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  1. GridiroN

    Does IL2 model ground effect?

    I did not think such a study level sim feature would be modelled but apparently it is?? I dunno... No real answers, just inferences that people saying it's not are wrong. He'll if it is, bravo. That's impressive. Putting that aside, in regards to planes floating forever, I think people underestimate how aerodynamic these planes are; even by today's standards these things are hot rods. Cessna's have like 200hp and its designed like a stuka.
  2. I own the VKB gunfighter and MCG non-pro. I have also done a video review of my first impressions about a day after I got it. I mean to do a second video now that I've owned it for almost 5-6mo but I've found that my stick or base (can't determine which) has a pretty serious defect in which button number 9 ( the thumb trigger) activates unintentionally with right roll. Obviously this is pretty annoying as in IL2 i use it for firing cannons only and it gives you away when you're trying to bounce people... I've tried taking it apart and hardware modding/repairing it. Can't seem to fix it. My only gripe with VKB other than their software is written as if the author never expected anyone other than him to use it (which my video got a lot of heat for) Edit: minor complaint but it's also made for people with very large hands. My hands are maybe 1-2cm above average and I cannot access the top buttons easily; my hand does not rest on the hand rest.
  3. I am finding with recent changes to "meta", the plane in the lower energy state has the advantage typically. I called it "slippery fish" the other night on WoL. Can't watch the video now but I'll be very interested in checking it out after work.
  4. GridiroN

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    That individual is apparently a big name in DCS. It's likely they made sure he got his first.
  5. GridiroN

    Fw190 A8

    Oh, I also noticed when running on combat, the thing heats very quickly. I have to 100% the cowl. The A5 can remain within threshold with 25% for me usually.
  6. GridiroN

    Fw190 A8

    Excellent to know. Thanks. Personally, I'll be flying the A8 because the skins for it are gorgeous 👸
  7. GridiroN

    Fw190 A8

    Don't know if you're referring to something more serious, but all 190s suffer from a power drop between 2400-2700 before the supercharger shifts gears IIRC. It's best to stay out of the 2k range when in 190s.
  8. GridiroN

    Fw190 A8

    In my testing of the A8, I didn't find it particularly slow...but I didn't really test. I noted it's climb felt poor, and it had a STRONG desire to nose down. I needed like +60 trim to fly level with anything equipped. It was also useless with panzerblitz equipped. I spent 2 days trying to capture footage for my recent video and spent most of it crashing into things with the rocket racks equipped...I would suggest just bombing tanks instead. Or Mk108'ing them and using the A8 like a better Hs129.
  9. GridiroN

    Question on default head position

    Nope. I'm assuming they use the same logic in VR as they do for their default positions.
  10. GridiroN

    Question on default head position

    The default head position is in my opinion too far forward. I always shift it back against the head rest. The position in German planes is also set to line up with the crosshair, not the centre of the cockpit so I fix that too. Position is plane dependant.
  11. Dual engine planes that do not have opposingly torqued engines like the P38 and Hs129 have the left engine as the critical engine meaning the right engine has less load as it is assisted by the torque of the engine to its left. I am impressed that is modelled though...
  12. GridiroN

    Need Combat Critique:

    I wasn't trying to be rude. Wingman is a catch-all solution for almost everything of course. Unforunately, I can't use mic/comms until I move to a new location! Yes, the 190 seems a rather difficult craft to fight with. I've noticed the flyers who are typically Russian seem to have developed quite a successful meta around the 190. Some months ago when I only flew German, the Russians didn't handle the 190 in quite the same way. Thanks. This was very insightful. The frustrating thing is when I fly Russian, I often feel Germans do this and get rewarded. Hard to remember it's still foolish. Even a novice can provide interesting insight. Of course I should know this by now. Easier said than done, heh. Ill try this out in the next few days. Thanks Fink!
  13. Hello Gentlemen, I took some time off IL2 to work on some XPlane vids instead. In that time I've found lots of people have gotten significantly better. I have not 😢 I'm asking for some help in combat analysis. I already have some ideas what I need to work on, but I'm interested in getting some outside feedback. I've uploaded 2 clips, with 3 labels (labelled 1, 2, 3). The first 2 are showcasing a maneuver I find many pilots tend to execute now that I'm unsure how to counter/avoid. The 2nd/3rd clip is actually one 6min long confrontation between myself in a FW190 and LiquidSnake in a Yak-1B. It ends with me having my wings too shredded to fly, but I felt I was at the disadvantage the entire confrontation and I'm not sure how I could have handled it better.