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  1. I've noticed the IL2 flies better with the mixture set to 90%. Otherwise, rich mixture seems to have little effect. Leaning it obviously loses power if it's too lean.
  2. Hey, forgot about this over Christmas break. Thanks for the help guys. I figured it out with your help.
  3. Right, but that's after running the engine too hot = RPM too high Interesting. It has an oil rad, and no water rad. Cowl flap intake controls the temperature of the turbine, which is why I'm not understanding what cowl outtake does, or where the wind goes when it's closed.
  4. Does the game model any actual penalties for keeping the engine cold? If you close the outlet cowl shutters, where does the inlet cowl shutter air go? Wouldn't that cause tremendous drag having the inlet open, but the outlet closed? I'm not quite sure what you mean to tell me I should be doing with the outlet shutter...
  5. You may have your options set to never give you that option. If you turn it on in the options, you can toggle it with "I". If you turn it off completely, it's gone.
  6. Yea, sorry, I meant shutters. I also meant to say "the oil rad doesn't appear to do anything unless the intake shutters are open". Wing shudder isn't a problem, lol.
  7. Hey guys, Just bought the LA-5 on sale, but I'm having difficulty moderating the engine performance and temperature...Can someone explain how the shudders, oil rad and mixtures work. The Intake shudder seems like it needs to be open 100% of the time...the oil radiator doens't seem to do anything without the oil rad, and the mixture seems to effect the LA-5 a lot more significantly than other planes. I have not yet figured out what use the outlet shudder is... Help?
  8. +1 to this. I ESPECIALLY hate how if you forget to set up your plane, you have to cancel mission, and then it gives you a different mission when you re-accept.
  9. I have the same issue. None of the fixes here fixed it for my X55.
  10. Personally, I set my oil and water radiator to one of the radial knobs on my X55 Rhino and I never had a problem with it. Global rads that is, not individual engine rads. It's rare that you'd want to open your oil but close your water as they tend to overheat at the same time unless you're going for ultra/super realism gameplay, so I just bound them to the same knob and open everything at once.
  11. This equation is wrong. A wind heading of 40 and a plane heading of 90 gives a wind angle of +310, which is wrong. eg. (WD) - (PH) = (WA) / (40) - (90) = -50 [add 360 because we have a negative value] = +310. The maximum correction is a straight line, 180 degrees. The easiest way to do it in your head is simply to find the shortest distance between the two headings, so for eg. the OP's plane was heading 130 and the wind was 280, therefore, 280-130 = 150 correction, and the side is however you got from your plane to the wind.
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