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  1. Depends what I'm flying and the speed with which it burns fuel. I have found 350l is the best balance between longevity and weight for most planes. For duel engine crafts, I double this. For radials, I add 50l.
  2. Use auto lean. Gas lasts much longer.
  3. As title says, most of the time I try to go into basic options to adjust the volume, it crashes the app when I use scroll wheel to change the sound level. I'd say a 60-70% chance.
  4. Planes used to accelerate MUCH faster before the FM re-do...
  5. True, but on all 3 of it's combat power modes it's basically identical to a FW190. Even with a draggy airfoil it should do better than it currently does, logically speaking. It currently cannot even follow a 109 in a cuban. It can do fine against a FW though if used properly and if the 190 pilot actually wants to fight and not dive away. I've broken it twice by RPM'ing up to 3000 and then trying to increase MP in combat. Likely because the governor cannot keep the RPM low enough to not break it as I increase MP....and I'm not throttling quickly either. As @R
  6. I think it's FM needs a look. I think it's energy retention is a bit too poor for a plane of its weight, chassis and horsepower, but I hit a FW190 in the face last night with a 37 and he literally exploded so I'm still loving this thing. It's hard to remember to increase manifold BEFORE RPM or else you overrev and break the thing though.
  7. If you scroll through the main menu with the keyboard down arrow, the list is miss-ordered.
  8. The fix: My ReShade didn't work. I removed the D9D.dll or whatever it's called and the shader cache, started the game, the Reshade banner loaded, i quit, replaced hte files, and now it works again.
  9. Thanks for the knowledge. I've been using 40/40 though. Doesn't seem to get past 270mph even on 2min emerg. Ill have to re-test
  10. Why don't you just rebind the key? As for the in-game text message; there is nothing "wrong" with the plane, it's just being misflown. There shouldn't logically be a text message for it it you're flying on expert.
  11. The Americans also thought the 109 was a [Edited] plane. I wouldn't trust American opinions on aviation design of this era.
  12. So after flying pretty much only the P39 since release, with a few daliances here and there in the La5FN and Yak-7 (which I may do a video on. Very peculiar aircraft) I find the P39 well mannered. I am somewhat disappointed it's climb rate and speed are so poor given it's tech specs list them as competitive with other airframes, but nevertheless, it's a very fun aircraft. I don't know how they recorded a TAS of 600kph. Even on emergency power, I can't seem to get it close to 525 IAS and most other planes have TAS of similar values but much higher IAS's. I've noticed it really puni
  13. The Tech tips ignore the middle power setting. It goes straight from combat to emergency. This is really only a potblem for people who do not fly by their guages but it's still annoying.
  14. In my combat testing, it has a sharp power drop off starting at 13,000ft. So going over 4K is a no no. Unfortunately even with the rear window, I found it hard to see behind me. Most of my deaths were ironically from getting jumped. If anything is infront of you though, it's pretty much a guaranteed kill as long as you halfway accurate though.
  15. Haha, I couldn't man. My dislike of Rugrats transcends gaming. I've uploaded part 2 btw.
  16. I filmed a first impression video yesterday and BoK crash ruined it so I'll have to do it again, but my first impression of the P39 was that it is a very capable aircraft. I thought the gas tanks in the wings would ruin it's roll rate, but it's roll rate is perfectly competitive. It outrolls the yak7. I expected it to be fairly fast given its spec sheet, and it can keep up with a 109 on 1500hp but in cruise it's rather slow.
  17. My FPS has not really changed (80-115). People's reporting of huge FPS loses may be hardware specific.
  18. Just recorded an hour and a half of Kuban content and lost it all due to hard freeze with Kuban patch Definitely still some kinks to work out, heh.
  19. I always knew Kondor was a bad actor. Never trust a man named after a vulture. That's what my pappi always said.
  20. And Now, Something Complete Different: GridiroN plays FIREWATCH
  21. lol, no, you're supposed to say "yes, my expert pilotry is finally on display for all to see. Also, sucks to suck. Russian bias is real. #DealWithIt"
  22. I was paying close attention to the flight characteristics of the P39 in that video. Seemed to have no trouble tracking the 109 through dives and climbs. Lending credence to my theory it'll perform just fine in the vertical. Seemed a bit like a wild stallion in the rolling though. Also looks like the American 37 will have a fairly flat trajectory...that's big.
  23. We do need a better toggle system as the Hs-129 does have a switch that toggled through its many weapons (you can see it on the left of the flightstick) and the devs did say they were going to do this for 3.001 but whether they actually do it, or remembered that this is needed for some planes with all the work they have is another story. The fact that some planes have hardwired multitrigger like the fw190 which must fire all main guns at once is a different story. The hs-129 actually needs it historically and can't function properly without it. The bf110 G2 I'm unfamiliar with, bu
  24. I think your under the impression it burns 27L of gas in a cycle, which isn't the case
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