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  1. Wow! I'm pretty stoked with the plane set! I've been waiting and hoping for the for the 410 and now we'll have it. And it all fits right in with Bodenplatte and the map opens the door for early war operations. A wise choice devs!
  2. Yeah that's what I think. It's way too early to be thinking cold war. Have the devs said anything past pondering Korea? I think it would make the most sense to make a Mediterranean theatre (43 onward) or like @sevenless said, Normandy 1944. All the new planes a Mediterranean instalment would bring could be used in Kuban and Prokhorovka and onward realistically and make use of some existing skins.
  3. -Me 410 A/B Operated as a light bomber and heavy fighter/destroyer (Zerstorer) the bomb bay was multi-use holding either bombs, cannons or a camera. A very unique gunner too. -He 219 A-7 Uhu A cool nachtjager though radar would be tricky to implement. (maybe a screen similar to mini map? A quick view of the radar screen while in pilot seat? Beeps and boops?) -JU 188 The successor to the JU-88. JU-88C would be a fighter variant of the 88. -HE 177 This would be very cool and unique if the devs were willing to overlook engine issues due to tight nacelles impeding maintenance. 1,169 were built. Introduced in 1942 -FW 189 If recon was used to greater affect in multiplayer. As in icons lingering for a while after the 189 spotting targets. It does have two Mg 15s and could carry 50kg bombs. Other than that it might be boring 😕 If we want more fighters we're just going to have to bring in more variants or late war jet projects I guess. The Ta 152 H or C would be interesting with it's heavy armament.
  4. Looks great, can't wait to patrol the Rheinland for B-25s.
  5. I want to say they'll go Mediterranean next but will they have enough allied and axis planes to make a whole new module? They can't do it for free. We already have a few mid war German planes but there are definitely more to be introduced, including Italian ones. They could probably do it. Or they could go early war fighting down Greece and Italy. Who knows.
  6. Awesome! The time draws near...
  7. Yes, seeing the ME 410B would be amazing. It's such a unique plane and it would give the Germans a decent heavy fighter/interceptor/bomber. Especially if they included multiple variant options.
  8. These guys just keep delivering and laying down consistent updates, much better quality products than bigger studios.
  9. Man, this installment is going to be ground breaking, so if Market Garden is in the timeframe, are we going to see Douglas C-47 Skytrains?
  10. Wow, I'm stoked for this year. Does anybody know what the list of Allied planes on the gun sight in the Dora cockpit is for? Are those values to adjust the gun sight to for each plane? Also, Liberator this year? B-17? Arado 234? Komet? ME-410? Whatever's coming next I can't wait!
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