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  1. I see you're also in Canada. Considering it's November, and almost Christmas, this is enormously expensive because the EUR to CAD conversation is killer, plus I'll probably have to pay import taxes on it, but if it's a quality throttle and I'll have it for years and years, and possibly be able to sell my X55 now that I no longer use the throttle from it...I can make some money back and it'll be worth it. Cost me $542.00 CAD before the possibility of import taxes. Ultimately, if you can wait until they re-open an American store, that'd be good too, but I see they cancelled the project for now, so it may not be any time soon.
  2. Glad I saw this post; I wasn't notified either. Unfortunately...I can't pay though...it's declining all my methods... Edit: Looks like it accepted my Paypal after I unlinked it from my Visa card. Unfortunately, paypal gave me a horrible exchange rate... 0.64 instead of 0.67...
  3. I have heard that the one unfortunate aspect of the throttle is the short travel distance of the actual throttle units. Can anyone with the product already comment on whether or not this is really noticable? I'm coming from an x56 throttle which I find stiff even on the softest travel settings.
  4. GridiroN

    Thoughts on the P39...

    Do you not play on max graphics because this seems like an odd take to me, but I' dunderstand it if you're playing with low quality mirrors.
  5. GridiroN

    DD today?

    He's just gonna post a picture of Gal Gadot. Which I'd accept as a valid DD...
  6. GridiroN

    Yak-1b - Push it to the limit!

    I love the 80. I love planes. When they come together,... Beautiful.
  7. GridiroN

    P-40 E1 | 6 Kills in a flight | Outro

    P40 op, 777 plz nerf.
  8. GridiroN

    "Too Bad The E7 is Such An Inferior Piece of Garbage"

    I cannot use the E7 because the bind for the oil rad is the same as the stabilizer on my hotas and I have no other appropriate binding for it. No one cares about this but me, but I find this kind of funny. And annoying. That is all.
  9. GridiroN

    Does IL2 model ground effect?

    I did not think such a study level sim feature would be modelled but apparently it is?? I dunno... No real answers, just inferences that people saying it's not are wrong. He'll if it is, bravo. That's impressive. Putting that aside, in regards to planes floating forever, I think people underestimate how aerodynamic these planes are; even by today's standards these things are hot rods. Cessna's have like 200hp and its designed like a stuka.
  10. I own the VKB gunfighter and MCG non-pro. I have also done a video review of my first impressions about a day after I got it. I mean to do a second video now that I've owned it for almost 5-6mo but I've found that my stick or base (can't determine which) has a pretty serious defect in which button number 9 ( the thumb trigger) activates unintentionally with right roll. Obviously this is pretty annoying as in IL2 i use it for firing cannons only and it gives you away when you're trying to bounce people... I've tried taking it apart and hardware modding/repairing it. Can't seem to fix it. My only gripe with VKB other than their software is written as if the author never expected anyone other than him to use it (which my video got a lot of heat for) Edit: minor complaint but it's also made for people with very large hands. My hands are maybe 1-2cm above average and I cannot access the top buttons easily; my hand does not rest on the hand rest.
  11. I am finding with recent changes to "meta", the plane in the lower energy state has the advantage typically. I called it "slippery fish" the other night on WoL. Can't watch the video now but I'll be very interested in checking it out after work.
  12. GridiroN

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    That individual is apparently a big name in DCS. It's likely they made sure he got his first.
  13. GridiroN

    Fw190 A8

    Oh, I also noticed when running on combat, the thing heats very quickly. I have to 100% the cowl. The A5 can remain within threshold with 25% for me usually.
  14. GridiroN

    Fw190 A8

    Excellent to know. Thanks. Personally, I'll be flying the A8 because the skins for it are gorgeous 👸