the game from crashing when starting a mission.
  9. Im getting a crash when i try to start a quick game, I will run integrity check on files and do a restart and report back,
  10. Thank you for this, was the only thing that was missing. One thing, I notice the AI fighters are not very I can seemingly take on 4 or 5 at a time and they never get a shot off, I am not a skilled pilot at all so it seemed strange. This was using the older version did game updates break the AI?
  11. Thanks, I only read the first page and skimmed the last 4 so didn't know this bit of information, from the video it seem to render planes in but Im guessing they were already rendered and just easier to see, I think it does create some advantage being able to zoom in more but maybe not as much as I thought previously.
  12. I dont think the problem here is VR users using a mod so they can actually spot targets, I think the problem is that 2D players can exploit the mod for an advantage. They just need to close the loophole somehow so its only available to VR users when on line (I assume this MOD is allowed for MP?)
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