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  1. @VIRPILControls What is the pricing on the T50 throttle? im in the market to replace my current throttle.
  2. As a founder who backed this project from the early days, the only thing I didn't like about long missions was that you had to succeed at them in order to unlock plane modifications for multiplayer. lol. You'd fly your stuka for an hour, not have any 109 because they went chasing after fighters they saw off in the distance and get shot down immediately upon reaching target. There goes an hour you can't get back.
  3. The problem is in this conversation I think, is that you are conflating the skills required to pilot a real life airplane with the understanding of the physics and tactics of aerial combat, which don't change whether it's in real life, or even a badly simulated environment like WarThunder.
  4. i have never had any issues with reshade and i've used it for years.
  5. What @Panthera is saying is absolutely correct. Putting aside that actual combat pilots have attested to not knowing half of the contents of In Pursuit (a digital combat aviation text book, for those not in the know), if you go look at actual guncam footage, people are not getting shot down doing wacky maneuvers. Even reading descriptions of dogfights of written reports it can be seen that BoS doesn't really do a very good job of simulating actual conditions. Which is fine, but just because a plane can do something, doesn't mean the pilot would ever risk doing it, or have the strength to do it
  6. I never said I wouldn't be a good fighter. I said people's expectations for the plane are wildly exaggerated. Knight historical examples of jets dogfighting in Korea as a counter, so obviously he does seem to disagree with the sentiment that the 262 is not for dogfighting.
  7. Calling it "nonsense" simply comes off as apologism for the sake of a plane you like and I'm sure you're smart enough to know that... This is all out of context. Putting aside the care with which the plane should have to be flown (assuming the sim models it somewhat accurately, which I'm sure they will...), which will be a significant challenge given people's bad habits in the previous 3 installments of this sim, the 262 will be flying around at, as Jason puts it, "near mach speeds" of 900kph, trying to hit bombers going 400kph...or fighters going 550kph. In either case, it's like
  8. You misunderstand. I'm saying they'll either make the plane unrealistically less draggy OR they'll ignore the fact entirely and just leave the P51 slower than it was in real life. I imagine they will do as you say, tune the aircraft to match the performance graphs, but as if the radiator had nothing to do with it.
  9. Yes, i'm unsure why that is being considered a difficult mechanical hurdle to adding the plane to the sim.
  10. People have WILD expectations for the 262. The amount of people who will have the gunnery to be anything other than a moving tech-demo are like 2 people. The 262 will not be a competitive dogfighter. It will MAAAAAAAAAAYBE be scary to bombers if the pilot is good enough to aim his rockets.
  11. The game uses many shortcuts. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you should not be expecting complex turbocharger physics or anything like that. I don't know why the P38 would be complicated...it will just require a counter-spinning engine to negate torque. Things like the P51's ramjet speedboost effect however, Jason said will not be done (as of time of announcement) so instead of having the ramjet decrease drag when it's working properly, they'll probably just decrease the drag variable of the entire plane. Or we'll just have to accept that the P51 is slower in the sim than it was
  12. I could be wrong and have that backwards. I don't think so though.
  13. You roll wing down and dive. If it's a fuel fire, it'll be put out. You can't put out engine fires. The only planes that I can consistently put out fires in is the HE111, and BF110 presumably because their tanks are huge and can easily remove the fuel from the fire.
  14. They are probably just programmed to climb at ideal climb rate listed in the manual which a human pilot can climb faster than.
  15. No. It will good cause the cockpit shadows to look weird and unnatural.
  16. I don't really care. It doesn't matter to me which plane had historically which engine. I'm asking how the engine works.
  17. The Merlin 66 and 45 has higher stated horsepower at every relevant altitude vs the 46 and the 70. What is the purpose of adding the 46 or the 70 in the sim if it's worse in 99% of all scenarios. Adding an engine that isn't of use until after 8000-9000m doesn't seem like something these devs would do. The manual lists higher top speeds at altitudes where the HP is lower as far as I recall.
  18. Can someone with engineering knowledge of engines explain how an engine that produces more horsepower at all altitudes is weaker at a given altitude than an engine that produces less? (ie. 66 vs 70)
  19. I dunno what's going on here. This thread is a river of misinformation and irrationality. Level flight is purely to save your hands from cramping. Many players have to have their hotas on their desk, they don't have a chair mount. WW2 pilots didn't have the luxury of level flight in most of their fighters. We do. It's a nice feature. And the entire premise of the post makes no sense. YOu do not fly faster in level flight; You fly faster with a nose down, trim down attitude. If you're so derpy you can't figure out how to stop your plane from climbing and slowing you down, maintaini
  20. Strange that it's designed to use the inner tanks completely first... On modern airliners, the inner tanks are used until the sum of the inner tanks is below the outter tanks, at which point, the outter tanks crossfeed to the inner tanks, until the outter tanks are empty, but the inner tanks are not. Either way, I agree that the fuel system needs a quick overhaul. I thought it would come with 3.002 but I guess it was too big for that. I think it should be done before a lot of newer bodenplatte planes get rolling as many of them have self-sealing tanks. At
  21. I love instrument lights. I find instruments in most crafts hard to read in the presence of any shadow and use them whenever possible. The loss of the lights makes the FN harder to read at a glanse for me. Unfortunate.
  22. I'm curious how bodenplatte will fit into the current scheme of the great battle series...? For example, will we be able to fly Russian planes in bodenplatte maps? Will we be able to fly American planes on Russian maps? Will this mean that until the day of release with the map, will we have no access to the planes on multiplayer (because 1944 vs 43, unless a map maker makes exceptions)
  23. Is this chart organized by acceleration or DNES?
  24. Vertical and horizontal are linked in this sim. Setting 150 convergence effects horizontal crossing and vertical lift of the gun.
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