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  1. I just can't understand why people find the Spitfire attractive. The GIANT wings and skinny tail/elevators make it look like a dudeBro who skipped every leg day he ever had.
  2. The Hs129 is a lovely little ground attacker. Perhaps I should make a short how-to video for it because it gives me no difficulty other than the 30mm gun only penetrating tanks in specific angles.
  3. The last one is really excellent. Ill be wearing it often. Shame others won't be able to see it unless they have it too... :'(
  4. This happens in WoL. Many people have this issue. It is most certainly not clientside.
  5. The fastest I could get it to go before was in continuous was 435. Guess it was me.
  6. The sound the engine makes is stopping you from flying certain planes? The sound design in this sim is exceptional. Lots of layered noises. I'm surprised anyone feels this way.
  7. Because this thread is still getting attention, particularly my pro/con post I felt I should update that I checked the speeds below 2k, and the plane goes quite a bit faster. I'm now getting 475kph cruise, 525kph combat. I'm unsure if the plane was stealthed buffed (they have stealth changed planes before) but either way this a fair bit higher than I was getting before.
  8. That doesn't mean anything. You can cruise at anything you want. Then it's the same difference as if you're suggesting the 109 can fly around at 1.3 "most of the time", the P39 should capable of the same thing, but whatever. Someone posted a source a while ago stating he removed all 4.
  9. Have you ever flown a 109 at 0.8? It's cruise speed is significantly slower. In a P39 even with an energy advantage, I found it difficult to catch 109s who didn't even know I was there in shallow dives. A slower 109 can make a significant different if you lock it in combat before he has the opportunity to speed up.
  10. Because 0.8 is the economy cruise setting that burns considerably less gas for the 109 and as far as I'm aware, is a more realistic MP setting one would find a 109 at. Having a 30min combat power setting actually benefits the 109 a lot when gas and time is not an issue.
  11. Quick video of some clips I've been collecting over the past few days. Hope some people find them entertaining and/or useful!
  12. Guys, he probably just meant of the 4 rifle calibers, he only had 2 removed instead of all 4. Turn technochat on, regard where your dial or whatever controller you have is at 60% and then turn it off again.
  13. Engine management is much easier if you RPM to about 90% first, then adjust your MP. The real reason for engine damage most of the time is that the RPM gets pushed past 3000 and the engine over-revs before the governor can bring it back down again.
  14. I have been flying the P39 since the day it was released pretty exclusively with the exception of maps that don't allow it, and whilst I'm not the best dogfighter around, my take-aways are these... Pros: A long, decent dive that matches German aircraft. I did not feel outclassed when 190s try to yo-yo against me. It's firepower: if you get behind a german, he is pretty much guaranteed to take a hit. Tricycle gear makes emergency landings drastically more survivable Lazy 109 pilots charge you all the time, which is your best case scenario It's 5min 1
  15. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but a million years ago I saw a documentary about the development of the F18 and one of its initial problems was that it had too many buttons. It gave the pilot "brain burn" and would become paralyzed with indecision. Flying a plane I'm sure is much different in real life when you have to actually move levers and push buttons. German crews testing out captured la5s found it a ridiculously designed plane as increasing speed in a fight required the attention/manipulation of 6 different gadgets.
  16. It's slow as a mollases in January and has no back gunner. If anyone sees you, and there are no fighters who'd prefer their GA not be shot down, you're dead anyway.
  17. I very much enjoy the 129. I don't understand people who think it sucks. I took out an entire light armour objective myself with it once.
  18. I flew the HS129 a couple days ago. I used all 80 rounds and didn't penetrate a Kv1 from rear or side.
  19. Someone in another thread quite some time ago, after the global FM change already went through the 109s and found the F2's FM made no sense. No one flies the F2 unless the F4's are all gone though so I mean...who really cares about that right now. I think he found the F2 underperforms, the F4 overperforms by a significant margin (was far faster at altitude than real life) the G2 underperforms.
  20. I've never done tests on an individual rad, so I cannot say. The glycol cooler is the box'ed rad under the wings, so I can hazard an educated guess that it'd be more draggy in the 7 and s69, but the oil rad on the 1b is right at the front and when open looks awfully draggy. The Yak-1b uses a different, lower drag design than the s69 or 7b for the glycol, so that would account for some of the acceleration and aerodynamic improvements in the 1b over the other 2. When I fly Yaks, my oil and water rads are usually the same (35/35... 60/60...etc)
  21. The 7b runs super hot. Even in winter I need almost 100% rads. In the 1b I use 30%. This adds drag. This plane has near identical specs as the 1b but isn't quite as good in the chase and the AoA. I believe the new rad model is a significant part of this.
  22. I don't consider it a major issue. The dev team have enough projects to keep them busy for years. I do hope we get a patch for Kuban though as it is still quite buggy. That being said, I don't care much for 109 flight model changes. There are planes that need it more than the 109 but I do wish the G2 wasn't so completely different than the F4 when there is no logical reason as to why they feel like different planes.
  23. When I produced my video on my expectations for the remaining Kuban planes, I felt the Yak-7b was probably going to be most under-rated plane in the sim. I think this has mostly come true... I don't hear anyone talking about it and I rarely see it flown. It has some pleasant qualities from both other yaks. It can fairly easily outturn German planes even before flaps, and it retains much more energy while doing so than the other two Yaks. The only downside I dislike about it, is it appears it's CG issue was in fact modelled (when loaded with close to full gas, it's CG
  24. I'm having quite a few successful sortees in it. I'm trying to put together enough content to finally put out a video on it. Had a 3 kill and 2 kill sortee last night. People on the Russian side don't like it because it doesn't fly like an energy kite like the other Russian planes. People on the German side don't like it because Elon Musk can't put it into space. Both are approaching the plane wrong. It's an Australian dropbear. Hang out at fairly high altitude and drop on people, put them down. It's basically a Russian 190. It has enough horsepower for 2-5min to trap
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