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  1. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Gents, Please send PM to another pilot from =LG= team when Kathon mail box is full. Kathon is a "God" here, we know that, but sometimes he need our help and time to do everything well. Please respect this and be patient
  2. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Dear Norz, We talked about that and i think this changes will be in the next edition of TAW. But, its not official High five!
  3. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Its working! Good luck pilots! Have a nice fun!
  4. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Gents, To the end of this week u will be our guests so pls be patient for day, maybe two
  5. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Probably RED side
  6. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    More different targets means for us some new actions (destroyed = what happened next etc...). I think You are right with so many varied targets but please dont forget about playability (fps, pings...). We still discussing about new oportunities here on TAW, but its not easy and we can't act hastily so its also very time consuming.
  7. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Dear JOCKER, I was shooting to him before U. First Pass was much earlier. Second - maybe 15 seconds before u attacked. I smoked him (black smoke). I was very close, and u just came from superiority and steal this Bf-109 I was zoomed and didnt saw your passing. When u stealing sth U should know that u can lost ur hand xD Apologize for that "headshot deluxe" Dear JOCKER and NO - its not normal in LG Greets
  8. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Dear Darbzy, "These gentlemen" are experienced players, they won a lot of tournaments and other competitions and believe me when this game would be so "epic" and popular like for example LoL u all guys should be proud that u can fight and died from their hands xD and now seriously... If u cant defeat somobody normally like here, in game - u will looking for some another "not rly fair" ways to catch him... for example writing here and talking that he is a god and ban him xD
  9. =LG=Flogger

    Giving Away 2 BOM Keys This Week

    oh my wingman was first! =LG=Flogger
  10. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Don't worry my friend. As Blakhart said, "The idea of TAW was drawn from the ADW". A lot of minutes on climbing, a lot of minutes on horizontal preparation to the target, a lot of time on counting target and a lot of seconds for the dropped bombs. In future we want to prepare special targets for bomber, horizontal pilots too We have this type pilots in our team and we know how its important. Im drunk. apologize for my language. Cheers
  11. =LG=Flogger

    Tactical Air War

    Good question mate! Nope !
  12. =LG=Flogger


    Póki nie naprawią "bujawki" względem osi Z na każdej V to ja podziękuje
  13. =LG=Flogger

    Attention!!! 1vs1 duel tournament - sign up!

    LuftGangsta =LG=Flogger
  14. =LG=Flogger

    LG TV - live stream

    Todays stream will start on 21:20, all welcome!
  15. =LG=Flogger

    =LG= LuftGangsta =LG=

    Welcome pilots! Our squad is waiting for a new IL2, like a small boys are waiting for the first kiss with awesome girl. Nowaday we are most active and effective group of crazy guys from polish community. Team consist three sections: - =LG= (Experten) - fighter section - =LG=Dev/ (Devastators) - bomber section - =L/R= ( Giermki/Recruits ) If u wanna check our skills, challenge, call us on Hypper Lobby, here or on mail. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 no problem, team vs team - we are waitnig for you. Salute!