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  1. I shot the whole tail of a the Jg transport plane with a Tempest
  2. Yep, I think in some of the vids they mentioned that visual damage would jump from nothing to everything and miss out incremental changes. Really cool, it does sound like they will go over visual damage at some point too.
  3. There is normally some down time while versions are changed and updated.
  4. Why would you give the maccy less noodles? 🤣
  5. I cannot get the codes to apply in my Cart, how do we write to support? The Support button just redirects you to these forums, is this how we report to Support? I'm dumb, the code is not Cabin Fever 50 or 75, thats just the name, its the numbers and letters to the right under the column promo code. I dont think anyone else will be as stupid as me but I'll leave this here just in case. 😁 Thanks Luke
  6. I would love for the AI to have the ability to lose a player, the constant turn battles are frustrating with AI and actually make it more difficult/annoying than playing against real players. Its impossible to catch AI by surprise, something which happens very often online. It should depend on AI level and number of friendlies in the area.
  7. Please make the C-47 flyable, +buyer here!
  8. If the plan is to test then we should just start with map #2 and see how it goes. I would have liked to have seen earlier planes for map #1, P40's , Spit MkV and the equivalent for Axis, but I get they are trying to re-create BP somewhat historically. Iguess whenever Normandy lands we will see this kind of progression for the western campaign. I'm not thrilled at the thought of fighting G14's in a P47, 😁
  9. Trust the flight sim community to have a melt down over a few medals. This is why we can't have nice things becuase people always bite that hand that feeds them. LG provide an amazing service for free and all people do is complain, its their server their competitions its their choice. Either play or don't play depending on your views. Some people only realize how good something is only when its gone.
  10. I always felt than for all aircraft they physically break up too easy, wings coming off are a common occurrence, was this true? Is more damaged caused becuase in the sim it is easier to get guns on target and therefore cause a lot more damage than might have happened in real life, or are the planes made weaker?
  11. Bombers definitely need some love. Alas they probably don't balance the books, which is a massive shame. Any medium/heavy bomber and Cargo plane would be a day 1 buy for me, I have enough fighters already.
  12. Not sure why people are being so defensive of cockpit view, when the changes wouldn't effect them and make the game more accessible to more people. I guess some people want to continue the typical flight simmer tropes, shame.
  13. TBH I'd be happy to play some sudo BOB battles with the planes we have/planned. Hurricane, Spit, early 109's, He-111's, 110's and Ju87's will do me absolutely fine. There are glaring omissions in the Allied planeset regarding heavy bombers but that's a separate discussion.
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