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  1. Hello Gentlemen, I took some time off IL2 to work on some XPlane vids instead. In that time I've found lots of people have gotten significantly better. I have not 😢 I'm asking for some help in combat analysis. I already have some ideas what I need to work on, but I'm interested in getting some outside feedback. I've uploaded 2 clips, with 3 labels (labelled 1, 2, 3). The first 2 are showcasing a maneuver I find many pilots tend to execute now that I'm unsure how to counter/avoid. The 2nd/3rd clip is actually one 6min long confrontation between myself in a FW190 and LiquidSnake in
  2. Holy snapping crap; the only shipping option they offer is $90! ...*sigh*
  3. Well I'm sad I missed the discount. I think I'll pick one of these up. Anyone know if I should just buy it from Belarus or wait for US store to have stock? I'm in Canada.
  4. As I mostly fly WoL, I would be for WoL turning the techno chat off if it becomes an option.
  5. The E7 is the second best turn fighter in the sim. The MiG is a poor turn fighter and does not regain energy well. You should be able to out maneuver it pretty easily when flown by AI.
  6. I noticed the dimensions are not listed. Could you provide the dimensions for the throttle @VIRPILControls?
  7. Well that explains why MiGs can sit on my dead 6 20m behind me and not take a bullet anytime I'M flying a bomber... Ps. Why did you change your name ol'buddy ol'pal? Hiding from the mods?
  8. Well as far as your second point, I am a large proponent of the belief that bomber gunner Ai is wildly too accurate. I would prefer gunners hit nothing like they used to than have laser guided accuracy as they do now. At least if the gunners were generally useless, it would encourage fighter pilots to fly air support and get some team work going. As it stands, it seems to me any bomber that is engaged by a non-ace pilot has a 70 or 80% chance of the enemy fighter being destroyed before he will. The only bomber this doens't seem to apply to is the A20 who's gunner is useless for so
  9. I literally never shoot down Pe-2s. In my experience, they do absorb bullets like a fat kid eats cake. I mean, I think it's just confirmation bias. I mean, when I fly the 109, any russian sneezing on me blows off my tail and I get pilot-killed. When I fight 109s, they take about 47 rounds to take down. I think most people have similar two-sided experiences.
  10. Not to turn this thread into a history debate, but everything I have read indicated to me that the Germans were well aware they couldn't beat the United States unless they could deny them a staging platform (Ie. Britain or France). If i'm not mistaken, Hitler asked the British to surrender several times because he didn't want beef with the west (at that time).
  11. Yes. The whole ordeal was mismanaged from the beginning. BattleofStalingrad was a bad name for a subreddit, and someone took "il2" I think just in the hopes of being the mod of a subreddit. Someone said if you googled it, BattleofStalingrad was the first result, but I honestly don't think many people google subreddits; they usually use reddit to find subreddits.
  12. The F4 is the MiG's radical superior in every way dude, unless you let the MiG get right up behind you on the deck, then it's 2000hp boost will be a problem. For a high altitude fighter, it's not even that much better at altitude, I think an F4 is still faster unless you're flying at like 8k.
  13. When I used to main the Yak-1b, 109s were fish in a barrel. I used to be able to 2v1, 3v1 them and still win (have vids on my channel). Dunno what happened but I've been flying lend-lease planes for some months, and coming back to yaks... I can't get an edge at all on these 109s. I'm losing hard 1v1 over and over. It's like they all collectively decided to stop flying like a drunken honey-badger. As far as least favourite opponent... Honestly, I've stopped attacking bombers. The issue with hyper accurate gunners is really problematic imo and they really should only be attacked in
  14. A couple words on that... When I originally searched for a r/il2, for some reason it returned me nothing, so I made r/il2sturmovik with plans of making r/il2 simply re-direct to sturmovik. However, when I tried on my desktop later, it appears it was already a subreddit. I contacted the moderator of that sub to ask him if he'd like to merge subreddits, because il2 has a number of subscribers already but it's css stylesheet and theme is obviously non-existent, but the moderator has been MIA for almost a year. It's just a sandbox sub. I'm currently debating if it's best to
  15. No problem buddeh. I have completed the automod so anyone posting in battleofstalingrad will be informed.
  16. Hey guys, As moderator of /r/BattleofStalingrad, letting all of you who Reddit know we have moved to a subreddit with a more intuitive name, r/IL2Sturmovik. I have noticed that this subreddit's name makes it difficult for people to find a reddit community just for IL2 content, so in an effort to get more people into this sim, I have moved the subreddit to one with a better name. Please support the new subreddit if you're currently a r/BattleOfStalingrad user. I will try to set up an automod soon that will direct all traffic to the new sub.
  17. HAHA, OH! I was like "this is an odd A20 video to post..."
  18. He put himself right infront of your guns more than a couple times. I would have taken pot shots at the guy
  19. That was the weight of your sins my friend...aallll your sins.
  20. I will try this in regards to drowning. It certainly always lists me as captured though when I do this. That's another thing..."captured" shouldn't count as "killed". You should keep like 75% of your points for capture instead of having the same penalty for death, which is savage (40pts can do down to 2 if you die).
  21. I have landed in a shallow canal before and it counts as drowned/killed... Water shouldn't kill you unless you land in a body of water a distance far enough away that a human couldn't swim.
  22. Planes being far too easy to take off and land was a byproduct of the updated flight model. It's an alright trade off. I'm not overly bothered by it, but it did take away some of the skill ceiling to sim, which was unfortunate... I remember spending two whole nights learning how to take off in the MiG properly. Now it doesn't care at all how it's handled.
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