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  1. Maybe, anyway the text is too small in this area to be readable. Thanks, but I already have this file, and I used it for the first version of the skin, but the majority of those stencils are wrong... :/ one of them even translate to "UNKNOWN INSCRIPTION"...
  2. I've made some research on the web to find out more about those obscure stencils. Need help. Here's where I am currently I didn't started with the other side yet. @6./ZG26_5tuka I will download gimp and try to fix the issue but for now stencils look completly messed up to me and I don't want to spread false stuff. Will do as soon as stencils are ok
  3. Alright, I fixed stencils but it still need to be corrected. I guess I will either open a topic on the russian subforum or make them smaller to make them unreadable. What is your opinion guys ? PSD with adjustement layers : http://www.mediafire.com/file/as9ata91gk9js9g/LaGG3s29_4K_template.7z PSD with flat layer for gimp users : http://www.mediafire.com/file/o0ovlppqxpz6u6w/LaGG3s29_4K_template_compact.7z DDS skin : http://www.mediafire.com/file/kblj8luh5nd2kp3/LaGG3s29_4K_template_dds.7z
  4. Yup, totally. I fly on random expert tonight, but I will do it after or tomorow if we finish too late
  5. You want the .dds version ? It will hardly be editable... For the marking I found a different one, looks more out of factory.
  6. All right, thank you very much for the help on stencils guys. I've updated the template, you can download it here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1zabbabmnb8vzvm/LaGG3s29_4K_template.7z The marking seems a bit too big in my opinion, i'll try to minimize them see if it looks better. BTW the long text on the left side of the engine (18/31) is total "Lorem Ipsum" but it's so small it isn't readable anyway ^^ and there's also an inscription that litterally translate to "Unknown inscription" so sorry for my russian friends but that's all I could found :/ Finally there's also a spot on the rear left of the fuselage (21/34) that indicate 3 times the same thing... Edit : @E69_julian57 Hi, I don't really understand why the .dds exportation doesn't work for you :/ It seems you are using an old version of Photoshop (CS2 I presume ?) I've made sure to check all the boxes to maximize compatibility with older versions of Photoshop, but I think your version doesn't like adjustement layers. If the problem persist let me know I will pixelate every layer maybe it will help.
  7. Alright, here's the first release of this skin, some things still need tweaking, and I can't find those godamn stencils even after hours of research on the english and russian web... But here it is anyway, tel me if you find bugs so I can eventually fix them. This template may be updated in the future. http://www.mediafire.com/file/no6886swya8mayp/LaGG3s29_4K_template_full.7z
  8. Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates those last month I've been procrastinating hard :/ So far it's 99% finished, I still don't have the correct stencils so I use the legacy ones for the moment, any help on this subject will be greatly apreciated.
  9. It's been a long time since my last post, I'm still working on last few details, mostly plywood chips (which are really hard to reproduce) and some grime/dust here and there. Hopefully the viewer now support 4K skin, which will make our life easier. Screens incoming this afternoon
  10. Thanks. Yeah it's a hell of a work, to gain only very little details sometimes ^^
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