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  1. It may also be important to note that most people are running Intels. I'm on AMD Ryzen 3700X with no issues. Or at least, no issues not related to the server.
  2. Well, a major milestone for Bodenplatte was released released (and the work is fantastic). With that said, a discussion on r/Il2Sturmovik reminded me of this thread. Figured I'd try bumping it and see if there's any news, or at least bring a bit more attention to this issue.
  3. I don't understand why anyone would be upset by this unless I'm grossly misunderstanding the post... They're saying the server can either turn in a cheat to make planes artificially larger at distance or you can leave planes their realistic size of being super tiny and unspottable unless you know where they are... Because they would be. The system seems to work perfectly well, especially for those with higher pixel density screens. Flying with a small PPI screen is essentially the same as flying with a bad combat stick. If you're flying any of the ,3 majo
  4. Before this turns into a history flame-war, I'm interested in getting some opinions on flying AGAINST these birds. Usually I'm an allied flyer, but I'm taking the opportunity to practice my D9 flying in such allied target rich environments and I find them really rather frustrating, even with entering the battle with a significant advantage, the P51 seems to have no problem at all getting behind me. One guy tonight actually saw me diving on him, flipped over on his back and just shot me in the face, which I found equally hilarious, and annoying. I've tried using the FW roll to my ad
  5. Didn't see that. Thanks So, it seems if I set that profile, reload the bootloader with the other profile, and re-set this one, it works and the throttle is configured. Didn't work the first time for some reason, but either way, this did sort it out. Bit confusing though.
  6. Ok, I'm sitting here and taking a look at it again. This is what is happening: I open file titled VPC_JOY_SETUP (vpc configurator) It instructs me to update the firmware I update the firmware successfully I go to "PROFILE" and select the M50 Base. I click "CREATE PROFILE" and the software tells me I cannot make a profile unless I also have a grip. I only have a throttle so this option is not possible. I press "IMPORT PROFILE FROM FILE" "LEGACY" folder I select the file "VPC Throttle_MT50 [PCBv07].cnfv07" I press "SAVE VPC DEVICE" I
  7. I can't try this tonight, but ill take a third look at this tomorrow after work!
  8. There is another gentleman who made a post about this on th eofficial Virpil forums. The new firmware reverses all the buttons and basically breaks stuff. The advice has been that it's because the user did not set the profile. Many users have tried including myself to either import a profile, set it back to factory, or reset it, and nothing fixes it. One guy got it working by manually going through all his buttons and setting them back up again, but this probably wouldn't work for me because my throttle on the new firmware keeps reporting a bunch of different buttons as b
  9. haha, yea, that's my favourite part. Thanks for noticing!
  10. It's been a long while since I've been posting videos. Figured I should post something and luckily had a clip worth sharing. A nice fight between me and two 190s. Luckily for me the second one is dealt with by a friendly La-5. My only regret is my gunnery is rusty as f*ck in this video, he gave me a number of opportunities to kill him earlier but feels good to be flying in IL2 more often again! I've also synced it to Supermarine from the Dunkirk soundtrack, for extra coolness because that's how I roll. Werd up to your mother.
  11. It was just chocolate pudding if it makes you feel better.
  12. You are right to some degree, sure. There's a larger pot of people who simply feel the sim is imperfect (and I do think it's important to think of this as a sim and not a GAME; game implies balance). The problem with that is, and I have always told people this, that if you think the sim/dev team is wrong, it's no use for people to simply complain on a forum. No developer needs or wants to hear that. I mean I have a youtube channel, and sometimes people will comment "this video was awesome". That's nice. But other times people will say "this video sucks". It's like...how does this help me pleas
  13. At least there's re-arm and resupply in real life though amirite?
  14. I think the issue is less that there's civil criticism and more that the criticism is never-ending. One of the hallmarks of the sim community, and what has been certainly evident to me over the 3 or 4 years I've been involved in the community is that there is a vocal group of users who wouldn't be satisfied even if you gave them a real plane, and sent them back to WW2. Furthermore, the dev team either delivers what they say they will, or over-delivers by a wide margin, so why some people in this forum who've been around as long as I have always show constant doubt that they know w
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