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  1. GridiroN

    P-39 Airacobra vs Two FW-190's: Rolley Polley Baby!

    haha, yea, that's my favourite part. Thanks for noticing!
  2. It's been a long while since I've been posting videos. Figured I should post something and luckily had a clip worth sharing. A nice fight between me and two 190s. Luckily for me the second one is dealt with by a friendly La-5. My only regret is my gunnery is rusty as f*ck in this video, he gave me a number of opportunities to kill him earlier but feels good to be flying in IL2 more often again! I've also synced it to Supermarine from the Dunkirk soundtrack, for extra coolness because that's how I roll. Werd up to your mother.
  3. GridiroN

    DD today?

    It was just chocolate pudding if it makes you feel better.
  4. GridiroN

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    You are right to some degree, sure. There's a larger pot of people who simply feel the sim is imperfect (and I do think it's important to think of this as a sim and not a GAME; game implies balance). The problem with that is, and I have always told people this, that if you think the sim/dev team is wrong, it's no use for people to simply complain on a forum. No developer needs or wants to hear that. I mean I have a youtube channel, and sometimes people will comment "this video was awesome". That's nice. But other times people will say "this video sucks". It's like...how does this help me please you? It doesn't help you get better content and it doesn't help me make content you'd prefer to watch. They have to provide examples and sources to the dev team. I believe the reason the FW190 got fixed was because so many community members were dedicated to finding real, credible sources that demonstrated the dev team was wrong. I will also not disagree that a healthy degree of voting with your wallet is necessary. If 777 studios decided to become WarThunder, well people would just go play WarThunder. Jason says he and the team know what requires fixing so I'm going to assume if those kinds of things happen, they may already be working on a fix. If not, I'd suggest posting the video to forums. I'm not criticising people for criticizing the team's work, I'm more suggesting that many people complain unconstructively, and considering 777 is owned by Jason, I imagine he is not beholden to shareholders and has no actual obligation to sit and listen. I have seen other games where the community complains so much all the time the development team literally just stopped caring. MechWarrior Online being a good example.
  5. GridiroN

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    At least there's re-arm and resupply in real life though amirite?
  6. GridiroN

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    I think the issue is less that there's civil criticism and more that the criticism is never-ending. One of the hallmarks of the sim community, and what has been certainly evident to me over the 3 or 4 years I've been involved in the community is that there is a vocal group of users who wouldn't be satisfied even if you gave them a real plane, and sent them back to WW2. Furthermore, the dev team either delivers what they say they will, or over-delivers by a wide margin, so why some people in this forum who've been around as long as I have always show constant doubt that they know what they're doing puzzles me. As for the damage model, 80% of the issues I have with damage model are from Wings of Liberty being a potato server, and the other 20% are because the guy was Elanski and can take the wings off a fruitfly with a ford focus.
  7. GridiroN

    P47 Turbo-Supercharger needs mismanagement damage

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree, turbo damage would be a good addition.
  8. Ok, I love the flying bathtub as much as the next person, and I'm sure the @Jason_Williams and the gang are busy trying to get the 262 to not explode the physics engine and various other incomplete things, but I humbly suggest that when the team gets some time, a damage system for the TSC be investigated. I say this because A) I was just generally disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any reason to learn to use it properly when the plane was released but also B) cruising through some P47 threads it seems there are a number of people who've found ways of getting artificial performance improvements out of it by doing things the plane's official training videos specifically state not to do (like move the throttle below the TSC, and not move the propellor in step with the throttle, and/or using only the TSC to modify performance at sea level). That is my opinion, and that is all. *Puts on fire-retardant suit*
  9. A defining characteristic of radials is that they suck at altitude without supplemental equipment. What issue are you referring to?
  10. I got it working man, thanks. Interesting technique...definitely increases the utility of the encoders.
  11. Hmmm. I tried to set it up as listed in the manual, and this didn't work for me. Can you post your settings?
  12. I was able to check out the new firmware. It's true that I was indeed on 2211 v2, where as this firmware is 2211 v3. I can report that indeed clicks in opposite directions do not drop 100% of the time anymore, but unfortunately, I also have to report that the encoder's tendency to skip clicks has increased a significant amount over v2. I took E2 and turned it maybe 10 times or so, then changed direction, then a couple more times, changed direction etc... and the clicking is still very inconsistent. Something like: [click],[click],[click],[click],[click],[click],[click],[click],[skip],[click],[skip],[skip],[skip],[skip],[click],[click],[click],[skip],[click] On v2, I only get 1 or 2 skips as long as I go in the same direction. The PE2's propellor governor is very slow. This is the game's issue I think, not the hardware.
  13. Very interesting. I will look into this when I return home. It's funny... I have both this to look into and VKB asked me to take apart my Gunfighter and take some pics for them so they can sent me some new boards and cables so that is also on my plate... I should just open my own factory.
  14. Where do I find that? There is no software for the throttle on your site. Also is it 181122? Because that's the one the engineer gave me which was newer than the one my throttle came with and the engineer said it wasn't a firmware issue; they both do it.
  15. Yea, the press-in button is as useful as any button. Only the encoder section im referring to. My trims I have on my VKB gunfighter hat.