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  1. Hello guys, could not find anywhere else so I am trying here. It seems I can't login on the server website anymore... How can I get a new password ? thanks
  2. Do you guys know where i can get a nice stick extension for Warthog without spending zigilions of money ?
  3. where are the official skins ??? I would like to make one of the official skins a little more special is that possible ?? Regards to all
  4. DUDE WHENEVER YOU WANT WE CONNECT ON A SERVER AND WE START A LOW ALTITUDE FIGHT just you and me you cannot escape.... the 109 sustain a much better low speed than the yak and turn faster at high speed.. and in case it loses some energy in a turn it has the power to get back on the yak wich is not the case of the yak.... we tried everything.... None of my friends excaped from me in 109 and I could not escaped none of them in the yak.... I keep scoring on 109 in multi and to be killed in Yak... and what you say is really not true... the only thing that the 109 has difficulty to follow is vertical very short manoevers (tighest looping that u can do).... all the rest... he can follow... on the climb of course and on the dive too... 109 is just far superior and you need to have 2 yaks to kill one ... just like what happened in the reallity in fact...
  5. lol no trim ???? why no trim in expert mode ??? if this is an important piece in a plane and an actual variable pilot would have to manipulate in light... you crazy... no trim... lol
  6. thanks for this post that I think answered to my questions and also to the new one I found out... why i can KILL 3 AI ACE in quick mission with one round of ammo and I bearly kill 1 with on the multi.... I have to say I don't really understand because... in the other games it seems I have the same lag. though I don't feel like I am a blind guy trying to shoot an elephant in a corridor which is basically the sensation the multi on BOS gives me...
  7. also I started this topic talking about P 39 but I think there are other planes that are even more missing to this game: JU 88 DO 217 SU 2 PO 2 MIG 3 I 16 and there are more important planes missing..... snif snif
  8. I agree, this make the p 40 unsuitable for this game: "As part of the 6th Air Corps, the 126th IAP flew 666 combat sorties to cover the forces of Kalinin and West Fronts and 318 combat sorties for the defense of Moscow in the period from 25 October 1941 to 25 April 1942. During this effort the regiment downed 29 enemy aircraft at a cost of four of their own aircraft and two pilots. The most intensive period was the first month-685 sorties and 17 kills. But later the regiment was plagued by a continuous series of accidents. The Tomahawk IIB was completely unsuitable for use in the Russian winter. The oil, hydraulic fluid, and antifreeze all froze in temperatures that reached -38° C."
  9. I agree that MC 202 is not that bad and if canon and BMW motor would have been provided to the Romanian as it was schedule IAR 80 would probably have been as good as the FW was.... In fact, Romanian ACE got kills on this machine to the end of the war.... also, my idea was just to point the fact that russians did not like the P 40. they did not bought any more than the one that were first delivered and there must be a reason to that ??? also, most of the russian pilots flew on the P 39 while so few flew the P 40. finally, I am not sure that the Hurri and the warhawk were more engaged in Stalingrad than the P 39.
  10. oki i will try all these with a friend right the way
  11. I precised It was no gamer consideration. it is not about the gameplay, it is about the flying model not letting us playing the way it should.... in a turn below 300km/h the 109 must leave for overtorque trouble or lagg S to be able to reposition... he could argueably follow.... I am not talking about equilibrating... I don't want equilibrating I want accurate flying models.... + again players are not stupid... it is eazy to see that the 109S are far superior than the YAK in tun fight u just call a freind and try everything as we did.... there is not a single configuration that is at the advantage of the yak.... when I fly 300 meters and I catch a 109 at the end of his ressource.... explain to me why it is impossible to follow him after 1 or 2 turns ... please tell me how u take a 109 out of your tail ? and how you follow a turning 109 cause I manage to do it everywhere but in this game
  12. I disagree with what you said in the sense that 200HP difference cannot compensate the wing profile difference at low altitude.... 109 with the type of wing it has and the all for speed construction of the plane.... with that horse power u cannot use at Low speed because of the torques it produces... i defenately can't agree with you.... Of course, what I say still is opinion based on readings and flight reports but since I have not been flying both these planes in reality... it remains speculation and I don't want to say that you must be wrong and me right.... And also, I have never been able to escape a 109 even when he was starting with a disadvantage.... the only way I get kill when playing russian is surprise direct hit. as soon as a a turn fight starts the 109 can full throttles even at 250 km/h and follow me.... I don't think this is accurate And finally: players are not stupid, there is a reason none fly the Yak anymore.... the only fighter u see are 109, 190, and LA5... the others just plays rabbits... Regards
  13. Hi people, I Have been playing this game since sometime now and I have noticed, probably as most of you guys, that there is an important problem in it. The superiority of German fighters is ridiculous. I have no doubt in there superior climbing and speed capacities. Like I swear I would prefer to fly one of this 109s if my life was on the line cause they climb fast and high and fly at incredible speeds and these are the main keys to victory in the dogfight art, not mentioning the escape possibility in case of error. Nevertheless, I have been searching and there is noplace, no book, no article I have ever read that mentionned 109's superiority in turn fights over the Yakovlev babies.... Quite the contrary.... So what I don't understand here and that I want explanation for is the following. diving on an already fighting 109 and starting a diving spiral, there should be no chance for that crazy german pilot to find himself behind me. the Yak turn rate is superior and the only option for the 109 should be to runaway.... but in this game, with the current flight model, no pb.... after losing 1,000m, slowly diving into defensive spiral the 109 find itself behind the yak..... WTF ? not mentioning low speed manoeuvers ..... how come I can never turn this hard that a 109 has to lose and go straight ??? let's make it clear I am not talking here about equilibrating the game or whatever gamer consideration... I am just talking about the pursuit of the correct flight model. Turn fight bellow 3000m MUST be at the advantage of the yak when starting the fight in the same or almost the same conditions as the 109. this is how it was and although I was not fighting at that time I guess that Erich Hartmann did not apply sistematically his 4 steps technic for no reason.... He must have know some how that he could lose turnfighting with other planes and this was the reason he never did....and also the reason he never got shot.... nothing to do with flying a UFO.... I really am interested in knowing if there are other players agreeing with me and especially if the developpers are thinking that indeed there might be a problem in the flight model ??? Regards
  14. Hello Everyone, I saw and voted on the post released a few days ago for the P 40, but since then I can't keep asking myself why do we have to chose in between P40 and Hurricane when the P39 was from far the most successful foreign plane used by the Russian forces.... http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/romanenko/p-39/part2.htm what P 40 are we going to fly ? cause many versions were received and not all of them had the same armement or defenses though they had mostely the same Alison Engine.... Mean while, in the Russian ace score board we see no P 40 on top but many P39 http://wio.ru/aces/ace2.htm Could this post please be taken into account... I would love to see some clear answer from the developpers on why excluding the P39 ? Regards
  15. Ho YEAH Thanks for the new server.... and see you there.... Please make sure ground targets destroying make sens and that the games are not only a plane hunt for germans.... Thanks again
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