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  1. Tactical Air War

    The advantage is minimal. An extra glance at the temps wouldn't have made any difference to any of those engagements.
  2. What was the latest hotfix for?
  3. Tactical Air War

    IMO is IS the fighters thats is making the difference. Things I have noticed - 1. Russian fighters always seem to have air superiority over the majority of their targets. I have not made a single bombing run (Apart from depots) where I havn't been intercepted. 2. Russian fighters always escort bombers and attackers. I have not attacked an Il2 or Pe2 yet without being immediately pounced on by and i16 or P40. I think the Russians were just playing smarter (Also they destroyed out depots pretty quickly while we did minimal damage to theirs). Even when Axis had higher numbers, I16's were still able to escort and intercept every flight I've been on. The 87 is a great tank killer, but try flying it anywhere near an objective and you'll be made of Swiss cheese. So is it a gunners problem or a Pe2 problem? Seems like most of the complaints are specifically against the Pe2? Why are the Pe2 gunners so much better than others? Is it just down to the amount and their large field of views?
  4. Tactical Air War

    Someone tell that to my gunners, they dont hit a damn thing!
  5. Wasn't there an option to move waypoints if you were the Flight commander, thus making it quicker if you move the first waypoint closer?
  6. Tactical Air War

    Ive watched a Yak destroy 3 He-111's in a matter of seconds without taking a hit. All were slashing attacks from the sides. All 3 either on fire or 2 black engines from only 5 or 6 passes. Gunners are fine.
  7. Was it also fixed in the map screen in multiplayer? Currently you have to select an airfield twice to be able to change the plane modifications, the first time they are all always locked.
  8. Tactical Air War

    Probably not able to do otherwise it would be in already, but any chance of getting additional CM for a paradrop and/or some stat for paradropping? I'm going to guess its not possible to correlate landed troopers to a Ju pilot but I'd thought I'd ask anyway. Also is it possible to have the number of transport missions in pilot statistics, it seems it is tracked as you can get an award for doing 10, would be nice to see the total included in stats too. Thanks.
  9. I have seen both of these issues, was in an i16, no ammo bug. Found out while going in on an attack run on an 87. And yes, experience the same thing with tents
  10. Tactical Air War

    Allies (181 players registered) Axis (192 players registered) That balance woop.
  11. Tactical Air War

    Its a shame but I guess it stops people getting a kill and D/C straight away afterwards.
  12. Tactical Air War

    Look, I didn't want to make a mess in my trousers, ok.
  13. Tactical Air War

    1C need to up the amount of slots with all this interest. Maybe one day we will see 50V50 Battles. Would be nuts
  14. BoX Gold Bars Under User Name and Picture

    I wish I had gold bars.
  15. Tactical Air War

    Is registration open on the website or is it going to be cleared down again before the start?