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  1. Would it be possible get a password reset on my registration: JG51_docventure? I messed up my password and can't register with my squad. Thanks for hosting a great server.
  2. Same here, looking for other vr pilots to fly with. Ever since I got my Rift for Christmas I only fly vr. The resolution may not be there, but that is totally offset by the immersion factor.
  3. S! Razor Don't forget hazmat Looking forward to giving it another try.
  4. Hello, I flew with JG51 back in the day as hazmat. Starting with Warbirds and the transition to IL2 and the switch to IV./JG51. Some good pilots to be sure, Stachl, Buzkil, Dart. I dropped out a few years ago due to time contraints. I would definitely be interested in joining a new JG51, love German iron. hazmat
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