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  1. Thank you for all the work accomplished, you made this game greater
  2. Hello coconut You are right, don't knwon why or how, but with a fresh install file, all is working good have you an idea, how i can create file to implement translation in french for the message generated by the campaign in the techno tchat in game
  3. I will reset all my files this evening and i try to restart with a fresh install. But i update my files from your github with sourcetree software. I ll keep you informed Thanks
  4. Sorry but i don't understand your sentence, the meaning is sarcastic ? The message upside is only to tell you, that i have some problem to compile the lastest version of the campaign Personnaly i don't understand a word of this error message but i assume that is not the expected result Do we have to stay on the 1.38.3 fixes branch files until you merge the 1.40.0 branch
  5. Hello Many issue with the compilation of the the campaign 1.40.0
  6. Thanks for your reply When the planeset is on "auto" option does it mean that the campaign load the planeset from your files based on the StartDate or it is an other way
  7. Yes it is Luxury point, i made a personal translation How many points by destruction, what is the mecanism Ok i find full information on your patreon https://www.patreon.com/coconutside
  8. Hello coconut, Can you detailed me how works the Famous Points. What are the condition to obtain them I try to edit a easy guide for players to understand the mecanism of the campaign Other things, can someone explain me, how to configure the planeset layer file, it will be obscur for me thanks you
  9. Hello, thunderbolt9987 On manual page 7 and 8 you have the configuration of the config.yaml for the stumovik server control You have to set a password to acces to admin page of SSC http://yourwebsite:8083/login This password cannot be write in clear text. You have to use the Setpassword Module Hello, All Back to the 1.38.7 , the campaign system working Mission are generated and launched The SSC is more talking, here is the first few minutes of the campaign. There is lot of more information than ever before
  10. Hello, C6_Zorkaiev My previous issue coming from a mistake in the startup.cfg forgetting to indicate the logs folder location (good look coconut) Compiling the same version of SSC and campaign, and i got the same issue The mission generation doesn't launch, XML files are created and folders multiplayer/dogfight also Tomorow i ll try to get back with the 1.38.7 campaign
  11. Hello, thunderbolt9987 I wrote a install manual you can find it here installation manual The manual has been wroted from a few weeks and is it in french The installation doesn't change a lot, only config file have been modified. If you download the last update ans follow the instructions, it will work It may help you Hello, AKA_Scorp I follow your advice, i recompile all SSC and the 1.39.1 campaign. But, i got the same issue. It seems the SSC launch the campaign as if it a simple mission I continue my investigations, but if you have a clue, i'll take it ^^
  12. wich compilation are you using 1.38.8 or the 1.39.1 for sturmovikcampaign ???
  13. Hello, From SSC 1.18 and Campaign 1.38.3 The campaign running but mission never ending. The SSC info message never indicate the tleft time in mission
  14. All is good for me, thanks for your work coconut The json export Timeleft does not work anymore ErrorValue "Mission currently not running" The loopstate.xml stay on StartServer state
  15. Hello With the last commit for the campaign version 1.38.1 i'm unable to load the nugget package SturmovikMission DataProvider 5.2 And so, i cant compile the project with visual studio It's working with the 1.38.0
  16. il2_stats are not provided by COCONUT. The stats system is an =FB=VAAL production, if you look at the FAQ, you will find answer about difference between IG results and stats results
  17. Hello all, I got the same issue than you AKA_Scorp But my HDD crash, so i put my tests, standing by waiting a new hdd. It's seems that SSC is unable to read the world.xml file in the campaign folder
  18. hello Coconut Do you believe you can add an auto relaunch campaign option, when a side win the last campaign.
  19. hello i got this error " SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data" from all the mission date Do you have an idea where the error is.
  20. I have erase all Logs and data from campaign and i got again a difference between the date 17-4-1943 17:00 log 24-12-1941 10:00 state OK i found my stupidness Changing the name of the mission in the configcampaign.yaml but not in the SDS file Sorry for the disturbing
  21. OK From states.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <FsPickler version="" type="Campaign.WorldState+WorldState"> <value> <Date>1941-10-11T10:00:00</Date> from logs T:0 AType:0 GDate:1943.4.17 GTime:17:0:0 How can i correct this difference
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