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  1. GridiroN

    Question on default head position

    Nope. I'm assuming they use the same logic in VR as they do for their default positions.
  2. GridiroN

    Question on default head position

    The default head position is in my opinion too far forward. I always shift it back against the head rest. The position in German planes is also set to line up with the crosshair, not the centre of the cockpit so I fix that too. Position is plane dependant.
  3. Dual engine planes that do not have opposingly torqued engines like the P38 and Hs129 have the left engine as the critical engine meaning the right engine has less load as it is assisted by the torque of the engine to its left. I am impressed that is modelled though...
  4. GridiroN

    Need Combat Critique:

    I wasn't trying to be rude. Wingman is a catch-all solution for almost everything of course. Unforunately, I can't use mic/comms until I move to a new location! Yes, the 190 seems a rather difficult craft to fight with. I've noticed the flyers who are typically Russian seem to have developed quite a successful meta around the 190. Some months ago when I only flew German, the Russians didn't handle the 190 in quite the same way. Thanks. This was very insightful. The frustrating thing is when I fly Russian, I often feel Germans do this and get rewarded. Hard to remember it's still foolish. Even a novice can provide interesting insight. Of course I should know this by now. Easier said than done, heh. Ill try this out in the next few days. Thanks Fink!
  5. Hello Gentlemen, I took some time off IL2 to work on some XPlane vids instead. In that time I've found lots of people have gotten significantly better. I have not 😢 I'm asking for some help in combat analysis. I already have some ideas what I need to work on, but I'm interested in getting some outside feedback. I've uploaded 2 clips, with 3 labels (labelled 1, 2, 3). The first 2 are showcasing a maneuver I find many pilots tend to execute now that I'm unsure how to counter/avoid. The 2nd/3rd clip is actually one 6min long confrontation between myself in a FW190 and LiquidSnake in a Yak-1B. It ends with me having my wings too shredded to fly, but I felt I was at the disadvantage the entire confrontation and I'm not sure how I could have handled it better.
  6. Holy snapping crap; the only shipping option they offer is $90! ...*sigh*
  7. Well I'm sad I missed the discount. I think I'll pick one of these up. Anyone know if I should just buy it from Belarus or wait for US store to have stock? I'm in Canada.
  8. GridiroN

    Technochat as an option in realism settings

    As I mostly fly WoL, I would be for WoL turning the techno chat off if it becomes an option.
  9. GridiroN

    Worst enemy for germans

    The E7 is the second best turn fighter in the sim. The MiG is a poor turn fighter and does not regain energy well. You should be able to out maneuver it pretty easily when flown by AI.
  10. I noticed the dimensions are not listed. Could you provide the dimensions for the throttle @VIRPILControls?
  11. GridiroN

    Worst enemy for germans

    Well that explains why MiGs can sit on my dead 6 20m behind me and not take a bullet anytime I'M flying a bomber... Ps. Why did you change your name ol'buddy ol'pal? Hiding from the mods?
  12. GridiroN

    Worst enemy for germans

    Well as far as your second point, I am a large proponent of the belief that bomber gunner Ai is wildly too accurate. I would prefer gunners hit nothing like they used to than have laser guided accuracy as they do now. At least if the gunners were generally useless, it would encourage fighter pilots to fly air support and get some team work going. As it stands, it seems to me any bomber that is engaged by a non-ace pilot has a 70 or 80% chance of the enemy fighter being destroyed before he will. The only bomber this doens't seem to apply to is the A20 who's gunner is useless for some reason. Perhaps his cone of attack is too narrow or specific for the AI to figure out. As for your experience in the Macchi...I will say this: playing the sim offline is a far different experience for me than playing on Wings of Potato. A lot more hits connect, as the ping levels are obviously no longer an issue so that may be a component of it. It's also possible the Pe2 simple has a weird damage model. Several planes in the sim have oddities in regards to how they take damage, like the 110 being hyper brittle.
  13. GridiroN

    Worst enemy for germans

    I literally never shoot down Pe-2s. In my experience, they do absorb bullets like a fat kid eats cake. I mean, I think it's just confirmation bias. I mean, when I fly the 109, any russian sneezing on me blows off my tail and I get pilot-killed. When I fight 109s, they take about 47 rounds to take down. I think most people have similar two-sided experiences.